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To buy CBD has increasingly been in the news across the UK & globe over the past few years, and it’s growing in popularity quickly. But CBD use, and CBD itself, are topics that confuse a lot of people. To help clear some of that confusion up we’ve compiled a list of the answers to the questions people most frequently ask about CBD.

CBD – scientifically termed cannabidiol – is just one of hundreds of different active chemical compounds that are found in cannabis plants (both marijuana and hemp). The average marijuana plant does contain a considerable amount of it – it’s the second most abundant compound found in the plant after THC (The one that gets you high). The average hemp plant contains around 10% CBD and is generally defined as having less than 0.3% THC, but this differs from country to country.

There are numerous ways to take CBD, via CBD Oils, CBD edibles & CBD vape just to name a few!

They are both Cannabis (this is the confusing part). Cannabis is a “genus” (scientific name for a group of species) under a wide family of plants called “Cannabaceae” (nerdy science name). There are several “species” of Cannabis, and Hemp and marijuana are two distinct species ! When you buy CBD Online you will typically find most products within legall limits will be made from Hemp!

This is the issue that confuses so many people. THC (“tetrahydrocannabinol”) is the notorious psychoactive constituent, or active compound, in marijuana that produces a euphoric high. In other words, it's what gets you high if you smoke marijuana. For this reason, it has been a controlled substance for many years in most parts of the world. When you shop CBD Vape online in the UK at Dr Watson, know that our products are THC free.

When it gets you "high" THC binds with specific receptors in the brain known as CB-1 receptors. These receptors are located across your central nervous system. CBD is a completely different molecule and it cannot bind to CB-1 receptors. Instead, it binds to CB-2 receptors in the tissues and cells located away from the central nervous system.

No, CBD does not get you high. In fact, there is ongoing scientific research that indicates that CBD is antagonistic to THC and may prevent it from binding to receptors in the brain and 'block' a high from THC. Given that our products are THC as per UK law, when you buy CBD online with us, you will not get high.

Research is ongoing into the use of CBD but the indications are that it may be suitable for use by a wide range of people. People buy CBD Online for a number of reasons, Users have found that it is helpful in supporting balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. CBD Oil, Gummies, and Vape all service a different purpose. We DO NOT make any recommendations or promises that our products can treat, cure or prevent any specific health condition.

In the UK, CBD products can be purchased legally by people over the age of 18. Most research studies have found that CBD is safe with no known side effects, although some users have reported drowsiness, lightheadedness, and dry mouth.

To discover the best CBD oil on the market when shopping for CBD online, make sure you look for CBD companies that comply with international standards such as GMP and ISO. This will guarantee that your CBD oil has been manufactured in a high-quality in accordance with rigorous industry standards.

The way in which hemp is grown makes a significant difference to the quality of the CBD oil. We recommend buying a CBD oil online from hemp that is grown organically in a regulated jurisdiction.

When buying CBD oil online, you’ll find that reputable CBD brands will always readily provide independent third-party lab reports to verify the quality of their CBD oil products. If the CBD brand doesn’t provide independent third-party lab testing, or if they don’t make their lab reports available, then you can’t guarantee what’s in your CBD oil. We recommend you steer clear of brands that do not provide transparency in this area!

Yes, CBD is a 100% naturally-occurring chemical compound that is derived directly from the cannabis plant. All CBD used in our products is from Swiss and US Grown Hemp. It is not synthetically created.

CBD 'works' as it binds itself to the CB2 receptors that move throughout the body's endocannabinoid system. These are found throughout the body, which explains why it has been found helpful with all kinds of health conditions.

You can buy CBD oil online in the UK from a range of different e-commerce platforms, as well as through retail popular outlets such as Boots, Holland & Barrett & specialist CBD stores like National Hemp Service & Origin 40. Specialist stores are likely to provide a greater range including CBD Gummies & CBD Chocolates

Determining just how often you should take CBD oil will be dependent upon the condition that you’re addressing. Whatever your personal goal is with CBD oil will dictate just how much of it you will need to consume in order to offset your symptoms. The timing of consumption is also dependent mostly upon three factors: your weight, age, and, sometimes, your body chemistry. Different people with different stats on those areas will react to CBD oil differently.

