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The Best CBD Smoothies For Health Junkies

We offered Europe CBD Expo attendees CBD smoothies and they loved them! We want to share the four recipes with you too.

Each recipe has been created to ensure that the CBD oil blends and binds to the fruit fibres and good, healthy fats.

The Re:pair Smoothie

This creamy blend of tropical mango, pineapple and peach is rich in repairing properties. The peach is naturally high in fruity plant protein for muscle re:pair, while CBD and turmeric get to work on inflammation.

Agave syrup has anti-microbial attributes that were used to heal wounds and hemp milk is great for skin health. Whatever you need to Re:pair, we have the recipe to cover it!


Serves 2

1/3 tsp turmeric

1/8 tbsp vanilla powder

250ml hemp milk

10ml agave syrup

Handful of ice cubes

The Re:fresh Smoothie

This super green smoothie is enriched with refreshing flavours throughout, along with electrolytes and antioxidants from the coconut water and stuffed with other green goodness.

Spinach is high in iron and plays a central role in red blood cell function which helps in transporting oxygen around the body. Another Re:freshing breathe-easy ingredient we have used is apple. Did you know that apple has natural asthma-fighting compounds? Finally, it is infused with CBD natural oil drops known to relieve stress and Re:fresh.


Serves 2

1 tsp supergreens powder

250ml coconut water

Handful of ice cubes

The Re:vitalise Smoothie

This hearty smoothie shows that something filling and delicious can be extremely healthy!

Banana will perk you up with its slow release of energy while the peanut butter helps you reach your daily dose of protein. We have used cinnamon because it is one of the healthiest spices on the planet and has so many benefits we thought it was perfect for a re:vitalising recipe. We added a double dose of oats because they are incredibly nutritious, loaded with vitamins and minerals and are packed with antioxidants!

Ingredients :

Serves 2

1 tbsp peanut butter

20g porridge oats

10ml agave syrup

Handful of ice cubes

The Re:boot Smoothie

A mix of complexion-boosting berries and fibre-filled chia seeds with CBD oil drops!

Berry benefits are endless and they are among the healthiest foods on earth. We teamed the little miracles with something even smaller – Chia seeds. Chia seeds are jam packed with important nutrients, despite their small size.

To complete this smoothie, we used an immune health boosting base: coconut milk.

The Best CBD Infused Smoothie Recipe – Berries of the Tropics

As summer approaches you’ll want to find a healthy way to beat the heat. This CBD infused smoothie recipe is the perfect place to start. What could be better than a CBD infused smoothie? CBD infused fruit smoothies are the best way to supplement CBD while enjoying all the benefits of a healthy meal.

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Smoothies only take a few minutes to prepare and are ridiculously easy to make. Whether you’re meal prepping or just trying to incorporate more plant-based ingredients into your diet – fruit smoothies are a healthy hack you’ll want to get hooked on.

Want to get more out of your smoothies? Boost them with anything from honey to hemp hearts. Supplements and superfoods mix perfectly with most smoothies making for a delicious healthy treat. We experiment with our ingredients to discover the best CBD infused smoothie recipes and share them with you. All you have to do is figure out what other boosts you want to put in.

Making a CBD infused smoothie is easier than you might think. However, if you’re new to cooking with CBD check out these detailed guides to help you along the way:

How to Make CBD Infused Smoothies

We get asked all the time – what are your best CBD infused smoothie recipes? and How do you make them? Luckily, CBD infused smoothies are easy to make and we’ll walk you through the entire process. CBD infused smoothies are a perfect addition to any healthy diet and will help any of those looking to eat healthier get on track.

Berries of the Tropics CBD Infused Smoothie

A delicious mix of berries and tropical fruits. This CBD infused smoothie recipe is one of the best recipes for learning how to cook with CBD.

  • 1 CBD oil of choice
  • 1/2 gram CBD Isolate
  • 1 tsp Coconut MCT Oil
Infused Smoothie Ingredients
  • 1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 1/2 cup rapsberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 1/2 cup Pineapple (Chopped) (fresh or frozen)
  • 1-2 Mangos (Peeled and Diced)
  • 1 Banana (Sliced)
  • 1 Juice of Lime
  • 1/4 cup Hemp Hearts

Before we begin with the smoothie we’ll need to start by preparing the CBD. You can infuse this smoothie with CBD using one of two methods.

1. Use the CBD oil tincture of your choice. If you have a CBD tincture that uses MCT oil as the base oil it is ready to infuse with most your favorite recipes – including this one!

