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Looking for the Best CBD Oil for Pain? We Take a Look at Potency, Quality, Customer Service and Pricing in Our 2019 Brand Review

This L.A. Weekly comparison is brought to you by the Physicians for Natural Pain Relief (PNPR). The trials referenced in this post were generously funded and paid for by the Physicians for Natural Pain Relief (PNPR), a California-based organization led by Dr. Leo Cooke.

The PNPR’s primary mission is working to address the opioid crisis at the root – working to provide Americans with natural, effective solutions to manage chronic pain symptoms to end reliance on prescription painkillers.

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and recognize the PNPR for their role in making this comparison possible.

The days of popping habit-forming pharmaceutical painkillers to manage symptoms are gone.

With so many patients turning to CBD oil as a natural, side-effect free alternative to prescription painkillers, you may be wondering…

What is the best CBD oil for pain?

Our review team spent $2,000 buying 18 different CBD products to find out just that.

To our surprise, most products were complete duds, doing nothing at all to improve pain symptoms.

As we later found out, most CBD oils aren’t made for pain – they are “generalist” CBD oils that target and improve many areas like sleep quality and immunity – each in a small way.

…but that’s often not enough to experience true pain relief, especially for chronic and more acute cases.

There were, however, two brands that stood out specifically for pain management, and another worth mentioning for their unique product line.

Here are our top 3 picks for the best CBD oil for pain after seven weeks of testing:

  1. Our Top Pick for Pain: Royal CBD’s 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  2. Runner Up: Gold Bee’s 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture
  3. Third Finalist:Martha’s Road – CBD Oil Drops for Pain

Best CBD Oils for Pain

It’s no secret why Royal CBD is a staple among chronic pain patients. This brand outperformed all others in our user tests, with a 92% satisfaction rating.

Product line diversity: 9

What Our Product Testers Say

What Customers Say

With a vocal customer base and raving reviews, we had high expectations for Royal CBD. After all, with so many users on online forums and chronic pain swearing by their products, was the hype justified?

But, after two months of testing CBD brands – and our editor himself is now a daily user of their 1000mg CBD oil – Royal CBD came out on top as the #1 best CBD oil for pain in our tests.

Royal CBD’s full spectrum extracts contain a series of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids – working synergistically to provide a stronger pain relieving effect.

Royal CBD is a well-known name on chronic pain forums and online communities, and we think you’ll agree that there is no better formula for pain.

The cannabinoids and terpenes in Royal CBD’s formula work to improve absorption, improve the duration of CBD’s benefits, and fight oxidative and tissue damage often associated with chronic pain.

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Royal CBD’s products are made from CO2 extracted CBD — the gold standard in extraction. The manufacturers of this oil didn’t cut any corners, opting for MCT oil as the carrier oil and premium CBD sourced from locally-grown licensed industrial hemp.

Noteworthy features:

  • Voted #1 in potency & effectiveness in our tests
  • Made with high-grade hemp sourced locally from the United States
  • Premium ingredients and third party lab-tested formulas
  • Additional beneficial cannabinoids: CBC, CBG and various terpenes
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Our take on Royal CBD Oil:

At 1000mg per bottle, this oil clocks in at around 33 mg/mL CBD — great for those with pain as we usually require a stronger dose to manage their chronic pain symptoms.

With its full spectrum extracts, raving reviews, and award-winning formula for pain, we think you’ll agree that Royal CBD is the best CBD oil for pain. And, with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try it yourself risk free.

A victim of its own success, Gold Bee’s line of artisanal CBD products are a match for pain relief and symptom management – that is, if they are in stock. The company plans to restock next in February 2020, so sit tight.

Product line diversity: 7

What Our Product Testers Say

What Customers Say

Source: Google Reviews for Gold Bee CBD.

A small artisanal operation based out of sunny California, two brothers started Gold Bee CBD with a mission: to help bring natural pain relief to their mother, who had been struggling with arthritic pain for all of her life. Two years later, their formulas have risen to the top of the CBD ranks locally, with many in our community wondering where they can get their hands on this highly praised full-spectrum CBD oil.

The good news is that the product was a hit among chronic pain patients and CBD-fanatics alike, but that success came at a cost, with the brothers selling out of their full CBD supply within just weeks of launching.

Gold Bee’s full spectrum extracts contain both additional cannabinoids and terpenes which make the formula a potent option for those seeking relief. They’re made in a small lab, each bottle given a quality control check before leaving their small warehouse.

While we were lucky enough to get our hands on this locally-made CBD oil from the brothers themselves, those who don’t have a stock of their own will have to wait until the company re-launches their website in February of 2020.

The company is working hard over the next several weeks to iron out the growing pains and work to expand their operation online to a point where they can keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

Gold Bee – like the #1 brand – uses a premium quality CO2 extraction in their hemp-derived CBD solutions and MCT as their carrier oil, making it a perfect option for those looking to leverage the synergistic effects for maximum relief.

