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The Best CBD Oil in San Diego

So what is the best cbd oil San Diego? Im glad you asked!

CBD Oil has been recently growing in popularity . Many people here in San Diego are starting to integrate CDB into their lifestyles , as a natural way to treat common ailments.

There definitely is something magical about the powerful health benefits of cannabis. Our bodies are filled with cannabinoids so it only makes sense that it may help us.

Here at HiKei Modern Cannabis , we are proud to offer the best CBD Oil selection in San Diego.

Come stop by our Home Ave location outside Downtown and have our bud tenders educate you on the various benefits and popular uses of CBD.

We also offer CBD oil delivery ….you can place an order online . Click to shop

So what is so great about Cannabidiol ? We feel there is 3 important things to know.

  • BENEFITS OF CBD OIL (how it can help you)
  • UNDERSTANDING THE TYPES OF OILS (how they make you feel)
  • CDB PRODUCTS AND APPLICATIONS (different ways to use it and consume it)

CBD has been known to treat a wide range of symptoms , below are common ailments treated with CBD Oil .

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Benefits Include


Pain Relief

A very popular use for CBD Oil is pain relief. Many times it is a substitute for over the counter relievers. It’s also used in many cases to treat chronic pain. It is a great alternative for those who want a natural remedy . Rubbing a topical CBD oil can relieve you of discomfort . Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes use CBD oil to assist in the recovery process after hard breakdown of muscle tissue. Conclusion? CBD Oil is a great addition to your medicine cabinet.

Our customers swear by it. We do too.


Ever get Anxiety? We all have…. Many studies have supported the facts that CBD Oil helps you to relax and minimize the feelings of being anxious or worried. CBD Oil can be a form of treatment for people who need relief from this common issue.

Arthritis and Inflammation

According to many medical studies and research, Cannabidiol is great to use for Arthritis and inflammation. It can relieve symptoms of rheumatiod arthritis fast .

Types of CBD Oil (Pure CBD vs CBD + THC oil)

There are two types of CBD Oils and products to choose between. A common question we are asked at our store on Home Ave is “What is CBD Full spectrum?”

CBD full spectrum has the full range of cannabinoids including the most common known THC and CBD. THC is the compound responsible for the Psychoactive affects of Cannabis.

If your looking for less psychoactive effects than Pure extracted CBD may be your desired choice as it doesn’t have much more than slight body relaxation.

So when looking at oil options that are best for you, think about the effects of both oils.

Other CBD Products & Popular Uses

CBD and Exercise

PILLS / GUMMIES / EDIBLES – Easy to digest and convenient

VAPE – Many Vape products are available . Visit our san diego location to see our selection

FOR DOGS – While there is no scientific data it appears safe to treat dogs . Make sure you buy high quality .

CDB IN COFFEE / CDB IN HOT TEA – Some products are made to mix into coffee or teas.

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LIP BALM – Lip Balm products provide natural relief of soreness along with other topical products

MASSAGE – Products are available to integrate with massage .

CDB OIL WITH THC – aka full spectrum can add balanced mind body relaxation.

CBD OIL RECIPES – We found a list of great recipes here

Sooooo are there side effects when using CBD Oil?

Although negative symptoms have been reported when using CBD oil . It isnt common. You should always consult a physician prior to taking any drug . Some side effects have been know to include dry mouth, light headed , low blood pressure , Gastrointestinal problems.

For most patients with these issues , they occured in first few weeks then went away shortly after.


CBD has many Benefits. Look over the different types and find the right one for you. There are many ways to consume it . Make sure you consult a physician, then come visit your San Diego Hikei Location on Home Ave.

Best Cbd Oil in San Diego, CA

What are people saying about cannabis dispensaries in San Diego, CA?

This is a review for cannabis dispensaries in San Diego, CA:

"Excellent variety of CBD products. Ruben is very knowledgeable and helpful. He takes the time to ensure you can find the product that best suits your needs. I have been buying products from Ruben for over a year, always receiving great customer service, as well as products we still use today. I firmly believe the CBD products I have purchased have improved the quality of my life."

