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How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Pens

Recently, CBD vaporizers have exploded in popularity due to the fact that they are a discrete and effective way of consuming cannabidiol (CBD). Vaping CBD is proven to be one of the best ways to maximize CBD’s bioavailability–the amount of CBD goes into your bloodstream. This high rate of bioavailability also means that vaping is one of the faster ways of consumption. In addition to being effective, the best CBD vape pens also portable and produce minimal amounts of smoke. The demand for—and benefits of—CBD vaporizers has caused an influx of different products to come on the market.

First Things First — What Are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD vaporizer pens are small devices that look like e-cigarettes. They contain a small heated coil that vaporizes the contents of the cartridge—either CBD concentrate or flower. Instead of producing smoke, vape pens typically just release a mist which is inhaled. The best CBD vape pens preserve a lot of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the CBD, making it a more potent and tasty experience. There are both disposable and reusable versions of vaporizers and their price range vary drastically based on a few critical factors.

How to Use a Vaporizer Pen

While different brands and types of vape pens may differ, their key components all work the same. There will always be a battery, a heating chamber, a mouthpiece, and charger. The longevity of a vape pen’s battery life will usually depend on the quality of the product and the amount that it is used. Most of the newer vape pens charge with a micro USB. The heating chamber is where you’ll put your CBD—either as a concentrate or flower. Unless it is designed with an “auto draw” functionality, most vape pens will have an activation button to press.

The Best Vaporizer Pens for CBD

Shopping for CBD can be overwhelming due to amount of products that have flooded the market. Fortunately, Leafz has simplified the process of finding the right CBD pen for you. All of our vaporizers and accessories have been verified to ensure that they are only sold from major brands with Certificates of Good Standing and Certificates of Analysis. When you’re perusing our large selection of the best CBD vape pens and accessories, it’s good to keep in mind your budget, what kind of CBD product you want to consume, and the kind of battery life you want.

How to Choose CBD Vape Pens

Overall, when you’re searching for the best CBD vape pens, there are a few key criteria to narrow down your choices. Vaporizers vary quite a bit in price largely because of the different technological sophistication of the products on the market. You’ll have more than enough options on to find one that fits your budget and your needs. Another important factor to consider is whether you would like to vape flower, CBD concentrates, or both. Lastly, make sure that reviews and the product description ensure a long enough battery life for your purposes. You might also be interested in learning how to choose the best CBD cartridges.

Price and Budget

One of the first things you might notice when shopping for the best CBD vape pens is that the prices vary drastically. Typically, the major difference between the cheapest and most expensive vape pens are the different technologically add-ons. For example, the more expensive vape pens may come with a timer and a temperature control feature that allows you control the way the atomizer heats the product. As you might expect, the disposable vape pens are also on the cheaper end of the spectrum. On the other hand, reusable vape pens—while more expensive—will last you longer because they are made with higher quality parts.

Flower or CBD Concentrate

When you’re looking to choose the best CBD vape pen, it is equally as important to find one that allows you to smoke your preferred CBD product—either concentrate or flower. If you’re looking for a reusable vape pen for concentrate, be aware of the ingredients in the cartridges. To ensure your safety, Leafz offers shoppers only the highest quality CBD cartridges that are made with natural, healthy ingredients. If you prefer to vape CBD flower, we suggest going to your local dispensary to chat with a budtender about the best option for you.

Battery Life

If you’re looking to depend on your vaporizer while you travel or go about your daily business, you should consider battery life a top priority. The best CBD vape pens will have larger batteries that offer an extended life and therefore need to be charged less frequently. You can find out what the battery life is on your pen by reading customer reviews as well as the product description when you shop on

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Safety Tips

We always advise that you consult your physician before vaporizing CBD. If you have questions about the proper dosage, CBD product, or anything else, most doctors are happy to help guide you in the right direction. As a general rule of thumb, we also advise that you take precautions when buying refillable CBD cartridges. There are some “black market” products that have toxic ingredients, including oils that can be dangerous or even deadly when vaped. If you want to play it safe, you can shop confidently on knowing that we have done the vetting process for you.

If you want to simplify your shopping experience, check out our large selection of cannabidiol vaping products at

Where to Buy Cannabidiol Vaporizers

Where can you buy CBD online? Understanding how to choose the best CBD tinctures can be complicated and overwhelming. In fact, we know that the wide variety of options often makes people hesitant to begin the process of finding the right product to fit their needs. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of educational resources to guide your shopping process. Also, when you choose from our large selection of premium CBD and hemp products, you can rest assured that you’ll only be selecting from verified CBD and hemp products, so you can begin to improve your life–naturally.

5 Best CBD Oil Vaporizers for 2019

When looking for a CBD vaporizer, there are typically two options to choose from.

A. DisposableVaporizers

Disposable vape pens are used a few times and then thrown away. However, they are not complicated to use and no charging is required. They give you a convenient, portable and discreet way of vaping CBD oils and come loaded with everything: a wick, oil, atomizer, and battery.

B. ReusableVaporizers

Reusable vape pens tend to cost more than their disposable counterparts but are a great investment as you can use them for a long time.

