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Nano-Enhanced PurCBD+ Isolate

There is no use beating around the hemp bush most people prefer full spectrum CBD as they find it delivers a fuller therapeutic profile. But CBD Isolate offers some very vital benefits that can give your CBD regimen a serious boost.

Body Chemistry

Some people just don’t like CBD full spectrum and find that even small doses of it can make them tired. Chalk it up to unique body chemistry and a potential sensitivity to a lessor phytocannabinoid that promotes lethargy. Fortunately, most people find a switch over to CBD isolate clears up this issue, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits CBD can offer us.

Boost Your Full Spectrum CBD

A lot of our customers are telling us they love adding extra CBD to their Full Spectrum CBD oil. Having a higher ratio of CBD to the other phytocannabinoids can translate to better management over anxiety, pain, and on. As well, it can offset the tiredness full spectrum CBD makes some people feel. Why not take advantage of both worlds?


CO2 Extracted: Our CBD isolate is derived from the mature stalks and stems of industrial hemp plants. The safest and cleanest way to extract CBD is CO2 extraction which protects CBD from deteriorating in the extraction process. Because research and the majority overwhelmingly consider CO2 extraction the best, you know it’s what we use. This solventless process leaves no chemical residue that could harm your health or add flavor — giving you untainted pure CBD isolate.

Nano-Enhanced: We cannot stress the importance of nano-enhancing cannabidiol when in it’s in absence of the other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and a lipid-based carrier oil. Doing so will greatly maintain CBD’s ease of absorption, keeping doses low and your wallet full.

Normally, CBD is too large to effectively absorb on its own and up to 90% can go to waste. Nano-enhancing brings CBD down to size and this may increase bioavailability by tenfold.

Organic Hemp: Our CBD Isolate goes through the cleanest extraction processes to remove everything but cannabidiol. That means all pesticides and other junk are all removed. Even better, you don’t even need to worry about pesticides ever coming in contact with your CBD.. We only source from organic farms that grow hemp how it was meant to be grown. Clean with organically rich and nutritious soil.


The list of reasons people take CBD is endless, and this means the amount of CBD people take can significantly vary. Some of our customers take CBD for preventive health and don’t need much, while others find moderate to high doses can really help manage their chronic illness.

    250 mg PurCBD+ Isolate PhytoCannaBinoiD Oil — Here’s 250 mg of CBD that’s an optimal amount for preventive health, adding extra CBD to your full spectrum CBD, and first-time users.


Our customers love PurCBD Isolate because we went the extra mile to ensure we removed the roadblocks that all too often severely hinder CBD isolate products. Nano-enhancing allows you to dose at lower levels, where when by itself, CBD requires a high dosage to hit a window that is easily missed.

Which PurCBD Is Right For You?

How to Figure Out Your CBD Isolate Dose

Because of its nature, CBD isolate is more difficult to dose than CBD full spectrum.This is because the effects of CBD isolate work on a bell-shaped curve. In other words, this means that you have a small therapeutic window that you have to dose in if you want to reap the full benefits.

This is unlike full spectrum CBD where the effects gradually increase the more you take. But don’t worry, figuring out your CBD isolate dose doesn’t need to be scary. After all, you have this handy guide that will show you how

First, we want to preface our dosing guide by saying this: If you can take full spectrum CBD you should. Full spectrum gives wider therapeutic benefits, and with the effects gradually increasing with the dosage amount, you won’t have to worry about over- or undershooting. CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found in hemp and full spectrum, and they all work together to create what is known as the entourage effect.

But we understand that not everyone can take full spectrum for various reasons. Often many of our customers are already on a lot medication and they only want CBD and not have to worry about a bunch of other cannabinoids.

And that’s what our isolate formula is, just 99% pure CBD. It is also absorbed directly into the bloodstream and you will benefit from the effects faster than other CBD oils. And as you’ll about to see below, this is highly desirable.

For first time users, we recommend multiplying your body weight by .022 mg to get your starting dose. For example, a 150 lb person would start their dosage at 3.3 mg

250 mg PurCBD+ Isolate PhytoCannaBinoiD Oil

Our 250 mg CBD isolate oil is great for adults that are new to CBD and want to experiment around with their dose. It’s also fantastic for children that are suffering from both temporary and chronic health conditions.

At a low dose many have reported that CBD has helped with the following:

  • Mild to moderate pain due to temporary injuries as well as mild pain due to chronic health conditions.
  • Temporary anxiety. Taking a small dose of CBD right before a public speaking event or asking for a raise at your work can do wonders. It allows you to take that charismatic speech you’ve been practicing in the mirror and move it out of the house.
  • Mild sleep disturbances. Caution is advised as CBD dosages under 100 mg may cause a mild stimulatory effect. CBD sedation effects have been reported to within the range of 100 – 600 mg.

