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14 Best CBD Oils for Dementia

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Discover Magazine's Best CBD Oil For Dementia: PenguinCBD

Dementia is a condition that is as painful for the sufferer as it is for everyone around him or her. Before we start, it should be stressed that currently there is no cure for the ravages of dementia. However, there are many promising treatments on the horizon, both with regards to treating the underlying condition, and in easing the many symptoms it brings forth.

Since we are left with precious little in the way of traditional medicine to help the suffers find some relief from the condition, it has become the role of alternative therapeutics to help bring some comfort to those battling these conditions. CBD is rapidly becoming one of the favored treatments for dealing with many of the side effects brought on by dementia, even though it doesn’t treat the underlying condition. Here are some of the ways it can help improve the lives of those dealing with dementia.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms people with dementia face as the condition sets in. CBD oil, when used directly and in a wide variety of foods and drinks, has been shown to help deal with anxiety for anyone using it. It is a common home remedy used for those dealing with both acute and chronic anxiety, often bringing relief when more traditional medications have failed to have a noticeable impact.

In fact, many members of our team use CBD oil to treat anxiety generally. It is a simple remedy that is highly portable, making it easy to stick in a pocket or bag and pull out whenever needed. A dose can be easily measured out, added to our favorite food and drink, and consumed within seconds.

This is an important point when working with those living with dementia. They may develop problems taking pills, or have a general animosity to medicines at large, but will gladly drink their favorite cup of tea. All the caregiver needs to do is measure in a dose and mix it thoroughly. The recipient doesn’t have to know, and in just a matter of minutes will be experiencing the relaxing properties of CBD without having to worry about any of the nasty side effects that can come with traditional treatments.

Fights Depression

Depression is among the most common comorbidities for many forms of dementia. For good reason, since depression is usually the result of reduced/negatively impacted functioning of the brain. When it is literally damaging itself, some form of depression shouldn’t be unexpected. The one thing that has surprised many researchers and medical professionals is the dangers inherent in treating dementia-related depression with traditional medications.

Many treatments have been found to cause extreme side effects, up to and including death. As such, treating depression in many cases turns out to be a palliative measure rather than focusing on the condition itself.

Now, it is important to note that we aren’t doctors. Our team of reviewers does not claim to be medical professionals. Always check with the doctor before making any decisions that will impact the life and wellbeing of your loved one.

CBD oil has been shown in many studies to help treat mild to moderate depression, even in cases where traditional treatments have failed. The reasons for this are complex, though they revolve around how CBD interacts with the nervous system while simultaneously treating causes of depression, such as anxiety and inflammation.

It does this without the risk of side effects or the painful risk of addiction, making it a powerful tool to consider using when treating dementia-related depression. Many members of our team of product reviewers have moderate depression (caused by the winter months, not the work environment!) As such, we took home several bottles of CBD oil and tried them out. During our testing period we were pleased to report that our symptoms decreased by a significant margin. Now, to be fair, we also did things like try to get better sleep and exercise more, which have also been shown to help deal with the symptoms of depression. But the results speak for themselves.

Here are fourteen of the best CBD oils we have found available. Each of them is made by reputable companies that take the time needed to craft an amazing experience for its consumers. Beyond that, we found three companies that stand out as being amongst the best in the field:

1. Penguin CBD

Start enjoying life by grabbing a couple of CBD oil from one of the best producers of CBD products in the United States. This oil is perfect for helping you relax, soothe away pain, and banish anxiety. It is made with the purest CBD isolate available, sourced from non-GMO hemp grown from seed at the best farms in Oregon.

This oil is guaranteed to be filled to the rim with the CBD goodness you want and crave, without any unwanted additives that can lead to an inferior product. One such problematic ingredient you can rest assured is not in this CBD oil is THC. You will not have to worry about experiencing an unwanted high, something that can’t be said for other brands’ oils.

2. Everest CBD

Are you looking for a delicious CBD oil that is truly full-spectrum? Everest offers you the opportunity to embrace the powers of CBD compounds in order to help you start living your best possible life. Everest is one of the leaders in the American CBD market, starting shortly after industrial hemp farming was legalized back in 2004. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to craft amazing products designed to bring the power of the hemp plant to as many people as possible.

The production process starts with sourcing only the highest quality non-GMO seed stock, growing it in carefully tended fields located here in the United States, and then harvesting it using the latest technology. The end result is a CBD product that can help you deal with pain, anxiety, and depression without missing a beat. All you have to do is measure a dose and see what it can do for you and your loved one.

3. Verma Farms

Verma Farms’ oil has been carefully designed from the ground up to provide you with the best experience possible. All you need to do is pick out the flavor that speaks to you and start living your best life.

Verma Farms has a long and storied history of producing quality CBD products, perfect for tackling everything from smoking cessation and weight loss to depression and anxiety. It is used by thousands of people every day, enabling them to quickly and easily tackle even the greatest challenge that life before them. Our team of happy product reviewers always keeps a bottle on hand, ready for those precious moments when we can fully relax and stop having to worry about the world for a few minutes.

4. Exhale CBD Oil

There is taking a break from work and then there is taking a moment to enjoy the power of CBD from the comfort of your desk. Exhale offers a nearly THC-free oil that has been carefully designed to make it easy for you to tackle any challenge in your way. All you have to do is pick a dose, enjoy, and watch as the worries of the world fall from your shoulders.

Made with 100% full spectrum CBD, this is the perfect oil for anyone looking to embrace all of the health benefits that come with CBD products without having to worry about any unwanted ingredients. Every bottle comes packed to the gills with a healthy dose of CBD, enough to help you do everything from stopping smoking to help lose those extra pounds you put on last winter. Our team of dedicated reviewers loved this brand, and so will you!

5. Just CBD Oil

Are you looking to explore the world of CBD but don’t want to have to worry about the often bitter taste of hemp? Just CBD has your back with a CBD oil that is made with 100% natural and refined CBD isolate, a process that strips out everything but the CBD compounds from the all-natural industrial hemp plant.