If you are new to using CBD oil, or it is your first time buying CBD oil online, we recommend starting with a low dose and strength of CBD oil and increasing incrementally over a few weeks until you have achieved your desired effects/ benefits.

Your Concerns

Our CBD e liquids are created to the highest possible safety standards and are as safe to vape as any other high quality e liquid. Vape CBD with confidence when you buy online with Dr Watson.

That is highly unlikely as the THC level, which a drug test is designed to detect, is 0.0% -<1mg in our products. You can find our lab certificates for our vape products on our certificate page. Also, our extraction partners have the ability to remove THC completely from the raw ingredients we use. Many people are cautious due to being drug tested for work. Our CBD vapes & supplements should cause no issue.

If you take prescription medicines we strongly recommend that you discuss using CBD with your doctor before you do so. We are not medical professionals, so cannot give medical advice.

Yes, it is legal to buy CBD oil online in the UK, so long as it contains less than 1mg of THC per product. To guarantee that you buy CBD oil online legally, make sure you check independent third-party lab reports to verify the quality and contents of the CBD oil before purchasing.


Shipping is a flat £3.00 for orders under £30.00. It is free for domestic orders over £30.00.

Europe wide shipping is available for a flat cost of £5.00 & is free above £50.00

Worldwide shipping (to some countries) is available for £7-£15.00 depending on where in the world you are located!

All products are shipped from our London based warehouse.

If you are over the age of 18 and living in the UK all our products can legally be shipped to you and they will be sent in plain packaging. Your contact information will also be kept secure, and never shared with third parties without your consent.

While shopping for CBD online it is good to know where you can and cant have CBD shipped. While we try to ship internationally to a number of destinations, it is not always possible. If you want to buy CBD oil, please check with your countries restrictions. If you are unsure, please contact us

Common Terms

CBG stands for cannabigerol, the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBC, CBT) are synthesized by the cannabis plant. (The actual parent molecule is CBDa, or cannabigerol acid). CBG is a minor constituent of the cannabis plant but it is the mother of all cannabinoids. 1kg of CBG can cost as much as $22,000. So when we say that our products use hemp extract with between 5 and 15% CBG, you know that you’re getting a high quality high price product. Most brands can’t afford to do what we do, but we will continue to pay to be the best CBD product in the market. If you are looking to buy CBD with CBG online You will find both cannabinoids present in our Big Hit Vape Device and our CBD oils.

Full spectrum means all of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant remain in the product. This means it must contain THC, and likely above legal limits in the UK. If a product is advertised as full spectrum, it may be illegal in the UK or not actually full spectrum. Full spectrum products may show up positive and make you fail a drug test

Broad spectrum means that most of the cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant are present in the product, but some have been removed. Dr Watson products are broad spectrum rather than full spectrum because we always make sure our products are legal and within the legal limit for THC content (1mg per product/ container).

CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol (usually 99%+ if it’s quality product). This is produced over a lengthy extraction process, usually by ethanol, CO2 extraction, and chromatography separation, involving many solvents and machines.


Our products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure anything. We also cannot make recommendations about CBD generally and its potential benefits. We would advise you to do your own research.

Our products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any health or medical conditions. Please consult your Doctor if you experience insomnia. Almost one third of adults in the UK are affected by insomnia or less severe sleep conditions. We hope you find a natural remedy to improve your sleep and get you back on a healthy sleep cycle.

Our products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any health or medical conditions. Marijuana and THC are known to help with pain, but we don’t sell those.

Glossary of terms

Cannabis Sativa L: is the scientific name for “hemp”. (recognised by its long narrow leaves)

For centuries, hemp has been recognised for its diversity all over the world, and a growing number of countries are legalising, extraction of CBD from this plant, due to its naturally low levels of THC and high levels of CBD, other cannabinoids, and Terpenes. (explained below)

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Hemp has been used for thousands of years on an industrial level for its strong fibrous structure, to make cloth, degradable plastics, rope, and for its benefits as medicine. It is used in the construction of houses as a sustainable and environmental option.