Where to Buy Legal Weed in San Diego

Spring has sprung, 4/20 is here, and more San Diegans are getting vaccinated everyday. It’s a far cry from saying that life has returned to normal, but it’s also safe to say that hope is finally lining the horizon. Since everyone was on strict lockdown for weed’s most famous day in 2020, chances are that more people will be ready to venture out and stock up for the most lifted day on the calendar.

San Diego’s dispensaries serve a diverse range of customers: some are tourists enjoying a beachside vacation with a decidedly smokey tinge, while others are just looking for reliable, knowledgeable shops where they can get the dankest weed. San Diego’s many dispensary options mean there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a curious novice.

COVID-19 has turned businesses on their heads and the cannabis industry is no exception. Thankfully, cannabis businesses were declared “essential” by Governor Gavin Newsom in March 2020, so they never had to close and will not in the future. All dispensaries have pivoted, offering curbside pick-up and, in most cases, delivery too. This way, shoppers can remain socially distant before enjoying their buzzes back home. Every dispensary listed here is also open for in-store shopping, too, with safety protocols still very much in place.

Here are the best dispensaries in San Diego that are ready to satisfy all of your weed needs on 420 and beyond:

Urbn Leaf

Bay Park and San Ysidro
Urbn Leaf’s two locations in Bay Park and San Ysidro are sleek, modern, and look like they could double as matcha-serving cafes. They also sell one of the widest varieties of non-flower products out there, including lubes, suppositories, salves, and more; plus, the bud they do have is often proprietary and high quality.
How to order: The Bay Park location is doing express pick-up only (call ahead 619-275-2235 or order online) and delivery is offered throughout San Diego with a minimum order of $60. Orders exceeding $100 get free delivery.

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Harbor Collective

Barrio Logan
With its accessible, central location, Harbor Collective is a haven of convenience and premium products. The shop carries many of the name brands you know and love: designer strains like Cookies by Berner and Cheech’s Private Stash, edibles from Korova, and concentrates from Moxie and Raw Gardens. Harbor Collective also boasts the largest selection of extracts in San Diego County, so if you’re seeking pressed water hash, CO2 oil cartridges, or a dab of shatter pulled straight from the slab, you’ve found the droids you’re looking for.
How to order: Harbor Collective is doing free delivery for orders of $50 or more and is open for in-person orders, but place your order online for a faster checkout.

Golden State Greens

Point Loma
Pot enthusiasts’ favorite dispensary in the Point Loma area is Golden State Greens, which used to be called Point Loma Patient-Consumer Co-op. The interior is plain, but nice—all of the floors and counters are paneled in light-colored wood, with some of the selection available in ensconced glass display cases. Like many of San Diego’s dispensaries, customer service is at a premium here, with knowledgeable, eager-to-please budtenders, many of whom have spent years working in the industry. Here you’ll get a wide selection of top shelf flower, wax, oil, and other products, and can order in advance to pick up.
How to order: Golden State is open from 7 am–9 pm for pickup and delivery (while accepting full punch cards).

Torrey Holistics

Sorrento Valley
Claiming itself as the first dispensary in the State of California to be licensed to sell recreational cannabis, Torrey Holistics is tucked away in a Sorrento Valley office park, making it a bit of a drive for its many fans, who nonetheless flock in from all over the city. Locals also love Torrey Holistics for their product offerings—while they do feature a good variety of bud strains, they offer fewer than other dispensaries do, choosing to focus on quality rather than quantity. The dispensary is favored by cancer doctors at UCSD, who recommend the dispensary to their patients because of their experience handling medical cannabis patients, as well as the PhD they have on staff, who is available for consultations to answer any medical-related questions.
How to order: Torrey is offering free, cash-only delivery within 20 miles as well as curbside pickup. You can call 619-940-0420 to modify your order.