Produced by a titan in the CBD world, this CBD oil has been carefully designed to meet the highest quality standards possible. Each bottle is GMP-certified and party lab tested – meaning you are guaranteed to have the best possible experience when using this product.

Our team of reviewers was delighted to try these out for a couple of weeks. We had a variety of goals in mind, ranging from the standard relaxation to help us lose weight or stop smoking. It helped all of us meet our goals, without breaking a sweat.

6. CBDfx Oil

CBDfx is one of the leading companies in the CBD world, among the first to offer CBD products to consumers nationwide. They have taken their early successes and built their practice to offer a wide range of CBD products ranging from simple oils to complex gummies designed to replace multivitamins and diet aids. Our team has had plenty of experience with this brand, often holding it up as a standard-bearer when evaluating newcomers to the CBD marketplace.

During our many encounters, we have found that this company has taken the time and energy needed to produce a high-quality product that is guaranteed to help you deal with the challenges in your life, whether it be smoking cessation, losing weight, or simply relaxing after a long day at the office.

7. Five Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil

Looking for a CBD+THC oil from a company dedicated to providing you with the best possible CBD and THC experience? Five is proud to offer customers around the nation (except for those that can’t legally purchase THC-inclusive products) with the opportunity to embrace the health benefits of CBD without having to sacrifice the calm and good feelings that come with using THC.

This product line has been carefully developed to provide those seeing the benefits of the full cannabis plant without dealing with the social stigma/potential legal headaches of using marijuana. Designed from the ground up to make finding the right dose easy, all you have to do is follow the directions and within minutes you will be feeling the bliss that can only come from THC. Our team of expert reviewers was amazed with the taste, affordability, and ease of use that came with this product. As such, we strongly recommend it if you happen to be in a state where such a purchase is legal.

8. Charlotte’s Web Oil

Charlotte’s Web has been in the CBD field since its inception, providing clients from around the United States with access to high-quality CBD products at affordable prices. Their main selling point, and one we at the office fully appreciated while evaluating their products, is the sheer volume of dosage sizes available. You are able to find the right dosage for you without having to spend countless hours carefully measuring. All you need to do is follow the directions on the bottle.

9. cbdMD

Tired of not knowing which CBD oil to buy to help you tackle your personal goals? cbdMD is delighted to offer you the opportunity to experience the many health benefits of hemp with none of the unwanted highs and side effects that come from using marijuana. Each easily affordable bottle comes packed to the gills with the finest full-spectrum CBD oils available, making this a surefire hit for anyone looking to soothe pain, calm anxieties, and relax after a long day.

10. Green Roads CBD Oil

One review of this brand of CBD Oil was quite apt: “The sense of calm just settles over you. It’s like a switch…” And this has played out in our review of this brand. It is among the fastest working CBD oil products available on the market, regardless of the dose. It must be because of the company’s dedication to providing a holistic product that brings to you every good bit of the hemp plant.

Our team was pleased with the variety of products available, both in regards to the dosage and the flavors. It was a joy selecting different varieties to test out during our customary two-week period. During that time we found that this brand of CBD, like the rest we have tested, was able to help us embrace life and tackle the challenges in front of us. As the reviewer said, it was like a switch.

11. Royal CBD Oil

Royal CBD has worked tirelessly to provide you with the best possible CBD oil. All you need to do is read the jar to find out the right dose for you and off you go to a world of bliss. Our review of this brand showed that it did everything it promised and more.

During our review, we were glad to notice that the office became a friendlier, more relaxed place as everyone collectively chilled out thanks to the calming power of CBD. It was a truly marvelous fortnight, and we recommend that you give this brand a try.

12. Cornbread Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Cornbread offers you a wide range of CBD products, including gummies and full-spectrum CBD oil. Their products have one unique advantage that most manufacturers cannot match: The company produces its oil using only the flowers from the hemp plant. This results in a product that includes up to 2 mg of THC per serving in addition to all of the goodness that comes from using all-natural CBD.

Sadly, this means that this product is not available nationwide. It is only available in states that legalize the sale of products containing THC. As such, we strongly recommend that you look up your local laws before making a purchase. If it is available to you, we wholeheartedly recommend this brand and guarantee that you will be amazed by how it can help you achieve your life goals.

13. Gold Bee CBD Oil

Gold Bee has worked tirelessly to produce quality CBD products for use by people throughout the United States. Its goal was to produce a line of products perfect for nearly any event – be it relaxing after a long day at work or fighting off that cigarette craving. Our team of dedicated reviewers, by now CBD product specialists, found that Gold Bee’s products did help in keeping us calm and focused on our goal.

14. MedTerra CBD Oil

MedTerra has earned a reputation for excellence in the CBD community due to its dedication to providing the best possible CBD products to users throughout the United States. We were particularly impressed with the varieties MedTerra offered, focusing on everything from sleeping to keeping calm in the face of even the most stressful of situations.

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Our team of reviewers was pleased with how the CBD products made us feel. We were better able to relax and focus on the task at hand, making it easier to achieve our goals with ease. The CBD oil really did help us narrow in on the truly important things in life by taking away the doubts, pain, and anxiety that tend to fill our minds on a daily basis. We were pleased with the result and full-heartedly recommend this brand to anyone looking for quality CBD products from a developer with a long history in the market.

Best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Are you or someone you love living with a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis? Are you afraid to use any medication because of its multiple side effects? Perhaps the medication offered is not as effective as you’d have hoped and so you’re looking for a natural alternative.

Both Alzheimer’s and dementia are degenerative diseases for which there is no cure. And CBD oil has been recognized for its therapeutic use and potential role in reducing the neurological symptoms of these conditions.

According to a study by The Salk Institute in 2016, CBD oil has been observed in the removal of Amyloid-beta from (lab-grown) neurons. What is amyloid-beta? It’s basically the culprit in the onset of these diseases. It’s a protein that makes up the plaque that causes the brain to stop functioning properly.

With more than 5 million Americans living with neurodegenerative diseases, CBD is bringing a glimmer of hope to those who use it. While CBD oils do not prevent, reverse, or stop diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, is a powerful antioxidant, and offers relief from anxiety and depression that can often accompany these conditions.