Cannabis Indica: also known as Marijuana, (recognised by shorter broader leaves, and denser, shorter plant). This female cannabis plant produces flowers which contain high levels of Phyto-cannabinoids with medical and psychoactive properties and has significantly high levels of THC, the compound which produces a “high”. Unfortunately, still illegal in most countries and labelled as a class b narcotic. The prohibition of marijuana swept the globe beginning in the 1920’s.

Adaptogen: A natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalising effect upon bodily processes.

Anandamide: Also called the bliss molecule –a neurotransmitter (neuro meaning – brain, spine or central nervous system) that is considered an endocannabinoid, because it is produced in the brain and binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body with the ability to support homeostasis (balance).

The finding of anandamide unlocked the connection between cannabis and human health.

Bioavailability: The degree or amount of absorption of a substance into the human body or any living system.

Fastest absorption into the blood stream is achieved via taking CBD sublingually (drops under the tongue) or by vaping which via the very fine airways in the lungs compounds such as CBD are directly absorbed into the blood stream. Reaction from ingesting CBD takes longer (between 20minutes and 1hour), it passes through the stomach into the liver to be absorbed into the blood stream, this method can result in possible loss of potency from being broken down by the liver before making its way via the blood stream to receptors around the body.

Broad Spectrum: is the resulting product from the extraction of the cannabis/hemp plant collecting all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids, but without traces of THC. (or <0.2%)

CO2 Extraction: Is the most natural and preferred method of extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Carbon Dioxide is mixed with the biomass of the plant and then under pressure forced through a filter system where the Cannabinoids are separated out. This is a cleaner healthier method.

CBD Oil: also called Hemp Oil, is a concentrate, tincture, or cannabis extract with a high concentration of CBD and terpenes typically extracted from the hemp plant.

CBD Vape: This is simply another method of intake of CBD via inhalation through an electronic device.

Hemp Seed Oil: which has very low levels of CBD, is high in linoleic acids, antioxidants, omegas 6 and 3, does not offer the full benefits that extraction from the flowers, leaves and the trichomes has.

Cannabinoids: There are over 113 known cannabinoids many of which are still undergoing research. It is thought that the effects and benefits of cannabinoids are increased when taken in groups, either with terpenes or other cannabinoids, this is called the entourage effect.

CBD- the most prominent cannabinoid, supports homeostasis and is continually undergoing clinical testing for potential benefits on the human body.

CBG- one of the rarest cannabinoids. Is most expensive to cultivate due to minute amounts per plant. Researched for possible use as alternate cancer treatments.

CBN- sedating possibilities

CBT, CBL, CBE, CBC, etc are minor cannabinoids each with more research to be carried out.

Endocannabinoid System, in short ECS: The endocannabinoid system (ECS) may be one of if not the most important system in the human body and has a very important role for our survival. This is due to its ability to play a critical role in maintaining the balance or homeostasis of the body. If we are hungry, it sends signals to the brain to warn us to eat; when we are thirsty, to drink; tired, to sleep; in danger, to run; if we are overheating, to take action to cool down; when we are too cold, it signals our brain that we need to get warm. CBD reacts with the receptors within our ECS, aiding signals to and from the brain.

Entourage Effect: Cannabinoids and terpenoids in cannabis are thought to interact with each other as well as the brain’s receptors. This interaction has been labelled “the entourage effect.” There is evidence that the entourage effect occurs when two or more compounds such as CBD, CBG, THC or terpenes are combined, making for a more effective formula than each alone.

Flavonoids: A group of Phyto (plant based) nutrients known for providing colour pigmentation to plants. These can be used to protect the plant against elements, UV and pests.

Full Spectrum: The extraction from Marijuana or Cannabis which contains the complete range of cannabinoids. No active compounds are lost in the process – maintaining integrity of the whole plant, including THC.

Hemp: Cannabis Sativa L. As above, one of the earliest domesticated plants known to mankind. A truly multipurpose plant. Its strong fibres have been used for thousands of years to make cloth, paper, rope, food and medicine.

Isolate: A single compound extracted from the plant, minus all other cannabinoids or terpenes. Although terpenes are frequently added later to master specific taste and/or benefits. CBD isolate is often used in vaping liquids. Offers a more subtle taste but with high strength isolate the benefits are still available.