750 mg PurCBD+ Isolate PhytoCannaBinoiD Oil

Our 750 mg CBD oil is formulated for medium to higher-dose management of health conditions that are both temporary and chronic.

In medium range doses many have reported that CBD has helped with the following:

  • Moderate pain due to fibromyalgia and cancer. In fact, most who take CBD claim they love it for just general pain regardless of what’s causing the pain.
  • Nausea and an increase in appetite. Cancer treatments often wreak havoc on a person’s appetite, but many have found CBD brings their appetite roaringly back.
  • Severe anxiety, major depression, and panic attacks.
  • stopping seizures as they are happening. Many patients rely on CBD when they are in the midst of an epileptic episode and this is why the fast-acting effects of our CBD isolate is loved by many.

1500 mg PurCBD+ Isolate PhytoCannaBinoiD Oil

Many of our patients that take CBD in very high doses are also already on a lot of other medications, both prescription and OTC. As such, they worry about their liver and that full spectrum CBD oil may interact poorly with their medication. Our CBD isolate is formulated to take that worry away.

At high dosages many have reported that CBD has helped with the following:

  • Chronic conditions due to a wide range of medical conditions such as the ones mentioned above, as well as PTSD, bowel disorders, and Parkinson’s to name a few.
  • If you’re unsure if CBD is right for your health condition, we have a handy “Education” tab at the top of our page that will give you studies on CBD and how it faired on a range of medical conditions.
  • Since CBD sedation effects may not start until 100 mg, those that suffer from chronic insomnia may find it advantageous to purchase CBD in higher concentrations to not run out fast.

A couple last things to be on the lookout for

Remember, everyone is different and people have different dose windows where they feel CBD isolate works best for them. This is why we never give you an exact dose, only how to find your starting dose (multiply your body weight by .022).

What’s really nice is that while you’re shooting for a narrow dose window, our CBD isolate acts faster than conventional formulated oils. This means that if you’re not feeling the effects within a short period of time, you’re more than welcome to take more. So while it’s trickier to dose CBD isolate compared to full spectrum, you can better tell when you hit or missed the mark.

You can also check out our handy calculator, which will give you the recommended minimum, average, and maximum daily dose based your weight and the CBD concentration of the bottle.

But for the best bioabsorption rate, we recommend dosing by holding the oil under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.

How To Use

There are so many ways you can administer CBD isolate. Since it’s flavorless and odorless, it doesn’t have to be any harder to take than mixing it into your favorite drink or food.


How do I apply PurCBD+ Isolate?

How long does it take to work?

How do I know what dose to give and how often?

We provide you with a CBD dosage calculator that will help you find a baseline to work off. We say baseline because CBD isolates works in different ways for different people. Some feel the effects at low doses, but many others may need 2-3 times that dose. Fortunately, most see no ill side effects we taking extremely large dosages that pass the “strong” tier on our dosing guidelines.


Is PurCBD+ safe to take with prescription meds?

Research shows that CBD has a fantastic side effect profile. And with all the ways people find it helps, many are surprised to hear it’s so low-risk. However, there is one side effect you need to know about, and that’s CBD ability to change the potency of hepatic drugs. These are drugs metabolized in the liver, and it includes a large number of prescription drugs.

Similar to grapefruit CBD temporarily deactivates a class of liver enzymes that metabolize certain drugs, and by delaying their breakdown, their potency can raise. If you’re on a dosage-sensitive medication, you’ll want to be careful when using CBD, and it’s recommended to start low and stop if you see side effects.

Fortunately, many studies show that by modifying the dosages of both CBD and the other drug, you often achieve a harmonious balance with the two in tandem manage the condition better than either by themselves. We fully recommend you discuss this with your doctor if this issue concerns you at all.

Does PurCBD+ ever replace prescription meds?

While there are anecdotal reports and studies showing CBD decreased reliance on prescription medication, we do not recommend that you purposely use CBD for this reason. It may come as a beneficial side perk, and that’s great, but there are no guarantees that this will happen.

While CBD’s therapeutic properties may reduce the use of prescription medication, there another reason it may be doing this. CBD is a known inhibitor of enzymes in the liver that metabolize certain drugs, and by delaying their break down, their potency can raise which leads you to require less. Check above for more information on this interaction.

Does it help with anxiety?

Does it work for cancer?

While preclinical research shows CBD may exert anticancer properties, we aren’t sure the extent of this in the body, but there is some fascinating research looking into the topic.

It’s more common to hear about using CBD alongside conventional cancer treatments to help manage their harsh and common side effects. There is a lot of researching highlighting CBD use for cancer treatments, which you can read about here.

Is it safe with pregnancy?

Endocannabinoids — that CBD helps boost — play a role in fertility. Studies show that having both too high and low endocannabinoids levels can negatively affect the chances of pregnancy. This is something you may want keep in mind if struggling to get pregnant.