This article will help you learn everything you need to know before selecting the best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s and Dementia for you or your dear ones.

Let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Spruce750 mg CBD Oil

  • Oil is vegan
  • It is Full-Spectrum
  • It supports the cognitive functions
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • It has no artificial flavors

Spruce CBD Oil is a high-grade oil. Pure and potent, it’s full of antioxidants thanks to being full-spectrum CBD oil. The oil is a good pick for people dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia as its anti-inflammatory properties can help with the effects of the conditions. Its anxiety-relieving properties also help lower stress levels, which is key in maintaining a good quality of life.

The supplement is full of vegan-friendly ingredients that are double-tested for purity and safety.

The 10 Best Products Comparison



The Best CBD Oils – Product Reviews

Top 10 CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s and Dementia out there

Spruce750 mg CBD Oil

Spruce CBD Oil is a high-grade oil. Pure and potent, it’s full of antioxidants thanks to being full-spectrum CBD oil.

The oil is a good pick for people dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia as its anti-inflammatory properties can help with the effects of the conditions. Its anxiety-relieving properties also help lower stress levels, which is key in maintaining a good quality of life.

The Oil is tested in the lab and also sent to a third party for testing. Lab reports are available. It is free of heavy metals, environmental contaminants, and chemicals.

The oil is derived from hemp, which is known for its relaxation properties with little to no THC. It is sourced from organic farms and is extracted using CO2 extraction so that none of the powerful compounds are lost to oxidation. The oil has a fast absorption rate so your body can benefit from its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as soon as it’s ingested. It has non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients.

  • Oil is vegan
  • It is Full-Spectrum
  • It supports cognitive functions
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • It has no artificial flavors
  • The oil is tested in the lab and by a third-party
  • It will not make you high
  • The Oil is not completely THC free so not recomended for people with addiction problems

Spruce 2400 mg CBD Oil

Spruce has a wide range of CBD oils in different strengths to suit your needs. This one is high-potency, lab-grade CBD Oil. The oil is full of beneficial antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

CBD oil has been shown to provide support for people living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia because of its ability to alleviate anxiety and depression. Managing stress is key to preserving brain function, improving clarity of mind, and enhancing the quality of life.

The oil is tested in the local lab and also by a third party. Its batches are double-tested for safety and purity. Lab reports are available online. The oil is free of heavy metals, chemicals, and other pollutants.

The ingredients are non-GMO verified, dairy-free, and cruelty-free. It is free of artificial additives, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. The Oil dissolves fast into the bloodstream.

  • The Oil is vegan
  • It is a high potency CBD Oil
  • The oil is Full-Spectrum
  • It will not make you high
  • Improves brains immunity
  • Boosts mental clarity
  • Tested in the lab and by a third-party
  • It is not THC-free so not recommended for people dealing with addiction

Kanibi CBD Oil

Kanibi CBD Oil is full spectrum. It has all of the benefits of cannabis without THC and is packed with vegan ingredients. The oil is effective and has a unique formula. It dissolves into the bloodstream very fast and works wonders.

The Oil has essential anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants that will help to boost mental clarity and sense of wellbeing. With stress and confusion associated with neurodegenerative diseases, mental clarity and energy decline, so it’s good to manage stress early on.

The Oil has also been tested for aiding people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, body pain, arthritis, stress, and anxiety. The oil is easy to consume as it has no unpleasant smell and flavor.

The ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free. It is full-spectrum Oil and has very little to no THC content. There are no preservatives or artificial flavors present in the oil. It is tested in the lab and also by a third party.

  • It is vegan
  • The Oil is Full Spectrum
  • The Oil is tested for purity and safety
  • It is high in strength
  • It has a fast absorption rate
  • The Oil improves memory
  • None

CBD Living CBD Oil

CBD Living CBD Oil is a full-spectrum oil. It has additional benefits from cannabis. The oil will not make you high as it has very low THC content. It is full of plant-based and clean ingredients. The oil has a respectable amount of antioxidants and nutrients that can assist with improving memory.

Alzheimer’s over time shows symptoms of dementia. It is better to consume essential nutrients and supplements that will help prevent the loss of memory. The oil improves mental clarity and cognitive functions.

It has a slight amount of MCT Oil that boosts bioavailability and absorption. The oil absorbs quickly into the bloodstream. It is effective in alleviating the symptoms of dementia and enhances memory.

The oil supports the nervous system, immune system, and boosts the energy of the brain by managing the impacts of stress and confusion. It protects the brain against diseases. It has plant-based, non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients. The Oil has easy to consume herbal taste.

  • It is a high potency
  • The Oil is vegan-friendly
  • It has fast absorption
  • It improves the sleep cycle
  • It boosts the memory
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • It has MCT Oil extract that might cause mouth dryness

Gingerbread Flavored CBD Oil

Spruce has introduced good quality lab-grade CBD Oils. The Gingerbread Flavored CBD Oil by Spruce is an effective pick for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. There is a 90% probability that an Alzheimer’s patient will start showing symptoms of Dementia over time.

It is better to take supplements with essential nutrients that help suppress the side effects of Alzheimer’s. The Oil is full of vegan and safe ingredients. It has non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients.

The Oil has a high-quality formula that absorbs fast into the bloodstream. It is a full spectrum and contains additional benefits of cannabis. The Oil is a natural and cozy Gingerbread flavor that is easy to consume.

It is tested in the lab and also by a third party for safety and purity. The Oil supports the nervous system, immune system, and boosts mental clarity. It is free of chemicals, heavy metals, and preservatives.

  • It is organic
  • The Oil is a full spectrum
  • Enhances memory
  • Supports nervous system
  • It is tested in the lab and by a third-party
  • The Oil has a fast action
  • It is a limited-edition CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil is full of effective nutrients and safe ingredients. It helps in boosting the brain’s energy and immunity. The Oil supports the nervous system and cognitive functions.

It is good to start taking supplements that support mental clarity and memory. The Oil has non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients. It has the hemp seed obtained from the large organic farms under CO2 extraction.