Neurotransmitter: Within the human body or living system, a neurotransmitter is a messenger sending info from one cell to another.

Phyto cannabinoids: Found in hemp and marijuana, they interact with and support the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to regulate and create homeostasis/balance. Phyto meaning plant, cells mimic Endo(cannabinoids) which are naturally produced in the body of all mammals.

Terpenes: These are plant-based aromas secreted in the same glands that produce cannabinoids like CBD, THC and CBG, terpenes are aromatic oils that colour cannabis varieties with distinctive flavours like citrus, berry, mint, and pine. These may support CBD with benefits of their own.

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol. The compound in marijuana responsible for the high, euphoria and psychoactive effects. Also commonly recognised by users for its pain relieving, mood and appetite altering effects.

THCA: The raw natural in-active state of tetrahydrocannabinol, before it is heated to a certain temperature and convert to a more alkaline state, THC.

Tincture: A liquid combination of CBD and other cannabinoids which have been added to a carrier oil, alcohol, MCT (coconut oil), or glycerol to be ingested orally or sublingually (under the tongue). Tincture is often referred to as “CBD Oil” as in “Dr Watson CBD oil”.

Topical: CBD and cannabinoids absorb through the skin to underlying CB2 receptors which is why it is believed CBD may support the body in combatting inflammation, skin issues such as acne, and minor irritations. There are suggestions that CBD aids in reducing redness and fine lines on the skin, soothing itchy and dry skin.

Trichomes: Very fine crystal-like beads that cover the surface of the flower, buds and top leaves of the hemp and marijuana plant and contain the highest number of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Vaporiser: Or vape as is commonly known is a technical device used to inhale by heating cannabis to a specific temperature.

CBD Vapes

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Be in the know

These products are not for the use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. These products should be used only as directed on the label. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. A Doctor’s advice should be sought before using these and any supplemental dietary product. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with nor do they endorse these products. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual weight loss results will vary.

BATTERY DISCLAIMER: By purchasing batteries from CHEAPCBDDEALS.COM you are accepting full responsibility for proper battery care and usage. Batteries can fail without warning. The user must know the risks of lithium batteries and should have knowledge of how to care for them, charge and discharge them, and use them safely before using any device. Never leave charging batteries unattended or with coins or auto keys. Batteries may explode if mishandled. CHEAP CBD DEALS, its employees and its authorized representatives will not be held liable or responsible for the use/misuse of lithium batteries, e-cigarette devices, or any battery chargers.

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Best CBD Vape Pen to buy in 2020

Vaping has undergone a lot of changes since it first appeared, years ago, on Quickie Mart shelves and bespoke vape shops across the country. While most consumers are aware of nicotine vape pens and cartridges, did you know that a growing number of CBD users favor CBD vapes to help support their mental health and curb their chronic pain?

CBD vape pens come in a gamut of blends, some with terpenes or natural flavors to stimulate taste buds and enliven minds. Vaping is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD – the absorption rate is faster than any other method of consuming CBD.

CBD Vape Pens come in delicious flavours, they don’t get you high, they don’t contain any bad substances or nicotine, and they have lots of health benefits!

Since the FDA hasn’t decided how it wants to regulate CBD, it’s hard to work out which companies offer high quality products, and which don’t. So to help you out, we’ve created the ultimate guide to CBD vape pens for 2020.

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We list the best vape pens to purchase online. The list includes exciting new products and fan favorites; we scoured the net to locate the pens that lighten moods, increase focus, and improve your sleep. Also in this guide, a detailed and thorough FAQ that explains everything you need to know about hemp, CBD, and vaping.

What Is a CBD Vape Pen?

For those new to the vaping world, CBD vape pens is an umbrella term that defines any CBD vape sold in a stick format. These metal or plastic sticks contain proprietary vape juices, a disposable battery, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece. You don’t need to take a tutorial or read instructions to learn how to use a CBD vape pen. By inhaling through the mouthpiece, the pen engages the atomizer and vaporizes a dose of CBD juice.

