can you put cbd oil on skin for pain

Should I Use CBD Products on My Skin?

If you’ve walked down the drugstore aisle recently, you might have noticed a new acronym popping up on the labels of many skincare products: CBD.

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Compared to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive, which means that ingesting it or putting it on your skin will not cause you to feel "high."

"More studies are needed to see if CBD or other chemical agents found in the cannabis plant directly improve skin quality and have other health benefits."

CBD oils, lotions, and creams are readily available in many states as over-the-counter beauty products and the market for CBD is growing fast.

How CBD affects your skin

Dr. Nima Gharavi, dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Cosmetic Dermatology Program, says CBD may play a role in hydrating the skin and have anti-inflammatory effects, so using a product that contains CBD might help with treating dry skin or certain inflammatory skin disorders.

"However, more studies are needed to see if CBD or other chemical agents found in the cannabis plant directly improve skin quality and have other health benefits," Dr. Gharavi says.

The potential health benefits of CBD

While the effect of CBD on your skin is unclear, there’s a lot of interest in CBD research, Dr. Gharavi says.

"Right now, the way we treat eczema, psoriasis, and most inflammatory conditions of the skin is through the use of anti-inflammatory agents, the most common being topical corticosteroids," Dr. Gharavi says.

"Topical steroids, however, have potential side effects, particularly on thin skin found around the eyes, in the armpit area, or the groin."

If CBD can produce the same anti-inflammatory effect as a steroid without the potentially negative side effects, then the use of CBD could be an encouraging new method to treat these skin conditions.

"I’d like to see more data on how CBD, in the form of a topical agent, could have promising or comparable anti-inflammatory effects as a steroid," Dr. Gharavi says.

Are CBD products safe for your skin?

Dr. Gharavi says there’s likely little harm that can come from applying a CBD beauty product to your skin.

If you experience a skin irritation, a rash, or an allergic reaction from using any type of skincare product, consult a dermatologist.

Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically? 8 Tips for Using CBD Oil Roll-On

CBD, a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, has been around for thousands of years. Medicinal cannabis use dates back as far as 2000 BCE. However, the same source tells us that it wasn’t until 1940 that a man by the name of Dr. Roger Adams discovered CBD. And even though it was discovered 20 years before THC, THC has pretty much dominated cannabis research until quite recently.

CBD users have reported improvements for several ailments and conditions, like anxiety, aging, cancer, epilepsy, and autoimmune disorders. But many people wonder, can CBD oil be used topically?

The answer is yes! From vaping oil to smoking flower to eating edibles, there are many ways in which to reap the benefits of CBD. Keep reading to learn all about how it can be used topically, where to buy it, and the many advantages of using CBD oil roll-on.

What Is CBD?

Surprisingly enough, some CBD users don’t entirely understand where it comes from.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana, two different cannabis plants. There are over 100 cannabinoids, many of which provide significant benefits for individuals with anxiety, trouble sleeping, MS, drug addiction, and a myriad of other sicknesses and ailments.

Those cannabinoids latch on to the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain. The endocannabinoid system is involved in a number of your body’s processes, like mood, memory, and appetite.

Hemp or Marijuana?

The United States and other parts of the world have cast a negative light on cannabinoids like THC because it gets you “high.”

Hemp, however, has a much lower concentration of THC than marijuana. Thus, most CBD is derived from hemp to ensure there is little to no THC.

Either way, CBD can be extracted as an isolate with a guarantee that there’s no THC present. Full-Spectrum products contain THC, but usually still in minimal doses, and this applies mostly to other products like gummies or tinctures.

Topical CBD for Medicinal Purposes

Many people use topical CBD products like salves, balms, creams, and roll-ons to treat pain from musculoskeletal issues. Patients say CBD oil helps for many different aches and pains. Plus, it can help with psoriasis and eczema too.