The hemp promotes a sense of relaxation in the body. Oil reduces stress and improves the sleep cycle. It is tested in the lab and also by a third party. Oil is free of additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, and pesticides.

Each batch of the Oil is free of heavy metals, chemicals, and pollutants. The is a full spectrum and provides additional cannabis benefits. However, it has a very low THC content.

  • It is vegan
  • The Oil supports brain functions
  • Improves mental clarity
  • The Oil is a full spectrum
  • It is a high potency Oil
  • The Oil is double-tested
  • None

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil is full of essential nutrients for a healthy brain. The people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia develop a weak memory and lose mental clarity over time. It is better to take care of the brain before it’s too late.

The Oil has natural, cleans, and safe ingredients. It is tested in the lab and also by a third party. The Oil has non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free. It supports the nervous system and immunity system.

It promotes a sense of relaxation and calmness in the body. The Oil reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety. It has natural hemp-extracted safely from organic farms. Hemp makes you feel relaxed and light.

The Oil is free of parabens, heavy metals, chemicals, and allergens. It prevents memory loss and improves concentration. The Oil has fatty acids that help in the healthy development of brain cognition.

  • The Oil is vegan-friendly
  • It is tested for purity in the lab and by a third party
  • The Oil supports cognitive functions
  • It enhances concentration and memory
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It is full-spectrum
  • None

Elixinol CBD Oil

Elixinol CBD Oil is full of essential nutrients and safe ingredients. As we grow old, our brain tends to lose focus, concentration, and memory. CBD Oil is very helpful for improving mental clarity and cognitive functions.

The Oil has non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients. It is tested by a third party. Moreover, each batch is also tested in the manufacturing lab. The Oil is free of heavy metals, pollutants, and chemicals. There are no preservatives and artificial flavors present in the Oil.

The Oil boosts brain immunity and energy. It creates a strong immunity wall in the brain against diseases. The Oil also supports the digestive system and will not make your stomach upset. It is a full spectrum of CBD Oil.

The Oil is not THC-free; however, the quantity is very low. It enhances the health of the brain and supports memory.

  • It is a vegan Oil
  • The Oil is cruelty-free
  • It supports mental clarity
  • It enhances concentration and memory
  • It is a full spectrum of Oil
  • It is not THC-free

CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBDistillery CBD Oil is a full-spectrum Oil. It is full of safe and clean ingredients. The people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia tend to lose their memory. It is good to start taking essential nutrients that help in suppressing the side effects of Alzheimer’s.

The Oil has non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients. It reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety. The Oil supports brain immunity and the nervous system. It enhances concentration and memory. Oil promotes good health in the brain.

It has natural hemp seed extract that is obtained from organic farms. The Oil is tested in the lab and also by a third party. It is free of preservatives, artificial additives, and pesticides. There are no heavy metals, chemicals, and pollutants present in the Oil.

The Oil has a fast absorption rate and dissolves into the bloodstream. It elevates the mood. Oil improves the sleep cycle and enhances cognitive functions.

  • It is a vegetarian Oil
  • The Oil is tested in the lab
  • It is also tested by a third-party
  • It enhances mental clarity
  • Improves memory
  • Supports immunity system
  • It is expensive

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics CBD Oil is one of the premium quality CBD Oil available in the market. It is full of essential nutrients. The ingredients are safe, non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

The Oil supports cognitive functions, mental clarity, and memory. It is a good supplement for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The Oil enhances focus, concentration, and memory. The good thing about the Oil is that it is THC-free.

The Oil is tested in the lab and also by a third party. It is free of toxins, pollutants, heavy metals, preservatives, and artificial flavors. The hemp in the Oil is extracted safely from the large organic farms. The Oil has fast absorption rats. It dissolves into the bloodstream and elevates the mood.

  • The Oil is vegan
  • It is THC-free
  • It supports cognitive functions
  • It enhances concentration and memory
  • The Oil is tested
  • The Oil supports immunity
  • It is a broad spectrum
  • It has a high absorption rate
  • None

Best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Buying Guide

Dementia includes a wide range of brain disorders characterized by a steady lessening in the ability to think and memorize. People with dementia are more likely to experience variations in their perception, performance, and behavior.

Cannabidiol (CBD) shows great potential in its ability to prevent and reduce this disease. While there is currently no known way to reverse or prevent Alzheimer’s, research is progressing at an alarming rate, and exciting discoveries are always being made.

A study reveals that more than 47 million people were affected worldwide by dementia in 2015, and most of them were over 85 years old, which indicates that aged people are more sensitive towards this disease.

However, researchers predict that the number of people with dementia will rise to 131 million by 2050, which means it’s getting critical day by day. So, now is the time to take precautions and choose the best treatment for this disease.

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There must be many questions in your mind related to the choice of CBD Oil. We are here to help you choose the best one – by letting you know all the things you need to know before hitting the buying button.

What is CBD Oil and How it Prevents Dementia?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is found in the Cannabis plant and reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). When CBD is launched into the body, a warning signal is generated to produce more receptors and cannabinoids.

The CB1, among these receptors, is significant of great importance.

The CB1 receptor is derived from a part of the brain i.e., the hippocampus affected by dementia. A researcher of the Salk Institute, Professor David Schubert, believes that CBD eliminates amyloid-beta toxic proteins from the brains of the patients.

Amyloid-beta is present in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients and is associated with brain cell inflammation. According to a study at the University of Western Sydney, CBD helps remove this amyloid-beta inflammation.

It is also proved effective as an antidepressant and anti-anxiety therapy. This helps reduce agitation, nightmares, and anger in the patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Benefits of CBD for Dementia

As a neuroprotectant and antioxidant, CBD helps improve brain functioning by reducing the progress of neurodegenerative diseases and proved to be a natural solution for many serious problems.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease becomes severe with the increase in inflammation in the brain. Alzheimer’s patients often suffer rapid decline and deterioration of brain cells in certain areas. It was recently discovered that CBD can enhance the articulation of the hippocampal region. This is the region of the brain responsible for brain function and memory formulation.