Besides this, we are not aware of any studies that show CBD can cause complications with pregnancy, however, we always recommend you discuss with your doctor before making changes in your medication or supplement use.

Does it help with arthritis?

What about seizures?

Is PurCBD+ safe to take long term?

Are there any withdrawals that come with immediate stoppage?

Is CBD isolate the best CBD to start with?

It depends, but in most cases, you will likely experience a greater degree of benefits when you use full spectrum CBD not isolate. Isolate poses some issues with dosing, and full spectrum CBD contains hundreds of unique molecules that can greatly extend its therapeutic reach.

CBD’s effects are best described as tangible — similar to taking an over-the-counter drug like Tylenol. You don’t “feel” the effects, but instead, you notice an absence of symptoms that were weakening your health. Because of this, it’s much easier to tell if CBD is working with full spectrum CBD. We recommend you start with it, then try CBD isolate after as you’ll have a much better background to interpret how CBD works for you.

Can CBD isolate make me fail a drug test?

No, CBD isolate is the one form of CBD that could not possibly make you test positive on a drug test. Drug tests don’t test for marijuana but THC — which full spectrum CBD contains very small traces off. Now, you would have to consume abnormally large levels of full spectrum CBD to test positive, and it would come up as only a false positive.


How do I know It is the best quality?

We believe transparency is the best way to show why our CBD products maintain the highest quality possible. We are constantly pursuing steps to not only maintain our fantastic transparency but to improve it in even more ways.

We do this by offering unaffiliated lab tested results by a third party that analyzes what’s in our CBD products and in what concentrations. As well, we are big on showing you our customer reviews and encourage you to read them. Besides highlighting why they love our products, many of our customer reviews offer insight into how they use CBD for themselves. We think that’s wonderful!

We are also on all major social media platforms, and we encourage you to ask questions that both we and other CBD users — like yourself — can help with. Last, we have a blog full of great and helpful information on everything CBD-related. Check out these articles for ways manufacturers can achieve the highest-quality CBD products possible.

What’s the difference between CBD powder and oil?

You will commonly see CBD isolate in a powder or crystal form. This is the natural and “raw” state CBD is in when isolated from all the other molecules in hemp then activated. To do this you use a process called chromatography which separates out CBD, then lightly heat the CBD extract to remove the carboxylic acids that prevent CBD from targeting the endocannabinoid system.

Many companies stop here and sell this form of CBD isolate. However, this form is around 4 times less effective than CBD full spectrum. A major reason is CBD is poorly bioabsorbable and relies on the other molecules in full spectrum hemp to help the body absorb it. As well, full spectrum is mixed with a lipid-based carrier oil to improve its absorption even more.

However, you can greatly improve CBD isolate’s biosorption by nano-enhancing it with liposomes, and this results in an oil.

Where is it sourced from?

Why is your product cheaper than other companies?

Three big reasons!

First, we have our own manufacturing facilities where we bottle, label, quality control, etc. This cuts out so many middlemen it’s not funny, but as you can tell from our prices, it makes a big difference.

Second, we share a close relationship with our hemp suppliers and with that big ol warehouse of ours, we can buy in bulk at discounted prices.

Third, we started using CBD for ourselves first, and we know first-hand how high CBD costs can make this fantastic plant unavailable for many that can really benefit from it. So whenever we see the chance to lower costs, we do so! For example last year we had a great growing season, and this brought down prices on hemp, so we lowered the price of our CBD to return the savings to you.

Do you offer discounts on larger bottles?

Why does it say refrigeration needed?

Does it contain pesticides?

What is your money-back guarantee policy for returns/refunds?

We give you 30-days to return the product, whether it’s opened/used or not. We would never think about preventing opened returns on CBD products, especially, CBD isolate which often requires a few tries to get right.

Just mail it back to us at our standard address:

1109 West 190th Street,
Unit-H, Gardena, CA 90266.


Is CBD marijuana?

CBD is not marijuana. Hemp is not marijuana. And cannabis isn’t even always marijuana.

While there are hundreds of phytocannabinoids in cannabis plants, we focus on the two most therapeutic: THC and CBD. THC is behind the high associated with marijuana, and it does this by strongly binding to CB1 receptors. When these receptors are activated, they increase appetite, pleasure, and all the classic effects of a marijuana high. High THC = marijuana.

CBD, on the other hand, has little affinity for CB1 receptors and instead influences naturally produced cannabinoids to attach to CB2 receptors. This helps modulate and reduce things like inflammation, perception to pain, as well it promotes homeostasis for overall regulation of health. Because it can’t attach to any cannabinoid receptor in the body, CBD can’t get you high.

When cannabis plants have 0.3% or less THC we label it industrial hemp — regular hemp plants will have a little more but not enough to cause a high. In fact, hemp and marijuana come from separate continents, with hemp plant never being used for recreational purposes.