And we see it more and more in makeup to help fight aging or provide as an anti-inflammatory. More and more people are using CBD oil for pain as the conversation concerning cannabinoids and its benefits, moves in a positive direction.

When it comes to CBD oil roll-ons, here are 8 things you should know !

1. It Doesn’t Reach Your Bloodstream

If you consume a CBD edible, smoke hemp flower, or drop CBD oil under your tongue, it works by joining your bloodstream.

When you apply CBD topically, it doesn’t have to reach your bloodstream to do its job. CBD roll-ons and balms target the specific area in which they’re applied.

The cannabinoid gets absorbed into the skin so that it can react with cells, muscles, and joints, but it does so without reaching the bloodstream.

2. They’re Great for Athletes

If you’re an athlete with muscle tenderness, joint pain, or stiffness, you will benefit from applying a cold therapy pain relief roll-on.

When you’re an athlete, many rules and regulations stop you from using certain drugs or supplements for your pain. That’s why THC-Free CBD roll-ons are excellent pain reducers for athletes. That being said, anyone who has pain can benefit from CBD roll-ons and other salves.

When you apply CBD to those tender muscles and joints, it decreases inflammation, helps those body parts to relax, and reduces pain.

3. They’ll Help You Relax

You don’t have to experience physical pain to use CBD roll-ons. Maybe you’re stressed or want to alleviate some tension in your shoulders and neck.

If all you want to do is relax and restore specific pressure points, the back of your neck, or your temples, you’d best alleviate your pain with an organic CBD roll-on.

Without any pesticides or harmful fillers, this CBD roll-on is very successful at relieving stress and tension.

4. Roll-Ons Could Be an Acne Game Changer

Acne is something that scientists and doctors have been fighting for years. For some people, the only solution to combat those pimples and skin inflammation is to ingest or apply harsh chemicals that aren’t necessarily healthy for the body.

But CBD is an anti-inflammatory. So not only does it help to fight acne, but it may prevent aging and aid in the skin’s elasticity and overall health.

Plus, acne is hard to treat because of how many issues it has to tackle. There is excess sebum, blocked pores, bacteria, and inflammation. But CBD may help by regulation the oil production of the sebaceous glands.

5. They’re Also Good for Chronic Pain

CBD can also be an effective method for fighting chronic pain. While we mentioned using it for intermittent pain, it’s important to note how chronic pain users benefit as well.

From cramps and headaches to arthritis or pain from Multiple Sclerosis, CBD oil for pain is one of the greatest re-discoveries. Your cells have tiny protein receptors attached to them. Those cells receive signals from different stimuli and help your cells respond. The response results in pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects that help people with chronic pain management.

CBD oil may benefit people who suffer from chronic pain, like chronic back pain.

6. They’ll Help You Sleep

Because it heals anxiety and pain, CBD helps the body and mind to relax. So it could help people with sleep problems as well.

It also interacts with those receptors in your brain that govern your body’s sleep cycles.

Applying a CBD roll-on to your temples and pressure points around your head and neck before you go to bed will help you relax and sleep more soundly.

7. They’ll Help You Heal Without a Habit

Almost anything that enables you to feel better can become mentally addictive. But many pain relievers and pharmaceutical drugs result in chronic use and addiction. Every single day in the United States, over 130 people die from overdosing on opioids. Prescription pain relievers are one of the most commonly overused opioids.

It’s a national crisis that affects social and economic welfare in addition to public health. Even medication, like suboxone, which is supposed to help people kick an addiction can become a dangerous new addition.

But with CBD, you don’t have to worry about chronic addiction or awful side effects. So far, it hasn’t shown any signs of dependence or potential for drug abuse.

8. CBD Oil Is Great for Psoriasis

Are you plagued with psoriasis all over your skin? Have you tried a million different prescribed creams, but to no avail?