You’ll feel the effects of CBD vapes faster than oils, edibles, beverages, and topicals. That’s because inhaling cannabidiol releases the compound directly into your bloodstream via lung capillaries. Consumers love CBD vape pens for high-stress environments: that end-of-day deadline at the office or to support post-workout recovery at your Wednesday crosstraining class. These little pens are also great for enhancing leisure time, such as sitting down on the weekend with your boo to binge-watch Ru Paul.

The Top 15 CBD Vape Pens for 2020

With a curated list of healthful and tasty cannabidiol juices, our top pick for the best CBD vape pens of 2020 has to go to Balance CBD.

Our favourite has to be the Charlotte’s Web Terpene Infused CBD Vape Pen. This blends a distinct array of terpenes, including myrcene, pinene, and limonene, to activate the Entourage Effect. They’re sleek, responsive, and packed with award-winning cannabidiol, farmed from American industrial hemp.

We loved the rest of Balance CBD’s all-natural flavors, which combine essences with pure CBD isolate and a selection of terpenes for enhanced effects. These CBD vape pens come tailored for specific needs, such as Calm, Relief, Awaken, and Sleepytime. The flavors packed into the CBD vape pens tingle tastebuds and never leave a perfumy aftertaste.

The company posts their batch-specific third-party lab test results on their website, too, so you know exactly what’s in your vape pen and what isn’t. That means no pesticides, fillers, GMOs, trace metals, or preservatives.

With healthy ingredients, delicious flavors, and fast results, Balance CBD’s vape pens head our list; they’re the best on the market.

2. Dani Pepper

Dani Pepper is a female-first brand dedicated to the empowerment of women around the country. Their products are created by women for women. That means from the ingredients to the packaging and experience, their CBD Lube Suppositories, and CBD vape pens focus on blends that support the particular needs of free-spirited women across the United States.

The company’s luxury vape pens surprised us with their ingenious design and fast-acting effects. You’ll enjoy upwards of 200 puffs per pen, which is more than enough for one to three weeks of relief and relaxation. The CBD isolate blended into their proprietary mixture of essences kicks in within five minutes and lasts three to four hours. You can buy Dani Pepper CBD vape pens in either 150mg and 300mg versions.

3. Discreetly Baked

Discreetly Baked hails from British Columbia, a province with a rich cannabis and hemp history. Since opening their shop in 2017, they’ve focused on batch-crafted edibles with decadent flavors and potent THC and CBD blends.

One of their newest additions also happens to be our favorite: Discreetly Baked CBD vape pens. These THC-free pens eschew the traditional propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine for a 100% organic MCT coconut oil. This produces a smooth experience that’s soft on your throat. We loved the effects of their disposable CBD vape. And with 250mg of CO2-extract CBD per pen, you’ll want to stock up.

4. Budderweeds

This year, Budderweeds, a Canadian Cannabis company celebrates 25 years in the cannabis and hemp business. They are one of the oldest and most well-known companies to enter the CBD market. Their experience follows a CBD vape pen that tastes great and helps to clear your mind and reduce aches and pains within just a few minutes. You can buy Budderweeds CBD vapes in mouthwatering flavors, such as lip-puckering green apple and sweet red raspberry.

Budderweeds’ CBD vape pens contain 200mg of CBD per package and offer upwards of 200 puffs. They extract their CBD from American-grown hemp and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We especially enjoyed their wild berry blend, but each of their flavors has a distinctive flavor and pleasant aroma.

5. Try the CBD

As a Colorado-based CBD company, Try the CBD swears by the quality of their products. They believe the only CBD worth buying grows in the sun-kissed mountains and mellow shade of organic hemp farms that thrive in Colorado. The company upholds high standards seldom seen in the industry. Having tested their CBD vape pens, we believe they’re on to something.

Although a new company, their lineup of CBD pens impressed us. Instead of selling blends catered to specific needs, they opted for hemp varieties which sport unique benefits. These include cannabis favorites such as Gorilla Glue #4 and Pineapple Express. Learning which pen is right for your needs will take some time, as they hide the specifics under piles of copy. The pens include either 200mg or 300mg of CBD and can be recharged, which adds to their price.