What is the evidence of CBD?

You want evidence you got it! Click any of the medical condition links below, and you will find studies that thoroughly demonstrate how CBD can help with said illness. As well, we invite you to check out how CBD helps our customers by reading their reviews.

When you combine the anecdotal reports along with all the studies, we challenge you to discredited CBD.

Cbd isolate oil for sale near me

For some folks, aches and pains go beyond a general annoyance to “I can’t do anything because I’m in pain.” This is, unfortunately, the norm for some people. The sufferer ends up dealing with joint pains, body aches, nerve trouble, and more.

It’s well-known that painkillers prescribed by doctors may be effective but also addictive. Many people today are seeking an alternative to such medicines, one that doesn’t require a prescription or runs the risk of addiction.

This has led to the rise of CBD’s popularity. This is a safer way for those with pain to get relief from what ails them. This article will show you the best CBD smokable flower. If you’re in a hurry, we can honestly say that Bud Pop has the best CBD flower around.

Let’s get into it and show off the top CBD flower brands.

Best 5 CBD Brands For Hemp Flower In 2022

    : Overall Best CBD Flower On The Market, Editor’s Choice: Most Potent Hemp CBD Flower Strains: High Quality CBD Buds & Hemp Strains: Wide Variety Of Top Shelf Weed Flower

#1.Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Flower On The Market, Editor’s Choice

This brand features a big selection of smokable CBD flowers, and they also have all lab testing results available, plus a website that’s easy to navigate. This alone made us think of Exhale highly, so it had to have a place on our list today. Unlike some other brands, it offers consumers a walkthrough of where their hemp comes from, plus the techniques used in processing it.

Pair this with a product selection that will have you coming back, and you can’t beat it. Best of all, the prices are fair.

Our favorites (and customers’ favorites) include Special Sauce and Hawaiian Haze. These strains have hundreds of positive reviews on them. These strains are ideal for those moments when relaxation is in order, but you demand flavor as well.

Lifters are another one we love. You can use it during the day or just to increase your mood. All the strains listed feature 15% cannabidiol. This will provide effects to even the most seasoned of smokers.

They hold themselves to high standards when considering raw buds of hemp and their flowers. They know consumers desire a smooth and flavorful experience, and these buds deliver.


The brand was once known as Berkshire CBD, based in the state of Vermont. They are a family company with a laser focus on producing quality goods. All products are legal as per the 2018 farm bill.

When it comes to cultivating the buds, you’ll find that the farming practices are organic, and the plants are hand-trimmed when it’s time to harvest them. Organic fertilizers are used in the growth of these plants. In addition, the family uses their own farm to grow this hemp. Thus, it’s easy for them to oversee the process from start to finish.

You will find samples of all the hemp flowers are sent to a lab for third-party testing. All aspects of the flower are tested, including the terpenes and the CBD profile. They also test to make sure that pesticides, contaminants, and heavy metals are not present. Every strain features a certificate of analysis, and all you need to do is click on it to view it.

Shopping here is a dream come true- the site is excellent for beginners and makes the CBD buying experience a friendly one. Just click on the category that you want- in this case, Flower- and read through the many varieties offered. If you can, try to fill your cart with $50 worth of goods to get free shipping and stock up on the strains you need. Sometimes, coupons and deals are offered, so sign up for their mailing list.

We certainly stand by Exhale Wellness as a great place to get the buds you want at a price that works. Everything is natural, the company is transparent in its dealings, and the reviews left by customers are real and positive. It’s a family farm that checks over all of its items via lab testing and visual inspections before it’s shipped off to your home. Plus, the beautiful packaging makes it appealing to give as a gift to friends and family who enjoy using CBD.

  • Strains feature high potency
  • Everything is lab-tested
  • Big selection of strains for multiple purposes
  • The hemp is grown organically
  • All sales are final and cannot be returned.

#2. BudPop: Most Potent Hemp CBD Flower Strains

BudPop is making waves in the hemp industry even though they are a new, upcoming brand. They are on a mission to create the most healthy and high-quality hemp goods. Their lineup currently includes CBD flowers, gummies, and vape carts.

They were started by a group of young people who sought a natural, safe way to get pain relief without the fear of becoming addicted, which is sometimes the case with doctor-prescribed painkillers.

Their motto of “pop plants, not pills” demonstrates their commitment to natural methods of relief. ACS Laboratories of Sun City, Florida, performs all the testing for the products they have up for sale. This laboratory specializes in cannabis and hemp testing.

It started out providing delta-8 goods to consumers but has now expanded to include CBD items. The hemp is sourced from beautiful Colorado, USA, and is compliant with all standards of the Federal Farm Bill, as it contains less than 0.03% THC. The hemp is grown using organic farming methods, and it is non- GMO. Shipping on the items you buy from BudPop will all ship for free.