Topicals that contain cannabinoids, like roll-ons, can ease psoriasis by slowing down skin cells’ growth and reducing inflammation. Plus, hemp seed oil, which many CBD products contain, has a perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

These essential fatty acids can effectively and naturally nourish and moisturize anyone’s skin.

What Should You Look for in a CBD Topical Product?

Just like any other marketed product or medicine, the market contains both the good and the bad.

Stay away from brands that boast lower prices, as they may be hiding something. Their products might contain significantly lower concentrations of beneficial cannabinoids.

Or they might not derive their cannabinoids from unsafe hemp, using processes that take harmful pesticides with them in the extraction journey.

There are many ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp. The most efficient and safest way to extract cannabinoids is through CO2 extraction, so look for brands that uses this method.

Plus, the more cannabinoids, the better. You won’t get high from the trace amounts of THC in a “full-spectrum” product. But you will reap the benefits of that THC and other abundant compounds, terpenes, and essential oils, which are all present through the CO2 extraction process.

This is known as “the entourage effect” because the body receives optimal benefits from the combinations of all the rich ingredients.

So if you don’t have to worry about drug testing at work, opt for full or broad spectrum whenever you can.

Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically?

Can CBD oil be used topically? The answer is yes!

Not only can CBD oil be used topically, but it can be used topically in a number of ways and to help treat many different ailments, conditions, and diseases.

Roll-ons are an amazing addition to the topical family. They’re easy to use and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and potencies.

Are you looking for new ways to use CBD? Check out our “Shop By Need” section, which will allow you to peruse products for things like pain or energy!

Have you used CBD topically? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Best CBD Creams – Review Top CBD Balm and Salve Pain Creams

CBD pain creams are crucial items for people who’ve been suffering from chronic pain. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it is mostly used in its oil form; however, newer topical forms such as CBD creams are increasingly preferred because of their overall benefits. CBD topicals provide relief to any localized pain while benefiting your skin.

CBD Oils are much different in terms of water content in their base. This is because CBD oils are used orally and do not end up benefiting your skin. On the other hand, CBD creams are brimmed with various skincare ingredients, such as herbal extracts, essential oils, and vitamins. As a result, they also have a higher water content ratio, which keeps your skin healthily hydrated.

CBD topicals come in various forms such as creams, lotions, balms, massage oils, serums, salves, etc. Depending on which form it is, they can cater to some specific need; for example, some CBD topicals are used for the face, while others for general skin usage. These creams are applied directly to the skin, and they soothe pain and inflammation.

Who Should Use CBD creams? And, Where Should You Use Them?

Studies have proven that CBD creams provide relief from inflammation, and they may even help various pain sensations. In addition, some studies have proven the positive effects that CBD creams have on various kinds of arthritis pains and swelling.

CBD creams can provide localized relief to sore joints and muscles. Anyone can use them for those who are suffering from pain and inflammation. It is proven that CBD pain creams can help with pain relief, inflammation, muscle soreness, joint pain, body recovery, and skin hydration, and moisturization.

CBD creams are also used as anti-aging creams. Many people choose to apply CBD creams in the later years of their life because it helps their skin. You can apply CBD creams to your whole body. However, many creams have a designated area; it depends upon the kind of CBD cream you’re using. Many creams tend to be better for softer skin, such as the face, lips, etc., while others are more generalized. Please view which cream suits your needs the best before you buy any CBD product.

Our Rankings of the Best CBD Creams of 2021

Due to a boom in the CBD market, every company seems to claim that their cream is the best and relieves pain using only high-quality CBD. However, many of these claims are false, and their creams are less effective than they ought to be. This list of the best CBD creams is a verified list compiled after hours of debate and deliberation over each product, rigorous research done on the product by contacting their manufacturers, verifying their certificates of analysis (CoAs). According to the research done and their effectiveness, listed below are the products that have been judged as the best products in the market.

