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Best CBD oil for pain in 2021: How does CBD help with muscle pain?

You don’t have to lift weights to experience muscle pain. Muscle pain can arise from taking part in simple activities like exercise, binge-watching Netflix, cooking, or even driving. When it does arise, it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

Traditionally, we use analgesics like aspirin or ibuprofen to combat this kind of pain. But a new form of medication called CBD has now hit the market, and it’s proving to be even better than regular drugs at killing muscle pain.

Below are the best CBD oils currently available for pain.

Best CBD oil for pain in 2021

The most potent CBD oils for muscle pain in 2021 are:

1. Royal CBD

Royal CBD has some of the best CBD oil for pain in the market right now. Their premium-grade CBD product lines have been so effective in treating muscle pain and other chronic pain that media outlets like Huff Post, CNN, and Healthline have recommended them in their posts.

The company offers a variety of CBD strengths – 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,500 milligrams – making it easy for users to find the optimal dosage for their kind of pain.

2. Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a leading CBD company that offers a pure, full-spectrum CBD line. Their products are manufactured by extracting CBD from 100% organic locally-farmed hemp and dissolving it in MCT oil in 1 oz bottles. They offer 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1,200 mg oil strengths, thus ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s pain.

3. Area52

Area52 prides themselves on the integrity of their products and the transparency of their manufacturing processes. Their oil line features a CBD strength of 40 mg per serving. Their CBD is extracted from organic hemp sources and is free of harmful chemicals like preservatives, herbicides, and additives.

4. Fab CBD

Fab has one of the most popular CBD oil lines around. Their oils are designed to be better-tasting than others and are packed with full-spectrum hemp composition, featuring CBD, CBG, terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential therapeutic hemp juice.

How does CBD help with muscle pain?

Having highlighted what brands offer the best CBD oil for pain, let’s now see how CBD actually helps with muscle pain.

CBD and muscle pain

When you hit the gym, sleep on the wrong side of the bed, spend long hours driving, or do too much physical activity, your muscles respond to the extra load of pressure by sending signals to the brain. This signal usually comprises messages of pain, discomfort, soreness, and inflammation.

After message reception and processing, you start feeling pain in the affected parts of your body or see a physical manifestation of inflammation or soreness.

At this point, your body’s overall condition has been distorted, and balance needs to be restored. So your endocannabinoid system (ECS) kicks in.

The ECS is a part of your bodily operations that handles things like:

  • metabolism
  • chronic pain
  • inflammation and other immune system responses
  • sleep
  • cardiovascular system function
  • muscle formation
  • bone remodeling and growth
  • liver function
  • stress

So, generally speaking, the endocannabinoid system is linked with helping the body fight off inflammation, pain, and microscopic damage to the muscle fibers.

When there is a need to act – like during a muscle pain episode – the ECS kicks in to produce something known as “endogenous cannabinoids”, which are then bound to the receptors in the brain. As soon as the bond happens, the cells begin to act accordingly.

After discharging their functions, the endogenous cannabinoids are broken down by enzymes, and then more are gradually produced. This cycle continues until the muscle pain is completely relieved.

Unfortunately, this breaking down and building up sequence might take a while, leaving you to live with your muscle pain for far too long – usually two to three days or more.

When CBD enters your bloodstream, it provides extra cannabinoids and stimulates the production and breakdown of the endogenous cannabinoids, thereby giving your body a faster response and relief from pain.

In other words, CBD does two things to relieve muscle pain.

First, it provides extra cannabinoids, adding to the existing ones in the ECS, to make the body healthier and speed up the healing process. Secondly, it prevents endogenous cannabinoids from being broken down so quickly, thus allowing them to stay active and have a more pronounced effect on the body.