The Northern Lights strain is Indica-dominant, and the bags are sold in a variety of sizes. You can purchase 4.2 g, 7 g, 28 g, 114 g, 227 g, or 454 g. The popularity of these flowers really shows itself; the three largest sizes were sold out when we put this article together!

But we’re not surprised. After all, this high-quality hemp provides a smooth and enjoyable smoke, one you’ll look forward to again and again. The second strain offered is Sour Diesel, which is a favorite for new and old smokers alike. Both strains smell and taste great. They are free of pesticides and contaminants, and the packaging is simple, beautiful, and attractive.

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain and contains a lovely aroma and sweet flavor. Both strains offered are fast-acting, so make sure you’re comfortable. The Sour Diesel offers you greater energy and focus, while the Northern Lights is ideal for the relaxation of the muscles and body.

The lowest-priced bags of this CBD flower start at $40. They also offer discounts for those that are members of the military, disabled, or veterans. Aside from that, everyone can enjoy 20% off on their first purchase with BudPop. Unfortunately, the products are only shipped to the United States for the time being.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with your products. The company did so well with its Delta-8 flowers that customers began demanding CBD, so the company responded accordingly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the employees at BudPop. They have a web contact form as well as an email address you can use. You should feel confident about purchasing CBD flowers from BudPop, as the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.

These are great if you’ve had no experience with CBD flowers before, as the price is right, and the strains are classic favorites everyone enjoys. With their generous return policy and their responsiveness, the brand is friendly toward first-time or new buyers.

  • Features Northern Lights and Sour Diesel strains
  • Non-GMO, top quality, and natural, organic hemp
  • Flowers are highly potent and smooth; they taste great
  • Grown using organic farming methods
  • Free of pesticides, contaminants, and heavy metals
  • Cured, dried, and hand-trimmed in a clean and sanitary facility
  • Hemp flower is high-grade, natural, and pure
  • Tested using a third-party lab
  • Plenty of positive customer feedback
  • Discounts for first-time customers and constant discounts for veterans, disabled people, and military members
  • Everything ships free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It does not ship worldwide.

#3. Cheef Botanicals: High Quality CBD Buds & Hemp Strains

CBD hemp strains sometimes get a bad rep for lacking flavor. This is not the case when you purchase from Cheef Botanicals. They’ve been in the market for a few years now, offering customers CBD rich hemp flower. The hemp is grown using organic practices and has zero additives as part of its blend. You can purchase the strains in pre-roll form or inside a bottle.

There are more than 20 strains available. Our personal favorite is Lifter, as it tastes both sour and sweet. You’ll enjoy the pine notes and the zesty lemon as you take a draw and relax. This particular strain is excellent for energy and calmness.

Another great strain offered by Cheef is Northern Lights, which features a sweet but earthy flavor. It contains more than 20% cannabidiol, and you’ll feel relaxed in no time. It’s the brand’s most popular flower.

Next, you should try the Sour Space Candy if you’d like to feel uplifted. This stuff includes over 20% CBD, and you can buy it in large and medium packages. It features a sour and sweet taste and some earthy undertones.

Sour Diesel is also part of the lineup, and this is another beloved favorite among new and old smokers. It’s fast-acting and features a gaseous but sour aroma. Again, this is a Sativa-dominant strain cannabis flower featuring orange and green buds.

Cheef Botanicals has a stellar brand reputation among people that enjoy smokable hemp flower. They have always prided themselves on offering the best hemp-derived goods out there. They’re still a young company but have already established a strong following.

Their method of cultivation involves farmers in Colorado and Oregon. The flowers are free of GMOs and have been tested using third-party laboratories. Compared to some of the others on our list, we can honestly say that Cheef has the upper hand in its quality control methods because it tests each variant of the same product to ensure only the best stuff reaches consumers.

The company is very transparent when it comes to its testing procedures. You can go online and easily access all of the lab testing results. From the source of the company’s hemp to the solvents or fertilizers used, they run tests on all items to make sure they are safe for consumption. Should you not see what you’re looking for, you can email Cheef, and they will gladly provide the answers.

The site itself is easy to navigate, but the product selection is quite large. New customers to CBD might wish to stick with BudPop, as their product selection is smaller and easier to learn about. But if you need a great deal on quality CBD flowers, Cheef Botanicals can help.


The products offered by Cheef Botanicals work quite well. They use top-shelf ingredients to make all of their products, including responsible farming practices for its CBD flower. The end result is excellent CBD products that all customers can enjoy freely.

The packaging could stand to be a bit stronger to preserve the flavors, but customers should have an airtight jar on hand to keep their flowers in good condition. Customers have left positive reviews in droves, discussing how the flowers were helpful for relief from anxiety, pain, or just to relax after a long day.

Between the gummies, the oils, the CBD body care products, and of course, the variety of flowers, there’s something for everybody at Cheef Botanicals.