There are mainly two types of reusable vape pens, cartridge-based and a refillable vape pen. Cartridge-based vape pens use batteries with interchangeable cartridges. You retain the vape pen but replace the cartridge.

On the other hand, a refillable vaporizer comes with a battery and combo tank. This implies that the device is integrated and only needs CBD vape oil refilling for you to vape using the best CBD vape pens.

We have compiled a list of top disposable and reusable CBD oil vaporizers of 2019 and regardless of your vaping needs, you’ll find one that suits you here.

#5 Mig Vapor Bug RX Vaporizer

Currently selling at $38.56, the Bug RX is a one-button device and works great at vaping CBD oils. It comes with a 1100mAh battery capacity features 510-threading and can output as much as 22W.

Additionally, Bug RX can be temperature regulated. Bug RX’s tank holds up to 1.2ml of liquid, and the cell is well compatible with all 510 pre-filled CBD cartridges.

Better, the tank has a 1.2ohm pre-installed coil. The single button plays the powering/firing on function and is conveniently located for easy use.

You can get this device in either a black or a stainless-steel color. The black make’s exterior has a soft rubber to give you a comfortable grip.

● Very compatible with many pre-filled tanks
● Easy to use
● Stylish design
● Lasting battery

● Low vapor production
● Can only be used with vape oils

#4 Mig Vapor SR-72 Vaporizer for Thick Oils

Selling at $57.86, Mig Vapor SR-72 is undeniably one of the most popular vape pens. It comes to a 3ml tank alongside a 1300mAh battery, although you can upgrade its tank to a higher capacity and get a variable voltage battery if you are a more experienced user.

SR-72 has one control button and is among the most easy-to-use CBD oil vaporizers. When using, you can easily see an LED indicator ring around its central button.

The purpose of this is keeping you updated on the battery’s life progress.

Another feature is a dual-bottom coil with a 1.8 ohms resistance. The bottom vertical coil (BVC) makes the SR-72 stand out from many makes in the market today.

This is because BVC absorbs oils more efficiently than horizontal coils, and thus results in the creation of vapor clouds with a better taste.

The SR-72 battery outputs 4.2V, and SR-72’s 1600mAh battery version is capable of offering an output as high as 4.8V.
Mig Vapor SR-72 would work best for you if you constantly vape thick oils.

It is an affordable option and dependable by both entry-level and veteran vapers. With an upgrade option, veterans will find this CBD vape even handier.

● Large capacity tank
● Affordable price
● Great design and portability

● Upgrading this tank costs more

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#3 Canna Blast Oil Vaporizer Pen

These CBD oil vaporizers from Mig Vapor retail at only $28.90 and come with a battery and tank for vaping essential oil efficiently. Its battery has a 380mAh capacity, while its tank holds up to 1.7ml oil.

With one-button located conveniently for powering on and operation, this device is easy to use.

Canna Blast’s battery gives a 4.2V output.

Another feature is a stainless-steel coil with a 0.05ohms backed inside this vaporizer’s tank. The reservoir has Pyrex glass as well as ceramic elements at the mouthpiece and coil.

The vape pen’s mouthpiece is sealed ceramic to allow for better flavor quality.

Both Canna Blast’s tank and battery are 510-threaded and are thus compatible with other units. You can reuse the tank for as much as
up to 15-20 refills. The cell can be recharged using a wall charger or a USB adapter.

● Portable and Lightweight
● Quick charging time
● Easy to use
● Great coil life
● Very affordable

● Low powered & limited battery life

#2 CBDfx Vaporizer Pen

Coming in a pack of 12 pens and selling at $149.88,CBDfx Vape Pen is no doubt one of the leading vape pens in the market.

Sold with the strawberry lemonade flavor, this vape pen is loaded with 30mg of proprietary oil from organically grown hemp plants.

Other ingredients are propylene glycerin, vegetable, and natural flavors to assist with the vapor production.

No buttons are included in the make of this pen, but its use is easy and straight forward. You can start vaping as soon as you have it from the box and you’ll not have to stress over recharging.

● Can be readily used right from the package
● A 30mg dosage
● The CBD product in it comes from natural organic hemp plants

● Quite costly

#1 Select CBD Vaporizer Pens

Selling at $49.99, these Vape Pens are handy and disposable. Each pen comes with 0.5ml CBD oil with a blend of citrus flavors. THC content in the oil is below 0.3%, and coconut and grapefruit tastes can be easily noted.

Better, the CBD oil in these pens has been derived from fully natural hemp plants.

For precise vapor production, Select CBD Vape Pens have ceramic coils and cotton wicks inside. The pack comes with three vape pens, and each has a different effect. These include relax, revive, and focus.

Revive pens offer more concentration, focus, and ease anxiety. They normally last 150 puffs and an effect is typically realized in about 15 minutes.

● Totally self-contained with no need for loading or charging
● Variety – you can choose from Relax, Revive, and Focus
● Different flavors to choose from – lemon, coconut and lavender

Final Word

The ideal CBD vaporizer/ vape pen is portable, easy-to-use, and affordable. The right vape pen for you will all depend on your preferences and needs but if you want an affordable make with good battery life, the Mig Vapor Bug RX might suit you well.

