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How I Focus During the Day and Clear My Mind at Night.

I lead a pretty typical New York City life. I am constantly in motion working on my many different lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and meditation projects. I am always looking for ways to improve my own life so I can share those discoveries with you.

If you have read my other posts, you know that I believe in the power of routine and consistency. Whether it is yoga, meditation, or trying out new recipes, the more I practice something and make it part of my daily routine, the better I get at doing it. The better my routine is, the calmer and more balanced my life is.

I am always looking for ways to find balance in my life. I struggle trying to balance my responsibilities and pleasures, my needs and wants, and my goals and obstacles. When your mind is full of new ideas, those ideas can quietly turn into worries. They work their way out of your subconscious and keep you awake at night. You need to sleep, but you can’t. Have you ever thought of something at night and wondered, “Where did that come from?” Your brain holds onto memories and thoughts, releasing them at the beginning of the sleep cycle, sometimes jolting you awake when you need to sleep the most.

Sleep is one of my most important medicine. In addition to letting my body rest, it lets my mind reset. If I do not sleep soundly, my brain is not as focused as it should be during the day. If I don’t sleep it’s hard for me to think straight. When our brain is tired, we forget things. We say the wrong words or confuse dates and times. Sometimes we forget appointments, even if they are on the calendar. Our brain cannot function at peak efficiency if we cannot relax and get enough sleep.

I realized that I was exhibiting some signs of sleep deprivation. I found myself continuously awake at night worrying about blog posts I needed to write or a video I had to film. Isn’t it strange how small things seem so big and serious in the dark?

During the day, my brain felt like it was a cracker floating in a bowl of soup. I felt “mushy” and had difficulty staying focused. I decided to research what supplements might help me feel better. I read up on different adaptogens, or herbal supplements, that have been used as medicine in India for centuries. The more I read, the more surprised I was that these herbs were not “snake oil” or dangerous “patent medicines”. Instead, there is scientific research behind the use of herbs to improve focus, memory, and sleep. Each one affects the brain in a different way.

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In the United States, Western medicine is beginning to investigate the use of cannabis plants to treat symptoms of anxiety and pain. Cannabis is a family of plants that has over 100 varieties. The hemp plant is one variety of the cannabis family. Herbs with THC are illegal to purchase in most of the United States. Hemp is not. The oil from hemp is called cannabidiol, or CBD. It is one of the adaptogens that can help improve the way the brain processes pain, anxiety, and stress. Everyone is talking about CBD oil and many companies make it. I decided I wanted more information about which company produced the best quality CBD products. I also wondered how it compared to other, more tested kinds of adaptogens.

A quick internet search found many different adaptogens, including CBD, seemed like they might help my symptoms of general anxiety, sleeplessness at night, and “brain fog” during the day. During my search, I came across a product that surprised me. It had an unusual name, FOCL. It was not just a top-quality CBD product, but it had been optimized by stacking on other adaptogens to their premium hemp-derived CBD. It had two different formulas, one for use during the day and another product to use at night. dditionally, in the day formula, they include adaptogens including Bacopa Monnieri for improved memory and cognition. While in the night formula, other botanicals like Valerian Root and Purple Passionflower were stacked on top of CBD. As these natural herbs were well researched and had minimal side effects, I decided to try a bottle of each.

FOCL call these formulas a “stack”. Each ingredient is carefully selected to optimize the others, maximizing the effects. The ingredients build in your system over time. I started taking two of the FOCL Day capsules as a part of my morning routine. The effects were subtle. At first, I noticed an increased sense of mental clarity. In a few days, I realized I felt more balanced throughout the day. When I meditated, I felt more centered, more focused. I was not as tired as I usually get mid-afternoon.

In the evening, after my shower routine, I took 2 (the recommended dose) of the FOCL Night capsules. By the time I was ready for bed, I felt incredibly peaceful. I did not feel drugged or like my eyes were being forced shut, the way I do when I take a sleeping pill. I felt relaxed and calm.

When I stretched out on the bed, I noticed my joints didn’t ache. Like everyone else, I sometimes pull a muscle, or my shoulder can ache if I am careless while exercising. After I started taking FOCL Night, my muscles felt less tight and my mind seemed quiet. There were no sneaky worries creeping into my consciousness. I slept all night the first night I took it. After two weeks, I not only slept soundly, but I woke up feeling different. I felt refreshed.