Researchers revealed that the EGS is involved in neuropathology, neurobiology, and neurotransmission of various forms of dementia.

  • Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

As a progressive neurodegenerative disease, Parkinson’s Dementia affects middle-aged and older people. Other symptoms of dementia can be due to Parkinson’s disease which is called Parkinson’s mental illness.

According to Scientists, Parkinson’s disease is produced from dopamine production and is often manifested by tremors, muscle cramps, and erratic movements. Digestive imbalances also play a vital role in Parkinson’s progression and the severity of its symptoms.

CBD produces neuroprotective, antioxidant effects, and anti-inflammation in the brain, which may help in treating dementia caused by Parkinson’s disease.

  • Frontotemporal Dementia

This can cause symptoms of depression and psychosis, as the brain loses many cells in its anterior & temporal lobes. Dissimilar to many antidepressants, CBD can relieve stiffness, tremors, and anxiety without any side effects related to prescription medications.

  • Vascular Dementia

People suffering from vascular dementia often experience problems with memory, planning, judgment, consultation, and other processes because of brain damage from the reduction of blood flow to their brain.

A study reveals that CBD receptors in the brain promote the restoration of blood flow towards the brain. CBD helps to reduce Oxidative stress damage. Oxidative stress may result in severe damage to tissues throughout the body.

  • Huntington’s Disease Dementia

Huntington’s disease dementia is a genetic disease that causes the breakdown of brain cells, often leading to dementia. The leading symptoms of this disease are usually minor and involve emotional problems and attention.

According to some researchers, CBD’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help control Huntington’s disease and are safer even at very high doses.

  • Lewy Bodies Dementia

Alpha-synuclein proteins, scientifically known as Lewy Bodies, are implanted in the brain. These elements can cause problems with function, movement, judgment, sleep, and mood. According to studies, CBD can reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Moreover, CBD with its anti-inflammatory effects, can reduce the intensity of motor symptoms and helps regulate sleep.

Treatment of Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

CBD has not only proven to be a potential element in reducing or possibly stopping severe diseases but it also helps in treating some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. These symptoms include:

  • Insomnia

Insomnia does not last at all phases. Usually, it occurs in the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease. CBD offers a relaxing and calming effect that encourages sleep.

  • Anxiety and Anger

Usually, patients suffering from Alzheimer’s will go through increased misperception, anxiety, and confusion. CBD can reduce anxiety and helps to stimulate anger.

  • Loss of Appetite

As Alzheimer’s disease becomes severe, patients often suffer a loss of appetite and results in weight loss. CBD helps to naturally stimulate appetite and helps to prevent the damage from unhealthy weight loss.

  • Fainting

One of the severe Alzheimer’s symptoms is fainting. CBD helps to reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy. It indicates that it also has the potential to do the same for patients suffering from dementia.

  • Depression

In the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease, patients may suffer from a state of depression. The neurons in the hippocampus, an area of the brain that is weakened during stress, are protected with the help of CBD. However, the hippocampus is resistant and CBD is the best treatment to help it recuperate by reducing neuron atrophy.

  • Skin Infection

Alzheimer’s Patients are often infected with a variety of diseases that can lead to itchy skin. CBD helps to relieve these symptoms of skin conditions.

CBD Oil Dosage for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

When it comes to using CBD Oil for dementia, there are no clearly prescribed dosage guidelines. However, several studies were conducted on the effectiveness of its doses for Alzheimer’s patients. The amount of CBD can vary depending on the reason and intensity of dementia.

According to some studies, a person needs 600mg to 1200mg of CBD per day. The average dose of CBD Oil ranges from 20mg to 40mg per day, and studies reveal that it can be as much as 1500mg. It is always suggested to start from almost 30mg per day and then regularly upturn until you get the expected outcomes.

As CBD may react with other drugs and not in a beneficial way, you should also consult with your doctor before making a personal decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD Oils are different from THC, which may affect the memory capacity. THC is a part of Cannabis and acts as the main ingredient which causes a feeling of “high”. But, CBD causes no such effect. Moreover, the use of CBD Oil doesn’t result in the short term or long term effects on memory.

The legality of CBD Oil depends on which plant it originates from. Usually, the two plants used are hemp and marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD is generally legal in all 50 states. Hemp may have the chance of 0.3 percent THC, so you should make sure that the product you choose is produced from organic hemp.

Different states have their laws regarding this, which generates a lot of confusion related to the legalities of CBD. The best way is to research your state first before choosing any product.

Usually, it is recommended to start from 30mg per day and then gradually increase the quantity depending upon the results. The normal CBD dosage ranges from 20mg to 40mg. However, the best option is to consult with a doctor first.

Final Word

Dementia significantly affects the regular functioning and quality of life and is often caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Though there is no cure for dementia, more people have been using CBD Oil to treat dementia and are having positive results.

Not only does CBD completely cure Dementia, but it can also reduce symptoms such as fretfulness, misperception, and anger. Also, it acts as anti-inflammation and can stimulate the development of brain cells.

Researchers have been studying the CBD’s neuroprotectant properties and its effect on neurodegeneration for many years. However, the proofs that the treatment is effective or not, are not yet complete.

Results from animal studies and preclinical studies suggest that the cannabinoids and EGC can be used to prevent this disease and reverse its effects through consistent management.

Before using any CBD-based or related products, the best practice is that you should always consult the doctor first to make sure it is suitable for your condition or not. I hope this article is clear enough and you have managed to choose the best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s and Dementia for yourself!

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Best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s

Are you looking for an alternative solution to manage Alzheimer’s disease? Below are some CBD product recommendations you may consider to help you with this condition.