  • Fairly priced, premium CBD flowers
  • Indica and Sativa strains offered
  • The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Fair refund policy
  • The extensive product selection may be overwhelming for new customers.

#4. Hollyweed: Wide Variety Of Top Shelf Weed Flower

This brand features a wide variety of CBD hemp flowers with varying potencies designed to enhance your overall wellness. In addition, they offer many different strains, which gives them a competitive edge.

They do business on a small farm that is centered exclusively on the cultivation and growth of hemp. The hemp they grow is used in producing not only their great flowers but their oils and vapes, too.

They use zero pesticides when it comes to cultivating their plants, and their buds are of the utmost quality. Aside from no pesticides, you won’t find any synthetic fertilizers, either. Their flowers are loaded with beneficial terpenes. Every product features lab test results that you can check out just by clicking on the FAQ page and then scrolling down to the question, “Do you provide lab testing for your products?”

At this point, you might be wondering what strains are worth your time. We recommend starting by trying out the Sour Diesel if you’re new. Sour Diesel is a strain loved by many, and theirs features over 20% CBD. It helps the smoker stay balanced, productive, and focused. In addition, you will love the pungent smell and the classic taste.

Goliath CBD to CBG is another one you just have to know. It contains an aroma of pine, spice, and fruit and will help mellow out and uplift you. It offers a sense of euphoria, perfect for helping you clear your mind after a busy day.

Cherry Wine should be next on your list. This contains exactly 16.48% of CBD and less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC, making it legal as per the 2018 Farm Bill (Side note- this is true for ALL of Hollyweed’s goods, so buy with confidence). It will help soothe you and give you a sense of peace. This is perfect for those that desire a chance to rest and relax.

Next, consider the Lifter. This is a lightweight bud and features tangy flavors reminiscent of citrus. It has about 18% CBD and will offer a sense of clarity and peace. For better energy and a feeling of rejuvenation, try this strain.

Lastly, we love Hawaiian Haze. This strain features fruit flavors and will uplift the smoker. After just one or two puffs, you’ll feel like you’re on the beach. The buds are sticky and green and are a pleasure to smoke. You’ll want to stock up on this one.

All of these strains are grown in Oregon, and they’re packaged in sustainable glass jars fitted with child safety caps. This is great for those parents out there who like to have a smoke after the kids have gone to bed or whose children tend to get into everything.


This brand features a generous return policy. They want you to try out their goods for 30 days, and if you find that they are not what you expected, you will get a full refund. This does exclude CBD Flower over 1 oz. All the sales are final for CBD flowers sold in this size and up.

Anything else you buy must be in original, unopened packaging.

Aside from having great hemp plants available, they have Delta-8 products for sale, too. CBD capsules and oils are also offered.

  • Shipping is quick, and orders go out within 1-2 business days.
  • Their customer service is top-notch- feel free to call them or send an email over; the responses are quick.
  • Hemp is sourced/grown in the US
  • All products have current third-party lab tests
  • Many strains to choose from
  • The return policy does not apply to CBD flower orders 1 oz and up.

#5.Fab CBD

This company is making waves in the hemp industry and has many CBD products for sale, including candy and body care items. In addition, you can purchase pre-rolls, joints, and flowers at their online shop, which is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Fab CBD is devoted to bringing wellness to the rest of the world using terpene-heavy CBD oil that comes from high-quality, all-natural hemp. The company focuses on remaining eco-friendly and also prides itself on batch-testing its products using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography.

Fab CBD also utilizes a Compassionate Care program, which provides discounts to people that need relief the most, such as veterans and low-income customers. In addition, they offer a solid money-back guarantee, and their pricing is fair.

Their return policy, for instance, dictates that you have 45 days from purchase to get a refund if you bought from their website and 30 days if you purchased from one of their franchises.


CBD Cigarettes are also offered, with cherry, menthol, grape, and original flavors being offered. You can also get yourself a sample pack to enjoy more flavors.

The company also offers Moon Rocks- here, you’ll get CBG and CBD, plus CBN. But, again, this is a product to be used only if you’ve smoked CBD flowers before but want a stronger dose.

Aside from the great flavors they offer, you’re going to love how CBD American Shaman cultivates their plants. They utilize micro-farming practices and source their hemp from Kentucky and Colorado.

They’re also transparent in all their testing. The company offers up all testing results to interested buyers online, where you can read about your favorite product and how it performed on the last batch test run.

We also love the experience as a whole of shopping with CBD American Shaman. The site contains heaps of information about why CBD can help you, plus it is well-built and fast loading. The products are a cinch to find, it takes just a scroll or two, and you have what you’re looking for.

Shipping happens fast with Fab CBD. You’ll find that your order is processed and shipped within 48 hours after its placement. USPS is used for all orders, and buyers will get a tracking number for their order. So, it will take about 3-5 days for your items to be delivered once they’ve actually been sent out.