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I really like the Day and Night supplements. They are now a regular part of my morning and evening routines. These supplements are exactly what I needed to help me balance my life.

Benefits of Cannabis for Mental Health

The well-being of the mind is as important in today’s world as physical fitness. There was a time when mental health was quite ignored and not given much emphasis. However, there has been a change in the scenario for the better.

With more and more research in this area, scientists conclude that the active ingredient of medical cannabis does have a positive effect on mental health. It is derived from the cannabis sativa plants and has certain medicinal functions. The age-old misconceptions regarding its use have hindered the image of cannabis. Thus, this article is going to delve into some of its amazing mental health benefits of cannabis to attain a peaceful and sound mind.

Cannabis Treats Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are increasing at a high rate among people nowadays. The common reasons include a huge workload, relationship problems, and tight schedules. All of these combine to cause the onset of ailments like sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and headaches. Cannabis has the ability to induce the release of endorphins. They make you feel better about yourself.

With its regular use, you can drive the problem of depression away gradually. A study also suggests the same and highlights the ability of cannabis to sharpen cognitive abilities. Thus, cannabis acts as a therapeutic medicine in the treatment and helps in clearing your mind to regain your mental health.

Cannabis Prevents Seizures

Cannabis is known to improve the health of the brain by invigorating the electrical activity. It has anti-seizure effects on the brain that facilitate the patients in dealing with epilepsy. Those suffering from the Dravet syndrome can also benefit from the regular use of cannabis.

A study was conducted on the patients of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome to check the efficiency of cannabis in curing seizures. The results that came out were favorable and the doctors have thus begun to garner more information on it.

Cannabis Treats Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is characterized by the impairment of the brain function to the extent that the patients lose the sense of reality. Some of the symptoms of this mental ailment include hallucinations and speech problems.

While the research is ongoing, it has been found that cannabis has antipsychotic effects on the brain. It helps in the ability of the nervous system to connect all the neurons and transmit appropriate messages to the body parts. Thus, a study concluded that cannabis can play a vital role in the treatment of schizophrenia and dementia.

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Cannabis Improves Cognitive Abilities

Cannabis is good for memory. As we age, our brain goes through a gradual degenerative process. But, you can slow down the process and enhance the capability of your brain by using cannabis. It has a therapeutic effect on the mind and improves the power to focus, retain, learn and comprehend.

This happens due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in it. The direct result is the strengthening of the brain and the treatment of neuroinflammatory diseases like meningitis and sepsis.

Cannabis Cures PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stems from an unpleasant past experience that had a major impact on the brain. The patient of this disorder relives the trauma repeatedly even after a long period of time.

The treatment of PTSD requires the increase of serotonin levels. This is where you can take the help of cannabis as it is known to induce the creation of serotonin in the brain. It also helps in dealing with some of the symptoms associated with PTSD, including insomnia and recurrent nightmares.

Cannabis Helps Manage Stress

Even though you may deny, but stress puts an extreme amount of pressure on your health. While experiencing stressful situations, your body might go through “flight or a fight mode”. This causes the blood pressure to increase, pupils to dilate and an acceleration in the heart rate. As a result, you end up releasing a hormone called the cortisol, also called the stress hormone.

Now, when you use cannabis or related products like nano enhanced hemp oil , it travels through your bloodstream and aids in the upliftment of the mood. It also manages the appetite and induces the feeling of calmness in the body. Thus, you may find yourself dealing with panic attacks better than ever before.

Cannabis Improves Sleep

A proper amount of rest is a necessity not only for the physical well-being but also the mental well being. The nerve cells communicate better, thinking becomes clearer and the tandem between thoughts and actions increases.

Although conditions like stress, anxiety, and insomnia might disrupt your sleeping patterns, cannabis manages to provide ample rest to the body. It provides calm to the mind and enhances the quality of the sleep. You can also avoid the irregular intermittency in your sleeping hours by using cannabis judiciously.

To garner more knowledge on the role of cannabis in the improvement of the mental health, you can contact nearby medical marijuana dispensaries .

Cannabis and its compounds like CBD have largely been associated with psychoactive effects on the body so far. It is high time we change our perceptions about them and begin to realize the medicinal benefits that accrue to them.