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10 Perfect Strains for Cannabis Daytime Use

Despite its historical reputation as a calming substance, cannabis is the versatile plant for all occasions. If you need to focus on a task, need energy for your morning run, or you are looking to unwind after a long day, cannabis daytime use can produce effects in the body during all of those activities. The chemical components of cannabis work together in synergy to produce different effects, based on their composition. The key is to choose the strain best suited for your needs at each particular time of day. Some people make their choice based on popularity or recommendation, but the time of day is equally important to maximize the benefits of use. Here’s why the time of day matters.

Why Daytime and Nighttime Cannabis Strains are Different

All marijuana strains are unique in composition, as is the design of all human beings. So, an essential step is to take note of how individual strains affect you and pay attention to the time of day that you use them. If you work at night, you may not need cannabis for energy during the day. Whereas, if you have to study, hit the gym, or crank out a project in the morning, an uplifting strain could be your best bet. A well-fitting daytime strain should give you a boost, but its effects will also linger beyond the initial sensations. With the right pod system, you can easily keep your energy consistent throughout the day. The desired attributes of a daytime strain include energy, clarity, focus, and mood enhancement. The three main strains have different effects, so let’s take a look at what to expect.

  • Indica: This strain performs best for those desiring to relax and experience sedation; the effects extend into the body.
  • Sativa: This strain performs best for those desiring to experience more energy and a mood boost, with a more significant effect on the mind.
  • Hybrid: This is a crossbreed of two different strains, and can favor either Indica or Sativa more heavily, so, take note of the composition.

Within the strains, THC and CBD percentages also matter. Since Cannabis is a plant with over 400 chemical entities, the individual chemical makeup of each strain determines how the THC interacts with your brain. Euphoric effects are associated with THC dominant strains, while high-CBD strains have lower THC and produce a gentler high or no discernible high at all.

7 cannabis strains perfect for daytime use

E very cannabis strain is different, which means the best time to consume each strain will vary, too. Some strains can help wake you up, while others will put you to sleep; some terpene profiles will sharpen your focus, while others will let your mind drift freely and de-stress.

Though you may wish to tweak your personal consumption strategy depending on your schedule, the following guide offers a few things to think about when choosing which strains to consume, as well as a few specific strain suggestions for morning, midday, and mid-afternoon consumption. Experiment with these and other cannabis varieties until you find the perfect sequence to fit your day-to-day life.

Best morning strains

You know those days when all you want to do is hit snooze over and over again? The right cannabis can counteract that. In the morning, look for something that’ll help you wake up, getting you energized and excited for the day ahead.

Jack Herer

Most common terpenes: Terpinolene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (15-20% on average)

A classic strain with dependably uplifting effects, Jack Herer can easily function as a caffeine alternative (or complement) on any morning you need an extra boost to get going. Its earthy, piney aromas provide a soothing aromatherapeutic buzz to help coax you fully into wakefulness.

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Green Crack

Most common terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (15-18% on average)

So named for its signature kick of energy, Green Crack is a great A.M. strain for many reasons, chief among them its ability to fend off stress and fatigue for hours while sharpening focus. Its fruity mix of flavors is laden with mango, making this strain ideal for a wake and bake alongside a balanced breakfast.

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Dutch Treat

Most common terpenes: Terpinolene, myrcene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (17-22% on average)

For anyone who’s not naturally a morning person (yep, I’m raising my hand, too), this herbaceous Amsterdam fave acts fast to make the wake-up process painless. Simultaneously uplifting and relaxing, Dutch Treat is a perfect morning strain for weekdays and weekends alike.

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Best midday strains

Right around high noon, you’re looking for a strain that’ll keep you coasting through your day and stave off any possibility of an early afternoon slump. We love these three.

Lemon Kush

Most common terpenes: Myrcene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (17-21% on average)

Many (if not most) aspects of everyday life call for creative problem solving, and Lemon Kush offers a shortcut to that perfect balance of creativity and positive thinking. If you know you’ll be facing a tricky task during the afternoon, consider a quick hit of Lemon Kush around lunchtime.

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CBD Critical Mass

Most common terpenes: Myrcene

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD-dominant (5-7% THC on average; 8-11% CBD on average)

Thanks to a cannabinoid profile dependably expressing high levels of CBD, CBD Critical Mass is popular for addressing stress and physical pain while maintaining a high-functioning state of mental clarity. If too much THC makes it tough for you to focus, try a puff or two of CBD Critical Mass around midday.

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Best afternoon strains

As work gives way to recreation, it’s 4:20 somewhere. The best afternoon strains are tailored to your specific plans, whether that means meeting up with friends, diving into personal projects, or simply heading home to hang on your own after a long day of work.


Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (16-22% on average)

The sweet-smelling Candyland pairs as naturally with friendly conversation as it does with creative individual pursuits like painting, writing, or making music. Whether you’re meeting up with others or unwinding on your own time, it’s hard to go wrong with this cheerful, open-minded strain during the afternoon.

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Most common terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (14-19% on average)

For a traditional 4:20 sesh, bring a legendary strain like Blueberry to share. Blueberry’s storied history goes back to the 1970s, and there’s a reason it’s as popular today as it was then: Its effect profile is dominated by relaxation and happiness, making this a great strain to share with friends (or enjoy on your own) as you transition away from the work day.