Spruce 750mg Lab Grade CBD Oil
  1. Peppermint flavor masks any unpleasant taste
  2. Contains 25mg of CBD per dropper full
  3. Bottle includes a graduated dropper for correct serving measurement

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Best CBD Purity

NuLeaf Naturals 900mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
  1. Natural remedy for various illnesses
  2. Product is full-spectrum whole-plant extract
  3. Contains naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes

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Best High Potency

Spruce 2400mg Lab Grade CBD Oil
  1. Maximum possible potency
  2. Each dropper full contains 80mg of CBD
  3. Conveniently fits in a 30mL bottle

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Avida Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture 500mg
  1. Proprietary full-spectrum
  2. Developed using advanced AVIDA CORE Spectrum Technology
  3. Highest naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoids and Terpenes with THC (<0.3)

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cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Natural 1500mg
  1. made using only CBD sourced from medical hemp
  2. available in many flavours
  3. safe for daily use

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CBDistillery THC Free CBD Oil Tinctures
  1. Do not contain THC
  2. Available in different potencies and sizes
  3. Brand has special deals and offers

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Best Customer Rated

cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Natural 750mg
  1. THC-free
  2. Has plenty of flavours to choose from
  3. Totally vegan

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Best For Beginners

NuLeaf Naturals 300mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
  1. Lowest concentration for CBD beginners
  2. Fully organic and lab-tested
  3. Full-spectrum

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Best Flavor Range

Hemp Bombs 750mg CBD Oil
  1. Has a wide range of flavours
  2. Safe to intake
  3. Get 20% off when you avail of their subscription

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Best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s 2022

    Editor’s Pick Best Organic Editor’s Pick Best Seller Best Natural Alternative Best THC-Free Best Customer Rated Best Starter Best Flavor Range

Compare the best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s in 2021

Best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s

1. Spruce 750mg Lab Grade CBD Oil
cbdc overall score
CBDC Evaluation Table/Score

Each bottle of the 750mg CBD oil tincture contains 25mg of CBD per dropper full. The oil is peppermint flavor to mask any unpleasant tastes related to CBD.

2. NuLeaf Naturals 900mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
cbdc overall score
CBDC Evaluation Table/Score

Natural remedy for various illnesses. NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes.

3. Spruce 2400mg Lab Grade CBD Oil
cbdc overall score
CBDC Evaluation Table/Score

The largest bottle of CBD oil that Spruce offers contains 2,400mg of CBD. This is full-spectrum CBD oil, which is the maximum possible potency. Each high potency dropper full contains 80mg of CBD. There are no flavorings in it, which allows for the most CBD to fit in the 30ml bottle.

4. Avida Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture 500mg
cbdc overall score
CBDC Evaluation Table/Score

Avida Extracts Full Spectrum CBD oil is the latest iteration of the brand’s advanced Avida CORE Spectrum technology. They use a proprietary full spectrum blend, resulting in the highest naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoids and Terpenes with THC (<0.3) to support your health.

5. cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Natural 1500mg
cbdc overall score
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cbdMD’s CBD oil tinctures are made using only CBD sourced from medical hemp and MCT oil as a carrier oil. Tinctures are offered in orange, mint, natural, and berry flavors. Safe for daily use, the oil tinctures are packaged with a built-in rubber dropper to adjust CBD dosage easily. The packaging is made to be easy to transport and discreet to use.

6. CBDistillery THC Free CBD Oil Tinctures
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CBDistillery’s Isolate CBD Oil Tinctures harness the power of pure CBD. CBD Isolate Oil Tinctures include 0.0% THC. When you use CBDistillery CBD Isolate Oil Tinctures, you can be assured you’re using the highest quality CBD on the market.

7. NuLeaf Naturals 300mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
cbdc overall score
CBDC Evaluation Table/Score

This is one of several concentrations from NuLeaf Naturals. As the lowest concentration, it is the company’s best option for those new to CBD oil. The product is lab-tested and fully organic. It is full-spectrum, so it contains THC in small quantities.

8. cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Natural 750mg
cbdc overall score
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A 750mg bottle of cbdMD’s Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture does not contain THC. It also has a fairly wide flavor range which is perfect for those who prefer other taste. Vegan consumers are considered since cbdMD offers Vegan products. Aside from all of that, another reason why people love cbdMD is because it’s free from harmful chemicals.

9. Hemp Bombs 750mg CBD Oil
cbdc overall score
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Hemp Bombs offer CBD Oil Tinctures that come in a 30ml bottle containing 750mg of CBD. They provide a wide range of flavors perfect for those that have a knack for sweets. Consumers can safely intake this because it’s free of chemicals and pesticides. Hemp Bombs also offer a 20% off on products upon subscription.

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How CBD Helps with Alzheimer’s Disease

The suggested neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive hemp derivative, have been explored and studied for their prospective benefits for Alzheimer’s disease (1) .

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia that involves progressive and irreversible damage in memory and cognitive skills (2) .

The degenerative cause of Alzheimer’s disease is believed to start in the hippocampus region of the brain that is responsible for memory (3) .

  • Presence of beta-amyloid protein build-up (amyloid plaques)
  • A bnormal accumulation of tau protein (neurofibrillary tangles)
  • C hronic inflammation
  • H ardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • B eta-amyloid accumulation in the brain arteries

This disease disrupts neurons, resulting in apoptosis (cell death) and loss of neuron function (5) .

According to a clinical and scientific review of Alzheimer’s, the disease usually occurs in females over 65 (6) . The symptoms of Alzheimer’s comes in three stages: the early stage, middle stage, and late-stage (7) .

  • Memory loss
  • Mood and personality changes
  • Increased anxiety or aggression
  • Inability to learn new things
  • Problem recognizing family and friends
  • Hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions
  • Inability to communicate
  • Seizures
  • Increase sleeping
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
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It was reported in a study that endocannabinoids, particularly CBD, may play a vital role in the management of Alzheimer’s disease by offsetting the hyperactivity of amyloid-induced tau protein ’s inflammatory and neurochemical consequences (9) .

These amyloid-induced tau proteins may accumulate or form an abnormal aggregate that is said to cause Alzheimer’s (10) . Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds that may be found in Cannabis sativa .

Another research on the potential functionality and role of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease reported that cannabinoids showed immunosuppressive effects and neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties (11) .

The ECS is responsible for the different inflammatory and immune activities and other central nervous system functions (12) .

This neuromodulatory system has two primary receptors: the CB1 receptor, which regulates memory, motor control, and mood, and the CB2 receptor that is accountable for immunomodulatory functions (13) .