6. CBDfx

With over 50 products and counting, CBDfx offers customers a range of options that’s rare in this burgeoning industry. They harvest and extract their CBD from Southern Californian hemp and infuse it into everything from face masks to muscle creams. For this review, we tried their Fresh Mint CBD vape pen. We think it’s a fun, tasty, and inexpensive option. That means it’s perfect for those on a budget.

You can buy their pens as singles or 12-packs, mixing and matching flavors to stave off your workweek doldrums. We liked the look of the pens — lightweight and wrapped in gold leaf. The only gripe we have with their pens is the CBD content — each stick contains a meager 30mg of CBD. Still, they’re great for relief of mild aches and minor stress.

7. Koi CBD

Koi CBD’s customer-first approach has helped them remain at the top of the review lists since 2015. They blend an American-farmed broad-spectrum CBD extract into each of their products. Although they linger at the pricier end of our list, we think their CBD vapes are worth the investment.

Instead of a traditional vape pen, Koi CBD offers a proprietary Koi Zen vape manufactured by Uwell. With this easy to use device, you load a Koi vape juice into the reservoir and you’re ready to vape. Of course, this strips the convenience factor of other products on our list, as you’ll have to fuss about with Koi CBD vape juices. Expect to pay a premium for the CBD vape and a vape juice to begin your Koi experience.

8. Foria

Just as passionate about cannabis and hemp as they are about health and sexual wellness, Foria’s most well-known contribution to the CBD scene was their CBD arousal lube. But that was a few years ago. Today, they sell topicals, oils, and, yes, CBD vapes. Their vape pens ship in either cartridge and battery combos or cartridge-only boxes. This is a screw-on format with 450mg of broad-spectrum CBD per piece.

You can charge the battery and replace cartridges, which means it isn’t a disposable pen. The only flavor Foria sells tastes like hemp — loamy, with terpene notes of citrus and pine. As with the Koi CBD pen, you’ll pay more than average for the Foria packages.

9. Wildflower

Wildflower launched as a boutique CBD oil business in 2012. Since then, they’ve revamped their product line and sell their full-spectrum oils, topicals, and vapes to customers from Seattle to New York City.

Their CBD vape pens ship in three flavor blends — Aches, Immunity, and Dream. Your first purchase includes the reusable battery and a disposable cartridge. When you’re ready for another, you’ll have to shell out the money for their recharge station, which redoubles the cost. We loved the taste and effects but wished they’d avoid using vegetable glycerin.

10. Kurvana

Kurvana manufactures disposable and rechargeable vapes with a keen talent for eye-catching packaging and design. They began in 2014 as a THC vape pen company and just recently revealed their lineup of CBD pens.

Their full-spectrum extract can hit harder than some CBD consumers care to endure. You have to be careful about which product you pick out of their lineup because some of them have high doses of THC. Our favorite was the all-CBD Lemongrass flavor. It was gentle on the throat and smooth. You can also purchase Cranberry Orange and Eucalyptus Mint varieties.

11. Select CBD Pens

Select’s base of operations rests on an eclectic street in Portland, Oregon. And like most Oregonians, they know the difference between good cannabis and hemp products and the stuff that isn’t worth your time. They’ve garnered a lot of attention for their THC-based vape juices and kits, but their new CBD disposable vape pens impressed us.

They sell a CBD disposable vape pen in multiple flavors, including Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Lavender. Dosage ranges from 150 to 250mg per pen. Expect their vape pens to last you around 100 puffs.

12. The Quill

The Quill’s approach to a CBD vape kit relies on simplicity. They purchase CBD-rich hemp flower from Oregon farms and process it through reliable supercritical CO2 extraction. The result? A full-spectrum blend of CBD and terpenes that tastes authentic and acts fast.

The glossy metal surface stands out among the plastic disposables that fill our list. These are more durable than most products but just as disposable. The design flourishes come at a cost, however, as these are not cheap. You get 200 puffs per disposable CBD pen and 750mg of CBD, which works out to around 2mg per toke.

13. Dosist – Calm

Dosist has been perfecting their vape technology and extracts since 2016. They’ve won awards for their design and won customers with their consistent product. These are high-tech devices that you keep around and replace the cartridges. This, of course, means the upfront investment far exceeds other products on our list.