2. Use the Double Boiling Method explained in the notes to infuse CBD isolate with MCT oil.

The Smoothie

Combine ingredients together in the blender and blend until smooth

Garnish with hemp hearts for an extra-healthy plant-based protein boost.

How do you Infuse CBD with your Smoothies?

There are two ways to infuse your post-workout recovery smoothies with CBD.

  1. CBD Isolate. Many people wonder how to use CBD isolate. Infusing food and drinks is one fun way to use CBD isolate. Pure CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD and is perfect for making your own CBD products. To make a CBD infused fruit smoothie with CBD isolate you’ll have to infuse it with a carrier oil. We recommend using unrefined coconut MCT oil for CBD infused smoothies.
    Not sure how to infuse CBD isolate with MCT oil? Check out our complete guide to infusing CBD here.
  2. CBD oil. Using CBD oil is super easy! Most CBD oil tinctures on the market utilize coconut MCT oil as a base and are ready to mix with just about any food or drink. Simply drop the desired amount of CBD oil in with your smoothie ingredients and blend well.
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This whole process should take 10-20 minutes (20 if you’re using CBD isolate powder). If you enjoy this recipe please share your experience with us on social media @bloomhemp

This recipe was inspired by Delphine Fortin of We changed a couple of things up a bit and of course added CBD!

Tips for Cooking with CBD

Cooking with CBD is easier than you’d expect – and a lot of fun too! If you don’t have time to cook with CBD isolate we recommend using your favorite CBD oil tincture to infuse your meals with CBD. Hemp tinctures that use MCT oil as a base are ready-made to infuse with just about any recipe. MCT oil is relatively tasteless and acts as the perfect carrier oil for infusing CBD with most foods and drinks.

Simply use the dropper that comes with your tincture to infuse the desired amount of CBD with your recipe as instructed. If you’re using a CBD oil tincture for this CBD infused smoothie recipe, simply drop the desired amount of CBD into the blender with the rest of the ingredients. Looking to save money while cooking with CBD? CBD isolate is affordable and versatile making it the perfect starting point for any health-oriented recipe. To infuse CBD isolate with food and drinks you’ll first need to infuse it with a carrier oil. Carrier oils help the body to better absorb natural supplements and essential oils. All of Bloom Hemp’s CBD oil tinctures are formulated using unrefined coconut MCT oil. Enjoy all of the benefits of coconut oil combined with ready to infuse CBD. Each of our tinctures makes cooking with CBD quick and enjoyable. To infuse pure CBD isolate powder with a carrier oil we’ll be using the double boiling method. The double boiling method is a simple cooking technique utilized to apply controlled heat to ingredients that are heat-sensitive. When cooking with CBD it is important to choose the right carrier oil. We recommend using either unrefined coconut MCT oil or avocado oil. We recommend these oils because they promote better CBD bioavailability and are packed with benefits of their own.

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How to Use CBD Isolate

Pure CBD isolate powder is the main source of CBD in most CBD infused products. From gummy bears to salves, CBD isolate is the base of it all. This is why most brands in the hemp industry refuse to sell CBD isolate – you could be cutting them out of the equation. At Bloom, we believe in putting the power in the people’s hands. That means giving you access to raw materials such as pure CBD isolate and teaching you how to use them. We continue to expand our list of CBD infused recipes and are always working to refine our guides on how to use CBD. Using the double boiling method to infuse CBD isolate with a carrier oil makes your CBD ready to infuse with just about anything you can think of. Tired of spending the extra money on CBD infused topicals? Mix pure CBD isolate in with your favorite lotions and skin-care products. From food and drinks to your choice of smokables CBD isolate infuses seamlessly with just about any recipe.

Still wondering how you might use CBD isolate? Check out the resources below for some of our favorite DIY CBD projects

Why This CBD Infused Smoothie Recipe is the Best

While more research is still needed, preliminary studies show promising results. Studies continue to link CBD to benefiting over 50 different conditions. The main source of the healing appears to be CBD’s impact on inflammation. Multiple studies show CBD to have a positive effect on inflammation, possibly all the way down to the DNA level. Inflammation is the root cause of most ailments we face today. From stress to disease, inflammation is at the heart of it all. If CBD can help us naturally fight inflammation, this supplement should definitely be taken on a regular basis. The only issue – despite knowing better – most of us hate taking vitamins and supplements. The process of taking natural supplements is typically less than ideal. That is what is so great about CBD infused smoothies. CBD infused smoothies provide a delicious, healthy way to enjoy most natural supplements, including CBD.