The psychological deficiencies of Alzheimer’s patients may be linked to the cerebral disturbances in the hippocampus and frontal cortex part of the brain that are known to be abundant in CB1 receptors (14) .

It was also noted that CB2 receptors in patients with Alzheimer’s were correlated with beta-amyloid plaques and levels (15) .

This receptor demonstrated the potential to assist in beta-amyloid processing and may prevent neuroinflammation in people with Alzheimer’s disease (16) .

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound found in c annabis that has psychoactive effects, is shown to have a high affinity with the CB1 receptor (17) .

Although CBD alone binds weakly with CB1 and CB2 receptors, it was reported in a study that CBD is said to have the capability to antagonize these receptors in the presence of THC (18) .

A study also noted the neurogenesis and neuroinflammatory influences of the ECS on Alzheimer’s disease (19) .

It was reported that CBD has the potential to promote neurogenesis and lessen the production of the compressed fibrous neuroglia network (gliosis) (20) .

However, these promising benefits of cannabinoids in the pharmacology of Alzheimer’s disease requires further clinical trials.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s Disease

CBD is known to have beneficial effects in psychiatric diseases, like depression, anxiety, and psychosis (21) .

A murine model of cerebral malaria showed that adjunct therapy using CBD improved the test subjects’ behavioral and cognitive functions (22) .

Several studies reported CBD’s possible neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties (23) . The research discussed how CBD may help in the supplemental remedy of people who suffer from neurological disorders.

In in vitro (test tube experiment done in the laboratory) models of Alzheimer’s disease , researchers examined CBD’s protective role in synaptic plasticity. This ability is defined as the changes in synapses (junctions between neurons) , enabling neurons to communicate .

It was noted that CBD had protective properties against beta-amyloid peptide’s neurotoxic effects , resulting in neurodegeneration (24) .

Neuroprotectant Properties

A study suggested that several cannabinoids showed possible neuroprotective effects by acting on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS (25) .

The neuroprotective properties of CBD were further investigated in a study showing how the treatment of cells with CBD greatly enhanced cell survival. The paper showed that CBD averted beta-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity.

Neuroprotective means the ability to protect brain cells and nerves from impairment and possible death (26) .

An animal study showed that CBD demonstrated neuroprotective activities in hypoxia-ischemia (HI)-induced (temporary occlusion of hypoxia and carotid arteries) newborn piglets (27) .

It was noted in the study that CBD had exhibited little to no adverse effects when administered.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Preclinical research on neurodegenerative disorders focused on the neuroprotective propert ies of CBD along with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects (28) .

The researchers observed that CBD had anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for neuroinflammatory diseases , like multiple sclerosis (29) .

CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects were also associated with microglial cell migration, including the production of pro-inflammatory mediators targeting CB2 receptors (30) .

Antioxidant Properties

Individuals with A lzheimer’s disease exhibited high oxidative stress and damage connected with amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles (31) .

A study mentioned that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD had the potential to protect against oxidative stress and its resulting protein and lipid modification (32) .

Another study suggested that the combined use of CBD and THC demonstrated neuroprotective effects in animal models of Parkinson’s disease because of their antioxidant properties (33) .

CBD and Neurological Disorders

Alzheimer’s disease is said to comprise 60 to 70% of dementia cases (34) .

This condition is followed by other types of dementia , like vascular dementia (caused by impaired blood flow in the brain), Lewy bodies dementia (abnormal protein development in nerve cells), and frontotemporal dementia (deterioration of the brain’s frontal lobe).

The symptoms of dementia are similar to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Dementia also starts with memory loss or forgetfulness, behavior changes, and increasing difficulty in communication and walking (35) .

According to a study, conventional medications for treating Alzheimer’s disease offer limited therapeutic effects and are associated with adverse effects (36) .

Animal studies noted CBD’s effectiveness in treating acute seizures in mice and rat models (37) . Seizures are one of the prominent symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Findings may support CBD’s promise as a potential alternative in helping patients manage Alzheimer’s disease symptoms . However, these studies are limited and inconclusive.

Other studies examined CBD’s beneficial effects on other neurological diseases . These conditions include Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder that results in balance and coordination difficulties, stiffness, and shaking, and Huntington’s disease, a progressive brain impairment that causes changes in the central nervous area.

Similar to Alzheimer’s, both of these diseases cause memory loss and cognitive disabilities.

Eight patients with Parkinson’s disease were administered CBD a s a supplement to their usual therapy. Results showed that the rating scale in the psychosis questionnaire has significantly decreased (38) .

However, a controlled clinical trial of CBD for Huntington’s disease suggested that the administration of 700mg of CBD a day for six weeks did not show any beneficial or adverse effects to patients with the disease (39) .

How Soon Can CBD Oil be felt?

CBD oil, which is extracted from hemp, may be in the form of a tincture, vape pen cartridges, topicals, edibles, and patches (40) .

It is common practice to take CBD oil tinctures sublingually (41) . However, they may also be infused in edibles, like capsules and gummies, or applied topically.

Different forms of CBD oil also have various onset times . These types of CBD may be categorized by delivery systems or according to the routes in which they are taken (42) .

CBD administration routes include inhalation, sublingual absorption, ingestion, and transdermal and topical application (43) .

Sublingual Absorption

S ublingual delivery is when the CBD oil is dispensed under the tongue through a dropper and held for at least 90 seconds for the mouth’s mucous membrane to absorb the product (44) .

Through this method, CBD avoids passing through the stomach and liver and is diffused in the capillaries, eventually penetrating the bloodstream.

Taken sublingually, CBD’s bioavailability or absorption rate is at 6% to 20%. These figures are higher than the bioavailability of ingested CBD products (45) .

Moreover, CBD sublingual absorption has a 15 to 30-minute onset time . I ts effects may last from 4 to 6 hours.


Ingestion of CBD is the most common method of administering CBD oil (46) . This approach is also known as the “first-pass effect.”