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Their Calm blend is the closest to a CBD-only product you’ll find in their lineup. It’s a 10:1 CBD to THC blend with light lemony notes and a warm, relaxing effect. You get to choose between 50 and 200-puff pens, each with 2.25mg of CBD per inhalation.

14. El Gallo – Little Chicken

This Weedcup-winning company might be stationed north of the border, in So-Cal, but El Gallo’s roots run deep in the Mexican cannabis and hemp traditions. Even their name nods at the Spanish slang for marijuana.

Our favorite disposable CBD vape pen on their list is the Little Chicken. The device offers customers a broad-spectrum CBD extract with earthy notes and a menthol-like peppermint aftertaste. Packing 1,000mg of CBD per pen, you’re getting one of the heftiest dosages on the market.

15. Wink CBD Vape

Wink is a women-owned and operated CBD company based in Southern California. Their brand highlights the needs of women, such as discreet format and subtle delivery. Their Wink Go disposable pen contains 150mg of CBD per unit and upwards of 150 puffs. They’re also the only company we’ve found that admits to using European hemp.

The pens ship in dulcet flavors, including Cupcake, Grapephoria, and Bubblewish. For those with sweet tooths that are never satisfied and women that love all things pink and mellifluous, this is the perfect brand for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Vape Pens

What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol is one of the over 100 cannabinoids scientists have isolated from the hemp plant. Researches isolated CBD, in fact, before THC. The research so far on CBD isn’t conclusive, but it highlights the compound’s gentle stimulation of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS regulates vital processes in your body, including inflammation control, pain tolerance, and sleep cycle.

One thing we know for sure is that CBD is safe. There’s documentation of people taking upwards of 1000mg of CBD per day without harsh negative side effects. Consumers use CBD to help them control their pain and reduce anxiety. But as with any new supplement, make sure to talk to a medical professional before taking CBD in combination with other medications. Also, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid all cannabinoids, including CBD.

Will CBD get me high?

No. CBD will not get you high. This common misconception stems from CBD deriving from the same plant species of which THC derives. THC is the psychoactive compound in hemp and cannabis. But American CBD companies cannot include enough THC in their tinctures and edibles to cause an altered state of awareness. That’s because CBD, unlike THC, doesn’t impose itself on your ECS. Rather, it stimulates the synapses to create the native compound Anandamide, which has replenishing and relaxing effects on your body.

Is CBD legal in the United States?

CBD vape pens are legal in the USA. That means you can buy from any company on our list, no matter your state’s cannabis laws. Note, however, that for a CBD vape pen or tincture to be legal, it must contain less than .3% THC per volume. The federal government and the Drug Enforcement Agency deem any hemp product with over .3% THC to be cannabis and therefore illegal. To assure you purchase legal CBD, check the company’s third-party lab tests and do not buy from websites or stores that cannot provide such information.

Will CBD cause me to fail a drug test?

CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test so long as the product contains no THC.. There have been news reports and consumer reviews which state that certain full-spectrum CBD oils and edibles signalled a false positive on a drug test. To avoid this problem, consume CBD that contains zero THC. Seek products that advertise broad-spectrum or CBD isolate, as these two types of extract remove THC compound.

What are the benefits of CBD vape pens?

CBD vape pens boast unique benefits over other types of CBD consumables. The biggest of these is its bioavailability. CBD tinctures and CBD edibles must pass through your stomach and liver. This requires time, up to two hours. With CBD vape pens, inhaled CBD moves from your lungs to your bloodstream in less than a minute. Most consumers feel the effects of CBD vapes within two minutes, making them the fastest way to consume CBD.

Here are some other ways customers have found CBD vape pens to be beneficial in their day to day life:

  • Lowers anxiety
  • Aids pain relief
  • Increases appetite
  • Dampens neurological disorders
  • Amplifies focus and concentration
  • Stops or reduces seizures

However, it should be made clear that the FDA has not approved CBD to cure or prevent any disease or symptom. The FDA has even sent warning letters to companies that promote health benefits of CBD.

Are CBD vape pens safe?