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Noteworthy features:

  • Voted #2 in potency & effectiveness in our tests
  • Made from locally-sourced U.S. hemp
  • Small, artisanal operation based in sunny L.A.
  • Modern product packaging & customer experience
  • Responsive, friendly customer support

Our take on Gold Bee’s CBD Oils:

If you’re able to get your hands on Gold Bee’s CBD product line, we’d recommend that you stock up, as they’re known for long wait lists. Gold Bee is one of the two brands that we’d recommend to our friends and family if they were looking for a CBD oil recommendation for pain management.

Martha’s Road is a Colorado-based CBD oil manufacturer known for their wide range of flavors. With their product line having everything from cotton candy and strawberry to mint and citrus, they’re bound to carry a flavor you love. While their drops aren’t as potent as most and they come at a much higher price than competitors, their full spectrum status makes them an option to consider for those who prioritize flavor and are looking for a tasty way to ease more minor aches.

Besr cbd oil.for pain

The CBD world is expanding. In 2021, the leading CBD brands will continue to offer quality, innovative CBD oils and tinctures that help people to reach new health horizons completely holistically. Many people who will be trying CBD for the first time in 2021 will be looking for pain relief. They can expect to find lots of choices!

How Can CBD Oil Be Used for Pain Relief?

There are many ways to tap into the wellness benefits of CBD oil! For some people, a CBD oil tincture is the preferred option because it delivers direct, fast CBD benefits. Others like to partake in edibles. For people who prefer to add CBD to their list of wellness supplements, capsules offer a very convenient option. CBD oil that is intended for pain relief can also be applied topically to the skin in areas that are experiencing pain or discomfort. What are the best CBD oils if you’re just getting started? Take a look at reviews of four CBD products that offer CBD benefits tailored to your preferences!

Reviews of Top Rated CBD Oil Products


Featuring 50 milligrams per dose, this broad-spectrum CBD oil with a pleasant, subtle citrus flavoring is a top choice for anyone looking for the best pure CBD oil. In all, this tincture packs 1,500 milligrams of CBD into each 30-mililiter bottle. The ingredients don’t get much cleaner than what you’ll find here. In addition to broad-spectrum hemp extract, the ingredient list consists of fractionated coconut oil (MCT). This is a GMO-free product.

Lazarus Naturals

The 50 milligrams of CBD per serving packed into each capsule of this top rated CBD oil is sure to grab the attention of anyone looking for the strongest CBD oil for pain. In total, you’re getting 2,000 milligrams of CBD in each 40-capsule bottle. This is a full-spectrum CBD product containing hemp extract mixed with an impressive list of natural health boosters. The list of secondary ingredients includes organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT), d-Limonene and beta-caryophyllene.

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Green Roads

Next up is a top CBD oil for pain for those looking for topical options! This is a smooth, soft formula designed to address muscle and joint pain. It blends into the skin smoothly and evenly in a snap! This cream provides on-the-spot support via each “serving” containing 5.83 milligrams of CBD. You’re getting 350 milligrams of CBD in total in each 30-gram bottle of this CBD cream. The intuitive pump applicator on this bottle makes it easy to get just the right amount of cream on your palm.

What makes this the best CBD for pain among topical products is the impressive list of natural, soothing ingredients that accompany a generous CBD potency. The list includes restorative, beneficial ingredients like cucumber extract, chamomile extract, lavender, avocado and tocopherol (vitamin E). When applied on the skin, this cream leaves behind a very gentle, pleasant scent.

Hemp Bombs

A top rated CBD oil in edible form, this full-spectrum gummy product satisfies the sweet tooth while delivering high quality, wellness-focused ingredients. Each tasty gummy is packed with 30 milligrams of CBD to provide 1,500 milligrams of CBD per each 50-count bottle. The fruit mix in each bottle ensures a sweet, peppy treat every time you pop in your CBD dosage. Overall, these gummies offer a very convenient and pleasant way to enjoy a high-potency CBD product without the need to do your own measuring. Many people seeking CBD for wellness for the first time enjoy the ease of these gummies.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD oil is generally a very well tolerated wellness product. THC-free CBD oil does not have psychoactive effects. Many people find that they are able to enjoy relief and relaxation when taking appropriate dosages of CBD. CBD oil is considered legal in all 50 states. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any questions about the safety of taking CBD for wellness based on your personal medical history!

Final Thoughts: What Is the Best CBD Oil for Pain?

When selecting the best CBD oil, it is important to choose a product that works for your preferences. The good news is that you can enjoy potent, natural CBD products as tinctures, capsules, creams or gummies. A higher potency will generally give you faster, more noticeable results. Options within the range of 30 milligrams to 50 milligrams per dose are generally used for people seeking pain support from CBD. Ultimately, the only way to really find out which product is the best for your wellness needs is to try a few. Many people like to compare the results of topical CBD to edible CBD to get an idea of what works best. As a CBD customer, you have a full license to order any products that you are curious to try out! Discover your custom wellness formula today!