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Mix Rx Hemp 3000mg Oil Capsules for Pain Relief – 240 Count (2 Pack)

product takes a few days to take affect. sleeper ferry relaxed slipped great .about 3 days in things got back to normal. but with one big exception my pain had dissipated greatly I have arteritis and vary bad back from the military/vietnam this product works for me hope it works for you .ps has really lessoned my anxiety to. Walt s

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I have 3 types of arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, Spurs on my spine, and some bulging discs. I live in pain. Since taking these hemp pills, I’ve been able to cut my prescription pain meds WAY down. Great for paain, or tension!

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Hemp Oil Capsules

I have been taking them as directed for a couple of weeks now. They have really been an amazing and effective help for me and my anxiety due to PTSD.

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Chronict pain I love the hemp capsules

Hemp products have always helped me get through the day but not as much as regular pain medicine it takes me 2 to 4 days to finish off 1 bottles of hemp because it does not help as much as regular narcotics do but it works like a back up plan even though I have to over dose on it to keep me from being in pain witch I’ve been living with and in pain since I was 7yrs old I am 40yrs old now and and still in pain and suffering and no one can find what my pain is and my pain doctor discharged me from his practice for no good reason at all

Nature’s Way Hemp Oil 1000mg – 60 Capsules

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Capsules

Not really sure what to think about these. Very large, black, opaque thick capsules filled with a modicum of oil. You might want to think about just biting them open and chewing them to release the oil and then spitting out the capsule rather than swallowing it. It kind of turns into chewing gum and seems to slowly dissolve from the oral enzymes when chewing. The size and mass of these capsules seems like overkill and a perhaps a marketing ploy to make the customer believe that they contain more oil than they really do. They are much more “capsule” than product. I kind of like being able to see what’s inside a gel capsule before swallowing it rather than taking something that is literally a “black box”. Otherwise, the contents seem to be legitimate hemp oil.

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CBD Oil capsules are really a great product.

I’ve been taking them for two days now and am feeling much better. they give my body the “boost” it needs after recovering from cancer