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I'm wondering about the effectiveness of CBD for ADHD versus other substances such as Aderall. I have a very hard time sitting down to do my work and I was wondering if CBD would help me. Anyone with ADHD who has tried this?

Have ADHD. Sorry to say CBD does absolutely nothing to alleviate symptoms one way or the other. I can think of no way in which the effects of CBD compare to Adderall.

I guess that makes sense, shouldn't expect it to actually treat my symptoms specifically.

Agree. Im almost a little less sharp with cbd. But the anxiety aspect is definitely dulled with it.

29yo here I disagree, perhaps maybe everyone's different but I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and anytime I've ever stop taking my medication it was very noticeable. Recently I've started taking CBD products and I haven't had my medicine for over 3 weeks (just to test it). For some reason I've felt great everyday since. This has never been the case in the past when stopping my medication.

I have ADHD, have been on 30mg of Adderall for 16 years. I recently discovered CBD flower and have found it does a great job of mitigating some of the anxiety inducing effects of the adderall. Sometimes I still get antsy, tense, or irritable due to the adderall (and the nature of ADHD and comorbidity with anxiety/depression). The CBD helps "take the edge off." My favorite analogy ive heard so far is that everything is loud in my head. The Adderall helps to focus on specific noises, the CBD turns down the global volume a bit. I find (everyone is different obviously so grain of salt) that it helps me stay calmer and more centered. I find myself to be more mellow when I have it. I tried the oils, the capsules, the tinctures, the sublingual all of it to no real avail. I recently got a vaporizer (for cannabis, which I was using habitually to deal with all of the above symptoms) and purchased some CBD flower. For me, this stuff is completely different. It also has had the added benefit for me of replacing my habitual cannabis usage. I have, without really meaning to, only gotten high one time in the last 6 weeks since getting the CBD. I really cant say enough good things about it, plus its only like $65 an oz if you snag a sale.

That being said, I would never not take my Adderall. Ive tried everything in the last decade in a half to help the ADHD and nothing works like it. The CBD is just a nice supplementary medication to make everything go smoother for me.


Hey guys, Ive recently been looking into using CBD to treat my adhd. I was a smoker for almost 10 years but stopped because I realized it was making me worse at times. But now Im starting to realize that I was only ever smoking high THC strains. There was certainly some benefit and reason I was smoking for so long, and Im starting to put 2 and 2 together and realize it was most likely the CBD helping me and not so much the THC. Anybody have success or reccomendations on how to start? I can get high CBD flower or just Hemp CBD with no THC whatsoever, any advice on whats better? Im open to trying the ones with THC since its only a tiny bit and I dont have to worry about drug tests, seems cheaper as well.

Glad to see you'd like to try CBD, it shows promising results in medical literature, and is much better at protecting organs and restoring neurological function than THC alone.

For controlling (chronic) inflammation, CBD is excellent as well due to its rich ten-fold increase in gene transcription compared to THC.

As for ADHD, CBD helps with calming the mind and improving cognitive function, thanks to its 5HT1A, PPAR-y activation and GABA enhancement. The serotonin and GABA system are both heavily involved in reducing hyperactivity and stress.

The PPAR-y receptor alone helps with repairing your blood-brain barrier, keeping harmful substances from reaching and messing with your nervous system, like (excessive) glutamate for example, your most important excitatory neurotransmitter.

THC just mimics your body's own molecule, anandamide, but too much of this is no good. Your endogenous cannabinoids are already boosted by CBD, providing their own proper healing effects. THC just gives it an extra push but over the long-term it would depress your endocannabinoid system and synaptic activity, not to mention it could even mess with heart function at high doses.

So, in short, most of weed's medical properties are atributed to CBD, and less so to THC, and that's why I'd advise sticking with CBD oil only.

Anxiety due to ADHD? try CBD

I bought a bottle of full spectrum CBD oil the other day and it does wonders for my anxiety. My pyschiatrist recently took me off of my adhd meds and I have been worried about my job performance , I start a new job tommorrow. All those negative thoughts just went away and i still feel functional . Some of my adhd symptoms are still here tho.. might go for a jog in a little bit not really on schedule today (im never on schedule)

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cbd oil is not scientificaly proven

While I don't disagree with this statement, if someone feels that it helps them, then its helping in some form or fashion. So, I'm leaving the post up. Thats why the post is "approved" by mods. If anyone would like to dispute this, I'm open to hearing it.

I like CBD a lot in theory but it's also part of the homeopathy world so there's no real care put into making sure the quantities and claims they make are accurate. I would kill for it to be treated as an OTC drug so it has to abide by regulations

If you're in a legal state, dispensaries are generally good places to look for it. They are obviously super knowledgeable and hypothetically will get quality stuff.

At least for me it's worked, it's always more expensive though which I think is part of why it's better.

I've personally never had any issues with it and its helped me more than super regulated prescription non-stim meds. It also has 0 medical risk and has been shown to reduce inflammation and tons of medical benefits. I have never gotten intoxciated from a CBD product either.

I agree, but would like to add the caveat that if you (general, not specific you) get drug tested regularly, CBD supplements may cause you to test positive for THC.

Only if the products have a high percentage of THC. Most won’t, because they don’t want to go to jail (or risk a lawsuit). However, definitely make sure your company has good independent lab testing if this is a concern.

The last time I took a natural pee test for employment, Is the last time I ever will..

The background check company made a huge deal out of the fact that I took adderall and they said they were going to tell the potential employer that I'm on a schedule 3 drug or schedule 2 or whatever it is. I said that's really none of their business all they need to know is that I passed you have my prescription. It didn't matter.

They didn't even tell them the specific drug they just told them I'm under the influence of a controlled substance and left it up to their imagination. So when I got a call from the hiring manager, I had to fill in the blanks and tell them its adderall because it made me sound like some weirdo.