cbd capsules or oil for anxiety

Cbd capsules or oil for anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, CBD oil doesn’t taste very good. It’s oily, bitter, and leaves a bit of an aftertaste in the mouth. If you’ve experienced these negatives but want to keep benefiting from the CBD itself — it may be time to make the shift towards CBD capsules.

Capsules offer all the same benefits of CBD oil — without having to taste it.

The oil is enclosed in a special gel coating that quickly breaks down once it reaches the acidic environment of the stomach. As the capsule breaks down, the oil is released into the digestive tract.

All of this happens very quickly and there’s virtually no difference in how long it takes for the CBD to start taking effect from a CBD oil compared to CBD capsules.

In this article, we’ll cover the best CBD capsule options available, and offer some of our reasoning for nominating each of these CBD brands.

Best CBD Capsules For 2020
Pros Cons
• Made from high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract
• Contains a high dose of 25 milligrams CBD per capsule
• CBD capsules can’t be cut in half to achieve smaller doses
• Some capsules can leak if exposed to high heat during storage or shipping

Royal CBD was founded in 2017 after the two founders decided they had enough of all the low-quality and misleading CBD products that swamped the market throughout 2016 (and beyond).

Now, Royal CBD offers products in all of the standard CBD product categories — including CBD capsules.

Each of these soft gel capsules is filled with a full-spectrum CBD oil containing 25 milligrams of CBD. These are considered a high-potency product — so only those with experience using CBD should consider ordering this product.

If you start with CBD oil first you can get a feel for how CBD affects your body at different doses before settling on these capsules. There is no way to reduce the dose of each capsule without first breaking them open — which would defeat the purpose of using them in the first place.

These capsules deliver the same high-quality CBD oil that made Royal so popular, to begin with — without having to taste the oil directly.

These capsules also offer a more convenient dosing regimen for people who already take encapsulated supplements on a daily basis.

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Pros Cons
• Made from organic hemp plants grown exclusively in California
• Available in multiple capsule counts and strengths
• As a small company, there are very few customer reviews available for this product
• Limited batch runs mean shortages of these capsules are common

Gold Bee CBD is a small Delaware-based company selling a variety of CBD-infused products.

What makes Gold Bee special?

This company is a small-batch manufacturer — which means they focus their efforts on small runs of hemp extraction. This is like a microdistillery or microbrewery — producing boutique hemp runs with exceptional quality.

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The slow, small volume runs the company uses to make the oil for these capsules limits the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids throughout the process.

We respect the company’s meticulous attention to detail — which can be seen in all levels of the company’s operation.

Gold Bee CBD capsules are available in 25 mg doses each — making them perfect for more experienced CBD users, but maybe too strong for first-time users.

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Pros Cons
• 90-day satisfaction guarantee — money back if you’re not happy
• The company offers discounted rates for bulk purchases
• Easy to swallow soft gel capsules
• Only one potency and bottle size available

Like Royal CBD, CBD Pure uses organic, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado. The company has a concise product line that includes oils, topicals, CBD for pets, and softgels.

CBD Pure soft gels contain 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD. The company also uses cold-pressed extraction processes to maintain as much of the hemp plant as possible. CBD Pure refuses to use any synthetic or artificial ingredients — instead, relying on the natural healing potential of the CBD and other cannabinoids.

CBD Pure has one of the best satisfaction guarantees we’ve seen in the business. Some companies don’t offer a return policy, while most have a 30-day guarantee of some kind, CBD pure blows them all out of the water with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, CBD Pure’s capsules are a solid product, backed by a reputable company.

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Capsule Options

Capsules require little to no preparation, making them the ideal product for busy professionals, parents, or students.

The 3 brands listed above consistently show a commitment to quality.
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Cbd capsules or oil for anxiety

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already heard about the amazing benefits of CBD.

There are a lot — and while some reports are certainly exaggerated, it’s hard to deny the positivity from the clinical research within the last few years.

While CBD oil serves as the quintessential CBD supplement — it’s not for everybody. CBD oil can have a bitter flavor and leave a grassy aftertaste in the mouth.

The clear solution to this issue is to fill the oil into capsules — effectively bypassing the taste receptors in the mouth.

Don’t make the mistakes we did in the early days of the CBD rush — avoid wasting your money on sub-par brands offering capsules that simply can’t do what the company advertises.

Here, we’ll break down our top three CBD capsule manufacturers to get you started.

Best CBD Capsules For 2020
Product Details
Total CBD 750 mg
CBD per Capsule 25 mg
What We Like About Royal CBD

California-based Royal CBD is a clear winner for its low prices and top-notch formulation.

