best cbd oil for occipital neuralgia

The role of nutrition in pain and inflammation

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you know that diet can play an integral role in management of pain?

Inflammation can best be defined as the response to toxins. This is why as we age managing our diet even more closely can be crucial in pain related factors related to inflammation.
By incorporating anti-inflammatory foods/supplements and minimizing pro-inflammatory foods can help reduce chronic pain.

Here are 10 simple dietary modifications that have many beneficial outcomes.

1) Reduce dairy intake. Dairy is a pro-inflammatory food and by reducing it in your diet you can reduce many of the associated internal inflammatory responses of the body. With so many vegan based yogurts, ice-creams and cheese options this is a very easy lifestyle modification.

If you like to add cream to your coffee consider almond milk.

2) Add Fish-oil to your diet. The brand I recommend the most to my patients in Nordic Naturals Omega-3. I do not have any financial backing from this company, it is just one that I trust and use myself. There are so many studies done on the anti-inflammatory benefits associated with fish oil. In fact when I have a headache instead of taking an ibuprofen I reach for a Nordic Naturals instead.

3) Eat more vegetables. Having 5-6 servings of different colors of the rainbow as vegetables through-out the day will really help increase the anti-inflammatory responses in the body. This also leads to number 4.

4) Mange your weight. By consuming more vegetables you will feel more satiated and eat less sugar and simple carbohydrates which can help manage your weight.

5) Reduce red meat. This is not the favorite recommendation among my patients, however red meat consumption should be limited to 1-2 times a month. Yes that does seem awfully low to many, but it is do-able. You can still consume chicken, turkey and my personal favorite… fish. This leads to number 6.

6) Eat more fish. Adding fish into your diet 3 times a week is highly associated with anti-inflammatory response. Reach for smaller fish that swim in rivers like Salmon and trout.

7) Check your vitamin D level. I find that many of my patients are deficient in Vit D and it is such an important micronutrients. Be sure to have your doctor check your level annually and get a recommend dosage of Vit D (in IU’s) to help correct your deficiency.

8) Reduce simple carbohydrates. Instead of filling up on white bread, white rice and white pasta opt out for whole grain breads, quinoa, brown rice and zucchini pasta. Simple carbohydrates break down to sugar more quickly and therefore cause an inflammatory response.

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9) Add some Curcumin into your diet. Curcumin is derived from Turmeric. This is a natural spice that also enhances the flavor of food. You can add it to your tea, take it as a supplement or marinate your salmon in it. The options of getting this wonderful anti-inflammatory food into your diet are simple.

10) Eat foods high in alpha-lipoic acid. Some common foods that contain this are: spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, beets, and carrots. This is also a bonus one because all of them are also a vegetable. This way you can attend to number 3 as well.

Written By: Hoda Hakimjavadi, MS, RDN

Hoda is a clinical dietitian currently working with critically ill patients at Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital. She received her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her masters in nutrition with a combined dietetics program at CSUN. She conducted her clinical rotations at Cedars Sinai hospital.

For more content written by Hoda, you can follow her on Instagram @HealthyByHoda. For contact information check out her website HealthyByHoda.Com

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Client Testimonials

I ama server in a restaurant and I aslo take dance lessons in my free time, so needless to say that I use my body and my feet more than the average person does. I have tried a lot of ointments before and none of them really worked. Plus they smell mentholy all the time. I don’t know what is about this balm but I have never felt the relief that I do when I put it on. Highly recommend! Must try, even if this is your last resort. Perfect for muscles and joints ache.

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I love this for muscle aches and pain. I have a desk job so at times I have lower back strain or even in my wrist from a heavy day of typing and this works very well at relaxing the muscle so I can get a refreshing nights sleep.

The cream is delightful! Very rich and creamy and does the trick! Also cam tell the quality of the liquid CBD is great. Thanks will order again 🙂

So impressed with how amazing my CBD Cream is! Amazing Stuff.

I was super hesitant to purchase CBD oil, as I have been pretty skeptical of it and its effects on the body. I’ve been suffering from occipital neuralgia, herniated discs in my neck, and chronic neck and head pain for the past 1.5 years from the wear and tear of being an athlete. The pain has been getting worse and worse- my head, neck, and trap pain is so terrible some days, that all I can do is lie in bed and cry. This is a problem for me, since I work as a dancer and circus artist for a living. I bought the Hemp 600 mg extract drops and I started using 7 small drops under the tongue once in the morning, and once at night per day (I am 5 ft tall, 115 lbs). It took a few days to start kicking in, but after the 3rd day of using it, it has become my holy grail. No other medicine I have been prescribed by the countless doctors I have been to in the past 1.5 years has helped give me this level of relief. My chronic pain has never been this bearable. It feels like something is blocking my neck and nerve pain, and I cannot recommend these extract drops enough. My pain is not 100% gone, but I know that I can count on this hemp extract to keep me sane and functioning until I can figure out the next step in my pain journey. I will definitely be purchasing this extract again once I run out of my current one. For months I was in so much pain that I couldn’t train regularly- it’s been about 2 weeks of regularly taking this extract, and I am now back to my regular dance and circus training, tumbling, turning, and bending without having to worry about pain flare-up. This extract has been a lifesaver for me.

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Balm is great for any soreness or achy muscles or joints and cbd oil helps me to relax and have a more restful night sleep

I have tried many products and there odor is off putting. This cream smells clean goes on smoothly and has improved my arm/shoulder pain. Nice product

I used the produce and loved it. I’m hoping they have one with the taste of cinnamon. Other than that, I’ll be back!

The product is great. I’m going to try one that has cinnamon, if possible.

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract w/Turmeric (THC Free) 600mg

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This oil is really impressive! I can see more energy and drive to do things!

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Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Calm Balm Muscle Cream

Great product! Use on knees and torn tissue on ankle. Gives me relief during stressful activity!

Wow! Make me feel great! Love this CBD

Noticeable calm and muscle tension release.

Love the product.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Calm Balm Muscle Cream

This cbd extract helped me so much to sleep through the night after my knee surgery. I used it together with pain medication and the combination was outstanding.