So, should you go with Fab CBD? We think so, yes They put a lot of care into making their products, and we also noticed a few were sold out as we researched the brand (this indicates it is popular and loved by consumers). Simply go to their website, go to the “Hemp Flower” tab, and start your shopping now.

  • Very affordable; comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your order.
  • Discounts are offered to people who are low-income/veterans
  • They use American-grown, sustainably sourced hemp when crafting their flowers
  • They are grouped in the CBN and CBG flower with the CBD goods, which can be confusing for some new customers.
  • Some flowers were sold out.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Fab CBD

Best Weed Strains: How We Made The List

To create our article for the best CBD flower, we made a huge list of all the brands we knew about. The brands nearly covered the front and back of a regular piece of paper.

We then looked into the brands using criteria such as their extracts, third-party lab testing results, and customer opinions.

We began slowly but surely cutting down the list. We then had our list- the best companies out there.

We then cut it down even more. So now, we’ve got the best five brands out there, lined up and ready to go. These brands are loved by consumers.

  • How effective is the flower at helping relieve sleep trouble, inflammation, and general discomfort?
  • Is the product full-spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum?
  • Do the THC limits meet federal standards?
  • Where does the brand’s hemp come from?
  • Did the brand give instructions for use to its buyers?
  • Are the products lab tested for consumer safety?
  • Does the brand offer information about why their product works/the benefits?
  • How do other customers/CBD writers rate the product?

Most Popular Marijuana On The Market: Buying Guide

Not sure what to look for when it’s time to buy your own CBD flower? Here’s what to look for so you can make an informed choice.

Source of the Hemp

Great CBD flowers begin with excellent farming practices.

  • They’re grown with local farmers or farmers based in the US
  • The flowers are non-GMO
  • No pesticides/herbicides used in farming
  • Grown ethically/sustainably

When looking for a CBD flower of your own, make sure you look at where your hemp comes from. The best strains are found on US farms, preferably those that use organic hemp.

The Difference in Extracts

Isolates, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum extracts are all different. Full spectrum offers you the greatest benefits thanks to its large amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Full spectrum enhances the entourage effect or how the cannabinoids work together for you.


One thing we love about CBD flowers is that by vaping or smoking them, you get to experience the benefits faster. Inhaling vapor or smoke calls for a flavorful and clean draw. Contaminants and impurities may be harmful if they’re always going into your body.

Also, look for flowers with complex and rich flavoring. This way, the taste is great, AND you get to reap the benefits.

When selecting that CBD flower strain is best, make sure to locate one with the best combo of flavonoids and terpenes, so you get the best experience yet.

Potency and THC Levels

Flavor matters, but the potency is the main reason that people smoke CBD. Strains that offer a potent product will help you get the maximum relief from your CBD.

Flower strains made up of 14% – 19% CBD are thought to be highly potent. Other cannabinoids can provide up to 24% of the strain, making it a highly potent one.

The greater potency, the less inhale you need to reap the benefits. Any brand worth your time will list the CBD percentage, cannabinoids, and other ingredients on the

label or use a QR code to list them/list lab testing results.

Cannabis plant THC is also important. All CBD goods have to contain 0.03% THC or less, so make sure your product of choice indicates this on their packaging.

Third-Party Lab Tested

If you don’t see a lab test anywhere for your CBD flower, there’s no way for you to know what’s in it. You should also avoid any brand with no lab tests to display. All top CBD flower brands make use of third-party labs to ensure the purity of the products.

Lab testing is also a fine way of knowing the strain is pure. If you’re going to smoke something, you need to make sure it’s safe.

Batch testing is another way of knowing whether or not you’re getting something of good quality. For example, a reputable vendor of CBD will test all of its goods in batches, then list the batch number on the products for sale. You can then enter that batch number and use it to look up the test results of a given product.

Remember, if you cannot find a lab report for your CBD flower of choice, don’t buy it.


CBD flowers cost much less than traditional cannabis. It’s about $10 a gram for your average cannabis bud, but you’ll find that it’s about $5 a gram for CBD buds. But just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean the maker should skimp on quality.

If the potency of your CBD bud is low, you’ll need to smoke more of it to feel the effects. If you take your time and select a quality, potent strain, you’ll spend less money.

You can figure out how much you’re paying by taking the CBD flower’s price and dividing it by how much CBD is in the strain. For instance, you might $7 per gram of CBD flower that has 175 mg of CBD in every bud. 7/175 = 0.04. In this scenario, you’d pay 4 cents/mg of CBD. The lesser the price per mg, the better value it has for you.

Brand Story

Any good brand of CBD is going to be upfront about its history and business practices. Many top CBD vendors focus on their reputation, so consumers feel safe buying their goods.