PureKana Topical CBD Cream

PureKana topical CBD cream can be applied to your whole body. Depending on where your pain is localized, you can apply this cream and not worry about its effectiveness. PureKana assures that this formula not only minimizes the pain but that it also provides a hydrating, refreshing sensation while providing relief. You can apply this cream daily; this leads to a lot of skin benefits too. Since PureKana topical CBD cream also moisturizes your skin, you end up having healthier, more rejuvenated skin. Its bottle is one of the handiest bottles, making this one of the best picks on this list.

Each bottle of PureKana topical CBD cream consists of 600mg of CBD. This CBD is common in PureKana’s other product, CBD oils, too, because they use the same hemp extract for both products. In addition, PureKana topical CBD cream uses arnica Montana flower, shea butter, capsicum, and olive fruit oil, besides its main active ingredient CBD.

You can find PureKana topical CBD cream for $80 per bottle. Moreover, your purchase will be backed by a 30-day refund policy, which makes this an absolute steal.

CBDFx’s Muscle and Joint Cream

This product is infused with a cooling formula that utilizes menthol, white willow bark, and CBD – which, you fill note, is a formula that many products in this list note. They are a little different, though, because this product also contains traces of caffeine, which is not common in pain relief creams.

According to CBDFx, these creams target muscle aches and joint pain by using potent anti-inflammatory botanical extracts. In addition, menthol offers a cooling sensation; on the other hand, white willow bark and caffeine supplement the pain-relieving ability of this cream.

CBDFx Muscle and Joint cream offers between 500mg to 3000mg of CBD, depending on your dose.

Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals are famous for their Serious Relief lineup. The Serious Relief range constitutes Serious Relief + Arnica sticks, body oils, and creams. There are also many CBD products by Receptra Naturals that you can use. They make CBD topicals such as hemp creams, lotions, balms, ointments, salves, and butter.

This product is naturally scented with ingredients such as jasmine, camphor, and ylang-ylang. Receptra Naturals claims that this cream is formulated to target the affected areas or pain centers, reduce pain, and fasten the recovery process. The ingredients, be it arnica, camphor, ylang-ylang, or jasmine, tend to promote efficient muscle recovery while opening up the pores.

EirTree Skin Spray

EirTree CBD Skin Spray is one of the five options of Skin Spray that EirTree offers. They also offer a hemp version which you should also look at if you’re interested. It is one of the most popular choices and is heavily supported and endorsed by doctors and health experts. As the name suggests, EirTree Spray is not a cream; it is a few products in this list that is more of a spray. Since it is a spray, it is much easier to use than other products.

Each bottle of EirTree’s HYPO CBD has 900mg of CBD isolate in 12ml contents along with a spray. This makes it one of the most CBD-dense products on this list. In addition, each spray has around 15mg of CBD. According to EirTree, this spray targets the pained muscle and joints and thus, provides targeted relief.

This product is not cheap, but it offers much-desired relief from pain. One bottle of EirTree Skin Spray costs $90.

Medterra’s Relief + Recovery Cream

Medterra’s Relief + Recovery Cream utilizes the proven formulaic combination of menthol and arnica and CBD to provide a better cooling sensation and supplement the pain-relieving trait of CBD. In addition, this topical cream includes many other key ingredients that appeal to the user; it uses sunflower seed oil, aloe vera leaf juice, safflower seed oil, ginger, and lemon peel.

Medterra’s Relief + Recovery Cream is topical CBD cream with varying strengths such as 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg. Depending on your use, you can select a product from its variant. Moreover, it is THC-free, and each of its batches is tested by a third party to verify this. It contains 99.6% CBD so that it can be very effective for localized pains.

Elixinol CBD Cream

Elixinol offers several options for the user to choose from: they don’t only offer CBD creams, they also have other products such as balms, CBD topicals, and gels. Additionally, Elixinol is a great choice for vegans and environmentally conscious people because it is completely plant-based, non-GMO, and vegan. Besides CBD, it has many other active ingredients such as capsaicin, copaiba, and essential oils.