7 Reasons behind the popularity of CBD vape oil kits

The rising popularity of CBD among people is a reminder that it is effective and preferable. Many people use CBD for its medicinal and relaxing properties. Whether you want to relieve a hard day’s stress or deal with annoying pain, CBD can do it all.

Moreover, the best way to consume CBD would probably be to smoke or vape it, which quickens the process and gives quick results. CBD Vape Oil Kits from are perfect for users who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, and they are growing in popularity; here is why-

How do CBD Vape Oil Kits work?

Producers specifically designed CBD Vape Oil kits to provide CBD through vaping it. It is named CBD Vape Oil Kit, but it does not use CBD oil. It rather CBD vape oil or vape juice. The only difference is that the latter is specifically for vaping, and you cannot just vape regular CBD oil.

These vape kits generally include cartridges, batteries, chargers, and every piece of equipment you need for vaping. They are all-inclusive, so you only need to buy vape oil or vape juice to get started. In addition, they come with detailed instructions on usage, maintenance, and dosage, so they are perfect for new users.

Moreover, while the benefits of vaping CBD are commendable, there are also almost no side effects that come with it. It is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer CBD over their regular medication or remedies.

Why should you opt for kits over disposable cartridges?

You can broadly categorize vape pens and tanks into two types, disposable and reusable. Often, the disposable pre-filled cartridges are hassle-free and cheap. It is why many new users wonder why they need to choose refillable over disposable ones.

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There are many reasons why you would want to opt for a reusable pen or tank. Firstly, cheaper cartridges might be attractive, but they are made with less durable material and are not of the best quality. They might easily malfunction.

Secondly, disposable cartridges wear faster. So in the amount of time you use a reusable one, you will also have used many disposable ones. It makes the reusable ones more affordable as they are high quality and will last you a long time.

Why are CBD Vape Oil Kits the new crowd favorite?

Now that you know how they work and which ones are the best- let us find out the secret behind the immense popularity of these kits. Apart from their medicinal benefits, these kits have come with advantages that have increased their popularity over the years.

Here are 7 reasons why CBD Vape Oil Kits are a customer favorite:

  1. They come with all the benefits of CBD– CBD is known for its medicinal benefits like alleviating pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. Vaping CBD also brings these benefits to the user. An article in the Headache Journal explained how CBD has much potential in treating pain and other health problems. Various other articles and customer reviews have highlighted how vaping CBD helps them with their anxiety, pain, etc.
  2. They have minimal side effects– Most customer reviews mention how vaping CBD does not have any side effects. While vaping marijuana makes you high, CBD has almost no THC, so it does not have mind-altering effects. You can work even after you have taken CBD. It also has a safety profile appreciated by the WHO, making it better than ordinary medications. Even if minimal side effects do arise, they mostly fade after a couple of uses.
  3. They are ideal for beginners/new users– For people who have just started or want to start vaping, Vape CBD Oil Kits are the best option. They have everything you need to start vaping and detailed instructions. Regular users and new users love these kits due to their convenience and ease of use. It might look complicated, but once you understand how to charge, fill and vape it, it becomes a piece of cake and is convenient in the long run.
  4. They are all-inclusive– The best part about buying a CBD Vape Oil Kit is that it comes with all the equipment you need for vaping. Vaping is a technological wonder that has fit such a complicated process into small pens and tanks. Having everything you need at once is a lot better than buying all of these items separately. Not only is it expensive but bothersome as well. With these kits, you can buy them alongside a vape juice/oil of your choice, and you can begin vaping.
  1. They work extremely fast– As mentioned before, vaping CBD is the quickest and most efficient way to do it. An article on CBD vaping had a list of ways to use CBD, ranking them from the fastest to the slowest delivery. The fastest one was listed vaping CBD Vape Oil/ Juice. When you vape the CBD liquid, the liquid does not pass through your stomach but enters your bloodline sooner. It is why its effects are quicker than just ingesting CBD oil orally.
  2. They are not as expensive– It may seem that paying $30-50 is pricey if you compare it with cheaper disposable variants, but it is the opposite. Disposable vape pens are prone to damage and problems and will not last remotely as long as reusable Vape pens/tanks do. Once you have bought the mechanism, the only thing you might need to replace is the cartridge, which also lasts way longer than any disposable one. Though it might seem like a large sum, it is an investment that is more beneficial.
  3. They are cruelty-free– These CBD Vape Oil Kits are cruelty-free. Their production process does not harm any animals, and you can pair them with Vegan CBD Vape Juice/Oil too. It is a necessary factor as people are aware and active in protecting animals’ rights. Regular users need to make sure no harm comes to creatures in the process, which is why these kits are perfect.


CBD Vape Oil Kits are reusable kits that include everything one needs for an ideal vaping experience. They are customer favorites due to their functionality and all their benefits.

With all the positive customer reviews, it is the perfect product for both regular and new users.