This is one of the few companies taking the quality of the hemp it uses seriously.

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Too many companies these days are opting for the cheapest hemp they can get their hands on to cut the bottom line — at the customer’s expense. The fact of the matter is that you simply can’t make top-notch CBD oils if you don’t start out with immaculate hemp flowers.

Throughout the entire production process, hemp is exposed to changes in temperature, high pressures, and oxygen — each of which will gradually break down the active ingredients.

Royal CBD offers a detailed overview of how they process and manufacture their hemp extracts — with a focus on minimizing the breakdown during each stage of production.

The company then takes the extract and injects it into soft gel capsules — each of which contains exactly 25 mg of active CBD along with about a dozen other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Royal CBD capsules are an excellent option for moderate and experienced CBD users — but they aren’t recommended if this is your first time using CBD. Instead, we’d recommend opting for a low-potency capsule (10 mg each), a CBD gummy, or CBD oils. We suggest this because 25 mg may be too high for you — the only way to know is to try CBD in lower doses first and build yourself up over time.

Pros Cons
• Premium full-spectrum hemp extract
• Manufactured using supercritical CO2
• High potency capsules (25 mg per capsule)
• Third-party tested for ultimate transparency
• Only available in one dose — no low-potency options
• Only ships within the United States (no international orders)

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Product Details:
Total CBD 750 mg
CBD per Capsule 25 mg
What We Like About Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a small cottage company operating in Delaware. The company makes a handful of small-batch CBD products. The company is so popular locally, it’s often sold out in shops and there’s a waiting list for cannabis shops to order these products. The brand has even been featured on authorities in the industry such as WeedNews.co, WeBeHigh.com, and CFAH.com.

However, as Gold Bee prepares to offer its products online, the company has set up new small-batch extraction facilities all around the state to keep up with the demand.

We love Gold Bee capsules for two reasons:

  • They have an ideal ratio of cost to potency
  • Small batch sizes mean the company can keep close control over the quality of their products

These capsules from Gold Bee contain the same oil you can buy from the company in raw form — but come in pre-measured capsules containing 25 milligrams of CBD each (along with a host of other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes).

This company is small and focuses its efforts on smaller batch sizes — which means they can be difficult to find at times. At the moment there’s a waiting list to receive these capsules but the company should be able to keep up with demand within the next few months.

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Pros Cons
• Sourced from organically-grown hemp crops
• Contains a high potency of 25 mg per capsule
• Samples of each batch are third-party tested in an independent lab
• Small batch sizes mean product shortages can happen
• Lacks a low potency or ultra-high potency capsule option

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Product Details:
Total CBD 750 mg
CBD per Capsule 25 mg
What We Like About CBD Pure

CBD Pure makes several simple CBD formulas. They’re made with an organic hemp extract and medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil). The formula is simple but effective.

As with most CBD capsule manufacturers, 25 mg of CBD per capsule seems to be the perfect amount.

These capsules are exceptional in quality. After cracking one open to test the oil contained inside, we weren’t disappointed.

One of the best ways to assess the quality of an oil is to taste it. High-quality hemp oil should taste like fresh hemp. It should have some bitter notes, but also notes of citrus, nutmeg, and hoppy taste from the essential oil content.

Poor quality oils come from hemp that was low-quality, to begin with, stored incorrectly, or processed using rudimentary techniques that destroy these aromatic compounds. You can taste the difference right away.

As with the other recommendations listed above, we suggest only people who have tried CBD oils before using these capsules. Only once you know and understand how CBD affects your body directly should you start using high-dose CBD capsules such as these.

For the experienced CBD user, these are some of the best value CBD capsules you’re likely to find. For ultimate value and cost-savings, make sure you order these capsules in the 6-month bulk supply option.

Pros Cons
• Made from organically-grown hemp
• Third-party tested to prove the companies claims
• High-potency 25 mg capsules
• Only one strength option currently available
Final Thoughts: Best CBD Capsule Options

CBD capsules are an excellent option for people who either don’t like the taste of CBD oils, want to avoid sugary CBD gummies, or simply want the familiar capsule format as their source of daily CBD.

Capsules are easy to use and often come in high enough potencies that you only need to take one, or two per dose.

There are lots of excellent CBD capsule options to choose from, and while many of them are excellent products — many are sold by fly-by-night companies with poor integrity for the quality of their products.

In order to avoid wasting your money on CBD capsules that simply aren’t effective, always do your research to see what other people are saying about the brand before you spend your hard-earned money.

If you want to save yourself some time, we recommend you take a look at some of the brands recommended above.

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