In this route of delivery, CBD passes through the liver before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Onset time ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your body’s metabolism. This period is relatively long compared to the onset time of other routes of administration (47) . However, the duration of the effects of CBD ingestion lasts the longest: 6 to 8 hours at most .

Edibles, including capsules, gummies, drinks, candies, and others , are the standard CBD products that may be administered through ingestion .


The delivery method that has the fastest onset time is the inhalation method through vaping and smoking (48) .

Inhalation has an onset time of 2 to 15 minutes before the user experiences CBD’s effects. This method allows CBD to be absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream.

Vaping or smoking has an absorption rate of 17% to 44%, and its effects may last for 2 to 4 hours (49) . However, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some case studies reported that smoking marijuana may increase susceptibility to lung infections (50) .

Transdermal Absorption

CBD gels and patches use the transdermal absorption route. This method allows CBD to penetrate the dermis of the skin and go into the bloodstream (51) .

Transdermal CBD products have an onset time of 15 to 30 minutes and may last for 4 hours for gels and 8 hours for transdermal patches. T ransdermal patches are CBD-infused adhesive products that are normally applied to the wrist or ankle ( 52) .

Topical Absorption

Topical CBD products may be applied directly to the skin for more targeted relief (53) . These topicals are generally used to reduce skin inflammation, itchiness, or muscle pain.

This method does not pass through the bloodstream. Instead, it allows CBD to interact with the CB2 receptors of the skin (54) .

A 10 to 15 minutes onset time is expected when using CBD topicals. Its effects may last from 2 to 4 hours.

Risks of Using CBD for Alzheimer’s

A review on the safety and side effects of CBD reported that CBD generally has a safe and better side effect profile compared to other drugs (55) . However, treating Alzheimer’s with CBD needs to be handled with caution to avoid adverse effects and further damage to the quality of life of the patient.

Aside from CBD’s benefits, there are also known side effects that need to be considered before administering CBD to individuals with Alzheimer’s .

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in weight
  • Nausea

Other risks of CBD include its possible drug-to- drug interactions. CBD may reduce or increase another drug’s effect (57) .

CBD may induce sleepiness and drowsiness (58) . Medications with similar effects should be taken with caution.

CBD and Its Legality

Industrial hemp is the derivative of Cannabis sativa with a low amount of THC and more abundant quantities of CBD. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, i t is federally legal to manufacture CBD-rich hemp products in the United States (59) .

However, the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approved one CBD-infused drug for the treatment of childhood epilepsy only: Epidiolex . The medication aims to help treat rare forms of epilepsy, like Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome (60) .

CBD Dosage

There is no universally accepted and approved CBD dosage for wellness or possible treatment of a condition. You should consult a doctor to avoid overdose or unwanted drug-to-drug adverse effects.

For first – time users, it is advisable to start low and go slow when it comes to CBD. Starting with a low dosage of CBD may allow users to adjust their dose more efficiently and carefully.

Things to Consider When Buying CBD Products for Alzheimer’s

Type of CBD Extract

CBD and THC are found in the Cannabis plant. Their significant difference lies in their ability to induce euphoria.

CBD is the non-addictive and non-psychoactive cannabinoid normally found in hemp or cannabis strains that contain 0.3% THC. Contrastingly, THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that has the ability to produce a high in users (61) .

CBD products are categorized into three types based on the content of the extract. Broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates do not have any traces of THC.

Moreover , broad-spectrum CBD has some cannabinoids present in the hemp plant ( except THC) , while CBD isolates have pure CBD only (62) .

Source of Hemp

Knowing the source of hemp oil or CBD extract used in a product, the quality of hemp, farming methods used, and the company’s protocols and regulations help when picking the right CBD product.

Most CBD brands claim that they use organic, US-grown hemp. Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina, and Kentucky are a few states that are part of the hemp pilot program (64) .

Certificate of Analysis

It is a prudent choice to examine the certification of analysis (COA) of each CBD product before deciding to buy it.

The COA shows the information on the CBD concentration and potency of the product and the laboratory results for microbials, chemicals, solvents, and pesticides.

Amount of CBD Concentration and Potency

Extraction Method

The CBD extraction method is the process in which the hemp extract is obtained. It determines the purity and quality of the CBD extract.


It is best to check the CBD product’s ingredients to be aware of the possible allergic reaction s you may have to its components. This practice also avoids the occurrence of adverse effects upon CBD intake.

CBD products often contain carrier oils that may contribute to the beneficial effects of CBD. Two of the most common carrier oils are medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil and hempseed oil.

Hempseed oil is known for being a source of healthy digestible proteins and dietary nutrients (67) . Moreover, MCT oil is commonly derived from coconuts and has omega-3 suitable for cardiovascular diseases (68) .

Product Frequently
Asked Questions

CBD binds with the endocannabinoid receptors that are found in the central nervous system. The brain tissues involved in Alzheimer’s are located in the brain’s hippocampus and frontal cortex, which have substantial amounts of the ECS’ CB1 receptors (69) .

Studies showed the neuroprotective properties of CBD that may be beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. It was also shown that CBD may have the ability to induce neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s disease (70) .

The limited amount of research studies on the effects of CBD on Alzheimer’s disease does present conclusive findings on whether CBD contributes to the worsening of the condition.

However, a physician’s advice is recommended before using any CBD products.

CBD may interact with medications that are similar to antidepressants, antihistamines, and opioids (71) . It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any CBD products.

Due to CBD’s possible interaction with other medications, it is advisable to consult with a physician before taking any other treatment with CBD.

Due to the drow sy side effect of CBD, taking it with herbal supplements like catnip, California poppy, Jamaican dogwood, melatonin, sage, and skullcap may cause excessive sleepiness (72) .

If you take CBD alone or CBD with low THC doses, there are fewer chances of getting a positive drug test result . However, THC accumulated in the body may be detectable by drug tests .

There is no known dosage for CBD. However, starting on low doses and slowly increasing intake is advisable for first-time users.

CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties that may be beneficial for people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

The effects of CBD depends on the route of administration and form of CBD product used. CBD may be taken sublingually, topically, transdermally. It may also be inhaled or ingested (73) .