Hemp Balm, Sports Gel, and Lip Balm are Elixinol’s flagship products. They have different concentrations of CBD in them. Hemp Balm is a full spectrum CBD balm and can be applied anywhere on the body. It contains 500mg of CBD. Sports Gel is a broad-spectrum CBD oil, which has 1000mg of CBD. Lip Balm is also a full spectrum CBD product in oil form used on the lips.

Endoca CBD Cream

Endoca has many CBD-based skincare products such as CBD creams, salves, and balms. These creams are used for healthier skin, and according to Endoca, they are enriched with full-spectrum hemp, which further supplements your skincare. Besides CBD, These products include vitamin E, vitamin D, shea butter, vanilla extracts, vitamin C, coconut oil, etc.

Endoca has five CBD-based flagship products which you can apply daily for better skin. These products come in various forms: CBD Face and Body Oil, Hemp Whipped Body Butter, Hemp Salve, Hemp Deodorant, and Hemp Lip & Skin Balm. They have varying concentrations of CBD according to their usage. For example, CBD Face and Body Oil have 300mg of CBD per bottle; The Hemp Whipped Body Butter has bottles that can have 450mg to 1,500mg of CBD; the Hemp Salve can come in bottles of 250mg to 750mg of CBD; the Hemp Lip & Skin balm has about 20 mg of CBD.

Mana Artisan Botanics

Mana Artisan Botanics is situated on the foothills of Mauna Loa Volcano, located in Hawaii. They have many CBD-based oils, skin creams, and other products. Their skin creams are made of whole-plant hemp extracts, which are then infused with Hawaiian botanicals. These products provide relief to any pain in muscles and joints.

Mana Artisan Botanics has two flagship CBD topicals which are called Hemp Massage Oil and Hawaiian Hemp Balm. While the former is a CBD massage oil and does not have many other active ingredients, the latter, on the other hand, is a CBD balm that also contains traces of plantain and comfrey.

You can find Mana Artisan Botanics balms starting at the price of $35 per bottle. However, depending on the product you’re buying, the price may even go up to $80 per bottle. Their CBD content also depends on the variant you choose to buy. However, on average, you get about 150mg to 300mg per bottle.

RE Botanicals Relief Body Oils

RE Botanicals products are manufactured at USDA Organic certified farms in the United States. They offer a plethora of CBD-based products produced with what, according to the company, is a premium manufacturing process that facilitates making some of the best CBD products in the country. It uses natural ingredients such as lavender too.

RE Botanicals offers many products, but their most desired product remains RE Botanicals Relief Body Oil. It comes in an easy-to-use bottle with a roll-on. The roll-on spreads the oil evenly throughout the surface and leads to efficient pain relief.

They usually contain 200mg to 500mg of CBD derived from hemp. In contrast with most products on this list, this is an extremely cheap option that does not compromise effectiveness despite its surprisingly low price. For example, a RE Botanicals’ Relief Body Oils bottle can be bought for as low as $10.

Green Roads CBD Skin Creams

Being one of the largest CBD companies in America, Green Roads is a brand that is associated with trust. It is a name that many of us are acquainted with. They offer many CBD products in their line-up, in the most convenient forms of creams, ointments, and roll-ons.

Their most effective and known product is the Green Roads’ Pain Relief Muscle and Joint cream, which is used to soothe any pain in your muscles and joints. The CBD content of a bottle differs from the variant you choose to buy; some of them have only 50mg per bottle, while others have 750mg of CBD per bottle. The Green Roads Pain Relief Muscle and Joint cream also use other ingredients such as avocado oil, rosemary oil, menthol, etc., to provide better comfort while you recuperate.

They also have other well-known products which you can consider, namely, Skin Relief CBD Cream, the Heat Relief CBD roll-on, and the Cool Relief CBD Roll-on.