A Green Alternative

Otay Mesa
A Green Alternative sits mere feet from the Mexican border, making this shop a staple for both South Bay and across-the-border stoners. Having partnered with PharmLabs, A Green Alternative tests for both safety screening and potency analysis, with information not only on their product labels, but in a book containing the complete spectrometry reports.
How to order: Online orders are open 24/7, while delivery hours are from 12:30 am–9 pm Monday–Saturday and 11:30 am–6 pm on Sundays. Pickup and delivery orders can also be placed over the phone by calling 619-920-8500 between 9 am–9 pm Monday through Saturday and 10 am–6 pm on Sundays. Free delivery is available, but delivery minimums are determined by zip code. Pickup orders are generally ready within half an hour and orders not picked up within 24 hours will be canceled.


Little Italy
Little Italy’s Klover opened in an industrial section on Estudillo Street, near the airport, in January 2020. Besides its selection of some of California’s best brands—the dispensary features names like Papa & Barkley, ABX, Farmer & the Felon, Friendly Farms, and more—the dispensary offers pickup and delivery seven days a week. There are deals, too. Veterans and seniors get 10% off all purchases, people buying two edibles get the third 50% off weekdays between 3–6 pm, and there’s also an art-related discount. The building boasts several colorful murals painted by Mexican-American street artist Panca and customers who snap a selfie with one of her murals, post it on Instagram, and show it to the budtender will receive 10% off their entire purchase. What’s more, Klover is the only legal BIPOC-owned dispensary in town.
How to order: Online ordering for curbside pickup is open from 9 am–8:30 pm daily and from 8:45 am–8:30 pm daily for delivery.

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March & Ash

Mission Valley and City Heights

One of San Diego’s best-stocked dispensaries, March & Ash, has opened a new location in City Heights just in time for the 420 holiday. The dispensary’s newest location is also sponsoring an Earth Day celebration that will take place on April 24 from noon—4 pm, and attendees will have the chance to meet with cannabis brand vendors, enjoy acai from Soul Baked, and participate in free succulent planting. Vendors include Dr. Raw, Kaneh Co., Himalaya, Honey Oil, and many more. March and Ash is also recycling and reusing old eighth jars for the succulent planting station and inviting customers to drop off their old jars at the City Heights location between April 1—23. To drop off a jar, just look for the recycling bin in the lobby and notify the receptionist, and you’ll receive a 5% discount on the next purchase.
How to order: March & Ash offers curbside pickup for online and phone (760-62-GREEN) orders, which require a one-hour lead time. Delivery requires a $30 minimum but can be accessed throughout much of San Diego County, which is especially good news for those without a dispensary in their zip code. Curbside and in-store pick-up orders need to be completed at least 30 minutes before closing. Customers can also use March & Ash’s proprietary app.


Located just near the Marine Air Corps Station Miramar, Mankind boasts products from top brands like Kiva, Canndescent, Jetty Extracts, and others. The dispensary prides itself on being “self-serve,” which means its products are out in the open, rather than locked up in cases, and available for customers to inspect on sight. Deals include 20% off customers’ first in-store visit and 10% for retired military (due to its proximity to the Marines base, the dispensary takes a hard-line and will not sell to those on active duty, spouses, and dependants).
How to order: Mankind offers curbside pick-up from 8 am to 8 pm and delivery from 9 am to 7 pm.


Fairmount Park
Tucked in an industrial corner of the city between the 15 and 94 freeways to the east of Golden Hill, north of Mountain View, and south of City Heights is the design-forward dispensary Hikei. Opened in September 2019, the dispensary, which looks like a hipsterized garage, boasts a wide selection of products, as well as friendly and experienced budtenders. For those looking for a little extracurricular knowledge, the dispensary also regularly updates its blog with consumer-friendly posts like “Best Indica,” “Cannabis for Sleep,” or “CBD for Hangovers.”
How to order: Shop online for curbside pickup and delivery.