Yes! CBD vape pens are a safe and practical way to consume CBD. But there are a few ingredients to look out for to ensure your safety and health. First, do not purchase any vaping juices or consumables that contain vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. There’s still lots of debate on how these two ingredients affect your body. Some researchers and medical professionals believe superheated propylene glycol can speed up the development of certain cancers or trigger lung illnesses.

Second, never buy a CBD vape product from a company that doesn’t list its ingredients or that’s located outside North America. Overseas vape products have been linked to reports of critical health concerns in young people.

How long do CBD vape pens last?

CBD vape pens rate their lifespan by puffs. Your average pen will last anywhere from 50 to 200 puffs. The number of puffs relates, not to battery life, but to the amount of CBD vape juice that’s been injected into the pen. Since each company adds a proprietary liquid into the device, you’ll need to consult the brand for the puff count. The average CBD vape user puffs about ten to thirty times a day. So that means a CBD vape pen can last anywhere from three days to three weeks. It’s really up to your consumption level!

How much CBD should I consume?

Although there’s not a single report of CBD overdoses, you can consume too much CBD. At a certain point, the effects of CBD diminish. That means a 10mg dose and a 50mg dose may not change your experience as much as you’d expect. We always tell new consumers of CBD to start low, around 5mg, and monitor your pain and anxiety levels. Only increase your CBD dose when you feel it is needed.

Can I overdose on CBD?

No, you cannot overdose on CBD. You’re more likely to feel a sugar crash from CBD edibles than overt negative symptoms from CBD. That’s because your Endocannabinoid System will use a certain amount of CBD to produce native neurotransmitters. The rest of the CBD you consume doesn’t affect you. So while you can take massive doses of CBD, it’s a waste of your money.

Do CBD vape pens expire?

CBD vape pens do not have expiry dates, but that doesn’t mean you should expect them to work a year from now. The two factors which result in a dead vape pen are battery and dried up vape juice. Disposable CBD vape batteries will eventually expire, as no battery holds a charge forever. And the liquid inside the vape pen, although sealed, dehydrates. We recommend using your CBD vape pen within a few months of purchasing it.

Are CBD vapes gluten-free and vegan?

Most CBD vapes are gluten-free and vegan. You shouldn’t see any gluten ingredients in vape products because inhaling superheated gluten would damage your lungs. The only products that are sometimes not gluten-free in the CBD market are CBD edibles. Vape juices are generally a proprietary blend of hemp extract, MCT coconut oil or a base liquid, and terpenes or essences. To confirm that your vape pen is gluten-free and vegan, check the company website or send them an email. ingredients. So just because a CBD oil is safe to consume doesn’t mean it is safe in inhale.

Are reusable CBD vape pens better than disposable vape pens?

The answer to this question comes down to your preferences and lifestyle. If you’re new to vaping, for example, disposable pens offer a convenient entry point to test the effects and experience of consuming CBD vapes. For those that want to invest more money and time into CBD vapes, rechargeable pens provide an ongoing experience, but you’ll pay two to five times the price of a disposable. The best thing to do is shop around at a “vape shop near me”, but due to COVID-19 you might not want to buy a vape pen from a store. So instead, we recommend buying your CBD vape kit online from the safety of your home.

What other CBD products can I use?

  • CBD Oil Tincture: This is the most popular product. It’s made of a carrier oil (always look for a quality carrier oil such as organic MCT coconut oil), and CBD. You simply use the dropper and drop it under your tongue, hold for around 45 seconds and then swallow. We have a list of the best CBD oil companies in 2020 here.
  • CBD Gummies: This is an edible form of taking CBD. Gummies come in all different flavors and doses and are a great way to take your dose of CBD. However they take a lot longer to work than vaping and taking CBD oil. We have a list of the best CBD gummies that you can buy online.
  • CBD Cream: CBD creams, salves balms, topicals. They have lots of different names and you apply them to your skin. You can get different type creams & topicals, but make sure to only buy topicals infused with nano-CBD. This ensures that the CBD actually penetrates your skin. We have a list of the best CBD topicals here.
  • CBD Sex Lube: CBD lube spices up your sex life and gives you better orgasms! Again, make sure that any lube you buy is made with Nano-CBD. You can see a list of the best CBD lubes for sale here.

If you still don’t know what product to buy, you can always try this product recommendation CBD quiz!