Bloom Hemp

Bloom Hemp has many CBD-based products in its line-up, with their most favored product being the Zero THC Relief Balm. This product has many active ingredients besides CBD, namely, jojoba oil, sesame oil, argan oil, evening primrose, and emu oil. You will also reap the benefits of other cannabinoids and terpenes using this product because it is broad-spectrum hemp oil. This product promises not only to relieve pain but also restore your skin to a healthier level.

They also have other products such as the Essential Morning Roll-On, Zero THC Restorative Lotion, Full Spectrum Restorative Lotion, Essential Evening Roll-On. The Roll-Ons are formulated using muscle relief mechanisms that loosen your tight muscles with ingredients such as rosemary, peppermint, and full-spectrum hemp (200mg per bottle).

Charlotte’s Web Topical Formulas

Being one of the best, if not the best, premium CBD companies, Charlotte’s Web offers a whole line-up of tried, tested, and trusted CBD-based topicals such as its Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD or Hemp-Infused Balm with CBD. They also offer products that cater to your specific needs, such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis aches, etc.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm with CBD is one of their most trusted products, made from plant-based CBD. Each half-ounce container contains 150mg of CBD. 300mg of CBP per ounce is the standard measure of CBD in all of Charlotte’s Web products.

These products by Charlotte’s Web are a good choice for everyone because their formulas are free of allergens, parabens, artificial colors and dyes, synthetic fragrances, etc., which can harm your skin.

Joy Organics CBD Creams

Joy Organics, like Charlotte’s Web, is one of the best and most trusted CBD companies. They have many creams in their lineup; however, they are known for their two flagship creams known as CBD Sports Cream and CBD cream. They are used topically to get rid of any pains and aches.

You will find between 250mg to 400mg of CBD per bottle in both these creams. Besides the pain-relieving benefits, these creams also nourish your dry and cracked skin and revitalize muscles and joints. These can be applied throughout your body.

The Sports Cream has been designed for athletes and people who train intensely; therefore, it relieves any sore muscles after a workout, which targets the stiff joints. You can buy these creams at a menial price of $33 for a 250mg bottle, while a 400mg bottle will cost you around $40.

Sabaidee Relief Rub

Sabaidee’s Relief rub is a CBD-based balm that is made from hemp grown sustainably in Colorado. Many other natural botanicals blended to form this product, but the Sabaidee assures no artificial scents or ingredients within the balm. As with other active ingredients, it also has camphor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, blue tansy, sunflower oil, and wintergreen leaf. In addition, it has a pleasant smell in which you can find traces of mint.

Depending on which size you’re buying, you can get a jar of this balm for between $36 to $49. Sabaidee’s Relief rub is triple-tested for purity and potency by many labs.

CBD American Shaman CBD Topicals

CBD American Shaman is one of the companies which make more targeted high-quality topical CBD products. Their CBD topicals are made from non-GMO hemp, which is grown in the United States. In addition, the CBD American Shaman CBD creams have innovative nanotechnology infused within them, which provides for better absorption of the cream by the skin.

They have several products which you can choose from, all of which will help you with your pain. For example, topical Cream contains 250-500mg of CBD per jar, CBD Body Lotion, Terpene Rich Topical Serum, available in a 5ml or a 15ml pack, CBD Face Cream CBD Under Eye Serum, and Topical Serum Roll-On. These creams work both as pain-relieving creams as well as cosmetic creams.

cbdMD Recover

cbdMD Recover is also manufactured in the United States and is advertised as an inflammation formula. cbdMD claims that Recover CBD cream works wonderfully well on minor aches and temporary discomforts while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. It can help you fight post-workout soreness, general aches, and pains, etc. Besides CBD, it also contains several essential oils and shea butter.

cdbMD is a reliable product for minor aches because of its pain-fighting ingredients. Also, it contains less than 0.3% THC, which is a good thing. Moreover, depending on your usage, it contains between 300mg to 3000mg of CBD.

CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula

CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula is made up of full-spectrum CBD. In addition, it uses other active ingredients besides CBD, such as menthol and white willow bark. These two ingredients constitute an effective cooling formula because of which you have a cooling sensation while the cream targets your affected muscle, joints, and sores. Other than them, this cream also includes eucalyptus, apricot extract, jojoba seed oil, etc.

CBDPure claims that this cream provides a highly accurate and laser-focused action with minimal cream. It also claims that this cream works wonderfully fast. You can find this tube in the market for about $40 a tube.

SolCBD Creams and Balms

CBD Infused Herbal Balm and Nourish Formula are the two major flagship products of SolCBD. The CBD Infused Herbal Balm, on the one hand, uses 12 herbal extracts to relieve pain, whereas the Nourish formula uses 22 ingredients collectively to offer better skincare. The CBD Infused Herbal Balm contains about 250mg of organic hemp-derived CBD, which provides great relief to the user. This CBD penetrates quickly and deeply into the affected area and provides quick relief. Nourish Formula is a synergistic blend of herbs and CBD, which, when combined, form a great skincare product.

The CBD Infused Herbal Balm can be bought for $41 per bottle; whereas, the Nourish Formula is a little more expensive, priced at $55 per bottle.

CBDistillery CBDefine Skin Cream

CBDistillery is famous for providing a large range of products such as CBD oils, gummies, etc. Their popular product CBDefine Skin Cream is a trusted product made from hemp-derived CBD. It contains many active ingredients such as extra virgin, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, and organic olive oil. You will find that this product is scented with frankincense, tea tree, lavender, and rosemary essential oils.

Each jar of CBDefine Skin Cream has 500mg of CBD. You can buy one jar of CBDefine Skin Cream for $50.

Kats Botanicals CBD Cream

Kats Botanicals has many CBD products that you can choose from. They have CBD creams, roll-ons, lotions, etc. Some of their famous and well-tested products are CHILL Relief CBD Roll-on, the CBD Salve, and the RENEW CBD lotion.

The CHILL Relief CBD Roll-on is a topical form of Kats Botanicals available in 100mg or 1,000mg CBD content per bottle. The CBD Salve is a moisturizing salve which hydrates your skin and restores calm. This is made from full-spectrum CBD. It also has other active ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, butter, etc. As for its CBD content per jar, it ranges between 500mg to 1,000mg. Their third tested product is RENEW CBD Lotion which is used to soothe any targeted part of your body that is aching. It contains about 150mg of CBD per bottle.

CBD Pain Cream and Science Behind it

There is quite a lot of evidence available for you to check the claims of these companies. Many studies have shown that some ingredients in creams such as CBD, menthol, jojoba, etc., provide targeted relief towards localized pain. In a 2018 study, some scientists collected the data and analyzed the effectiveness of cannabinoids such as CBD on pain and inflammation. They concluded that, in some ways, CBD supplements the body’s efforts to manage pain and inflammation.

In another 2018 study, the effects of CBD on dogs with osteoarthritis were studied. The study concluded that CBD oil does improve the dogs’ condition and provides comfort to them by lessening their pain. This shows that CBD has a positive impact on those ailing with osteoarthritis.

According to one of the studies published in 2016 in the European Journal of Pain, which was the first of its kind, transdermal or topical, CBD helps in reducing inflammation and pain. The researcher applied topical CBD to rats and found that the CBD gel greatly improved swelling, mobility, and inflammation. They had varying parameters, such as the dosages, and found that these results were consistent with all the varying parameters. They maintained that a 6.2mg dose works well, and so does a 62mg dose. They also noted that this did not seem to have any side effects at all.

While it is known that CBD works well, the reason why CBD works so well is still being researched and determined. This is still a new field, and researchers are still finding newer functions of CBD in our bodies.