CBD brands with bad business practices could try and hide their operations, so buyers feel safe using their products. Therefore, before purchasing any CBD items, make sure to visit the provider’s website and see what info they offer regarding their history.

A brand that feels confident in its products won’t hide anything. Instead, they’ll gladly inform you of their growing practices, manufacturing, and more.

Returns and Shipping Policy

The last part of our CBD flower buying guide is devoted to shipping. Some brands might sell things at a great price but then make their money back by asking for exorbitant shipping fees. So, don’t get roped in by something that seems like a good deal at the time but ends up being a rip-off.

Watch out for brands that make it difficult to return your items. This usually indicates a low-quality product. A brand that has confidence in what it sells will usually offer some sort of refund or money-back guarantee, as they’re not worried about unsatisfied clients.

Make sure you go over shipping as well- most brands send orders out within 24-48 hours. So make sure they are timely about their processing; after all, you need your relief ASAP. For this, you can look at customer reviews and the brand’s shipping policies.

FAQs Related To Marijuana Dispensaries

Q1. Can CBD Flowers Make a Person Fail Their Drug Test?

One of the most common queries our readers pose is, “Will I fail my drug test?” Many adults want to use cannabis for its pain-relief properties but cannot do so, thanks to the need to maintain a drug-free workplace. CBD flowers offer the chance for smokers to unwind and relax, with zero fears about losing their jobs.

The likelihood that you will fail a drug test is LOW. CBD flowers have to follow federal standards that dictate THC has to be 0.03% or less in CBD goods. Make sure you always review lab test results that indicate this measurement of THC. This amount is so low that it is VERY unlikely to show up on your drug screening.

Q2. Will CBD Flowers Make Me High?

Nope- not by a long shot. Your friends may have told you they got a buzz, but if that was the truth, it was probably a bud that contained higher than the federal limit for THC of 0.03%. Provided your quality CBD flower contains that amount or less, you will not feel any psychoactive side effects.

CBD works by interacting with neuroreceptors within our central nervous system, therefore producing diverse effects for various people. In addition, CBD flowers are known for their relaxing properties- they could even make you feel euphoric. That being said, it won’t affect your brain in the same manner as THC. So, feel free to enjoy these with zero fears of getting high.

Q3. How Do You Feel After Smoking CBD Flowers?

CBD flowers do not make you high, but they will help you achieve relaxation. You will feel peaceful and calm, but your head will be clear, and your focus will be better. In this respect, it may also be a good method for the treatment of anxiety.

Q4. What Is the Best Use of CBD Flowers?

Some users of CBD flowers indicated that it helped them manage anxiety and stress. Others reported that it helped with physical pain relief. We cannot make any medical claims or guarantees, but CBD may help with inflammation, seizure, and mood.

Q5. Which CBD Flower Is Best?

The “Best” CBD flower is going to vary from buyer to buyer. Will you be using the flowers for medicinal reasons or just for recreation? Are there strains you prefer? Have you smoked before or just started out? The best thing to do is figure out what strains you like in terms of cannabinoids and flavors and go from there. If you’re not sure where to start and you’re an absolute newbie, try out the BudPop Northern Lights.

Q6. What Can I Do to Preserve the Flavor and Taste of My Buds?

That great taste and flavor are liable to get away from you if you don’t store your flowers properly. Keep the buds in airtight glass jars. Moisture also makes buds go bad. If your buds are crumbly and dry, they aren’t going to have the greatest flavor.

So, add a strip of tortilla to the jar. It livens it back up and adds moisture but doesn’t alter the flavor. Should you need to alter the flavor slightly, place an orange peel inside but not a tortilla.

Q7. Are These Flowers Sativa or Indica?

This one’s a tough one. The belief is that hemp flowers are mostly related to Sativas, but to find a purebred Indica/Sativa strain is quite difficult. Most hemp/cannabis strains are hybrid with dominant Sativa/Indica traits. CBD flowers tend to be mostly Sativa.

Q8. Is CBD Flower Legal?

Yes. So long as CBD is legal in your state, it’s OK to have CBD flowers in your home. Laws about hemp tend to be quite confusing, but CBD flower products with 0.03% THC is legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Conclusion: Buy Top Shelf Weed Strains

Industrial hemp CBD has come a long way from its days as an unknown cannabinoid. Nowadays, we have several types of smokable flowers, gummies, vape carts, and even cosmetic items that boost the power of this incredible cannabinoid. Smoking hemp flower has never been so fun.

Whether you’re using CBD flowers for anxiety management, a mood boost, or just to relieve yourself of physical pains, we recommend any of the products listed above.

BudPop is ideal for new customers, as their product selection is curated and won’t overwhelm new buyers. Plus, they feature two classic strains- Northern Lights and Sour Diesel.

Regardless of the reason for using the best CBD flowers, we hope you enjoy your experience and get the relief you need.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.