In each cream or spray listed above, you will find that there are many supplementing ingredients. One prevalent ingredient is menthol. Menthol has been considered a topical analgesic for its ability to relieve pain, according to a 2014 study. In this study, they distributed menthol and placebos in a slaughterhouse, and it was found that menthol, when topically applied, can cause a significant reduction in pain intensity.

While in a 2020 study, researchers acknowledged that much needs to be learned about the topical benefits of cannabinoids. However, they also acknowledged some positive signs for skin disorders such as eczema, pruritus, psoriasis, and inflammatory conditions.

FAQs About CBD Creams

Q: What is a CBD pain cream?

A: A CBD pain cream is an ointment that is applied topically. It contains cannabidiol (CBD) which has been shown to provide relief to aches and pains. There are some other ingredients commonly found in these creams besides CBD too.

Q: How do CBD pain creams work?

A: While the exact answer to this is still being researched, many agree that CBD pain cream targets the endocannabinoid system, which has receptors such as CB1 and CB2, to soothe aches and pain.

Q: What does a CBD pain cream contain?

A: All CBD pain creams contain cannabidiol derived from full-spectrum hemp or broad-spectrum hemp. Besides this, many other active ingredients differ from cream to cream; some common examples are menthol, white willow bark, essential oils, etc.

Q: What’s the best CBD pain cream?

A: There are many great companies on this list; some are Charlotte’s Web, Joy Organics, etc. While they are all great, it ultimately depends on how you want to use the cream.

Q: How do pain creams help?

A: Research has shown that pain creams can help you minimize the pain, whether it is due to an intensive workout or osteoarthritis. They can reduce inflammation, improve mobility and soreness in the affected area of your body.

Q: Will CBD pain creams make me fail a drug test?

A: No, CBD pain creams won’t make you fail a drug test because they contain little to no amounts of THC. The THC amount is almost always below 0.3%.

Q: Will CBD salves and creams make me high?

A: Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. Thus, there is no evidence of CBD affecting you in any harmful way. Furthermore, they have no side effects as such.

Q: What’s the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD creams?

A: The key difference is the presence of THC. As the name suggests, full-spectrum creams have the full plant and all the natural chemicals present within the plant. This means that there is THC within your cream. On the other hand, Broad spectrum hemp means that they have most of the same ingredients, except the THC. So if you want to avoid THC for some reason, you can always take the broad-spectrum hemp-based creams as a safer option.

Q: Can CBD cream be taken through airport security?

A: Yes, you can take CBD creams through airport security like any other ointment or liquid. However, CBD products may not be legal where you’re going. Therefore, you should check this before you’re about to visit a place; otherwise, the customs may stop you.

Q: Are CBD creams legal?

A: Yes, CBD creams are legal in all 50 states only if they have less than 0.3% THC. Any cream which has more than that may not qualify as a CBD cream.

Q: What’s the difference between a CBD cream and a hemp cream?

A: There is no difference between these two creams. However, hemp seed oil and CBD oil are two different things; while the former is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant, the latter is made from the flower, buds, etc.

Q: Are CBD creams safe?

A: Studies have shown that up to 1,500mg of CBD is safe for everyone, which is a huge amount in and of itself. You’re going to be absorbing CBD in much fewer quantities.

Q: How do I use CBD pain salves?

A: A general suggestion given by most companies is to apply a pea-sized amount of cream to the affected area. However, you must check the product you’re using to see any different suggestions or quantities mentioned.

Q: What are the side effects of CBD pain creams?

A: There are no side effects associated with the usage of CBD pain creams. But there might be a risk of an allergic reaction from the specific product that you’re using. Therefore, always check the product ingredients before buying it.

Best CBD Creams of 2021 Conclusion

CBD pain creams can benefit all people, whether you have arthritis or just a sore muscle. These creams help you treat the pain immensely well with no side effects at all. There are many CBD creams available from many reputed companies for you to choose from. Before buying any one of them, please make sure you’ve checked their ingredients for anything that you’re allergic to.

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