all natural cbd oil for cats

Organic CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats – 250mg

250mg Pet CBD Oil
Our 250mg Pet CBD oil is perfect for your furry friend weighing between 5-20lbs. There is approximately 8-10mg of CBD per ml in this supplement.

Product Details
– Made from organic hemp
– Grown and extracted in the USA
– MCT carrier oil
– Facility abides by USDA regulations

CBD Oil Recommendation By Weight
250mg = pets that weigh 5-20lbs
500mg = pets that weigh 20-50lbs
1000mg = pets that weigh +55lbs

Total Benefits

Our all-organic CBD products were carefully formulated for your dog, keeping in mind what they really need – relief.

Anxiety, Seizures, Phobias

CBD helps the brain naturally balance neuro-chemicals to promote a calming feeling. Whether it be seizures or separation anxiety, a couple doses may be able to ease your beloved dog!

Arthritis, Joints Pain, & Inflammation

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps the body decrease the harmful effects of inflammation. Whether it be old age arthritis or hip or joint pain, a couple doses and your dog may move around easier!

Other: Sleep. Appetite, Skin Allergies, and Cancer Symptoms.

Main Ingredients

CBD and MCT Oil

Proper Dosage

Our all-natural, high quality CBD oil can be found in 250mg,500mg, and 1000mg tinctures, and can be dosed differently depending on your pets weight, age, breed, health issue and it’s severity.

Low Dose = .25mg/lbs of CBD 2-3 times a day

Average Dose = .50mg/lbs of CBD 2-3 times a day

High Dose = .75mg/lbs of CBD 2-3 times a day

(Please consult your veterinarian for optimal dose recommendations for your specific pet, as the above are only recommendations.)

Save Animals

Each purchase of any of our wholesome products not only helps your loving dog or cat, but also helps wild life needing aid. It's out mission at Ahimsa Pets to denote a portion of each sale to help animals in need whether it be lions in Africa or Elephants in America!

CBD Oil for Pets (isolate-based)

Is Fido or Fluffy struggling with discomfort or restlessness? Are you looking for more natural ways to relieve those symptoms? Have you considered CBD oil for pets?

Leanna Organics produces an all-natural CBD oil for cats and dogs that will help ease their discomfort and restlessness, leaving your best friend relaxed and back to their usual selves again! Unlike humans, animals can’t easily communicate what troubles them. Giving CBD to your pet can help them recuperate and recover quicker!

Indeed, if your pet is suffering, CBD oil for dogs and cats is perfect, as it holistically addresses the whole body. Our pet CBD contains three key ingredients: third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD, organic MCT/coconut oil, and organic beef flavoring. That’s it!

You may be wondering how do those three ingredients work to help your furry friend?

Much like humans, your pet has an endocannabinoid system . This system affects their brain, skin, heart, eyes, stomach, and mood! Also known as the “master regulator,” the endocannabinoid system works as a signaling highway for receptors to maintain overall wellness. Once CBD contacts the body, the endocannabinoid system starts to break down enzymes and binds to receptors of the cells that need to be supported. It's incredible how the body works!

Now your head may spin because you’re wondering why we add MCT oil and beef flavoring to our CBD for pets? One key reason we chose MCT oil is that it improves bioavailability, which helps the body absorb CBD oil.  Also, MCT oil has wellness properties by itself, so in addition to assisting CBD to be absorbed by the body, taking MCT oil every day will benefit your pet. Lastly, we add the beef flavoring as a treat to your pet, and they will love it!

CBD Oil for Pets Strengths

Leanna Organics CBD for pets comes in three strengths:

 - 250 mg (small pets)

-  500mg (medium-sized dogs)

-  1000mg (large dogs).

Pets under 25 lb. can start with 250mg. If your pet is between 26-50 lb, get our 500 mg. However, if your pet is over 51 pounds, get the 1000 mg CBD oil. Start at .25ml or between 4-10 mg per serving. Give them this measurement daily for three weeks before increasing. You can add more if it is a much larger animal or something specific or severe.

Consistency is vital when giving CBD to pets. You may notice immediate results, with your dog or cat becoming calm within ten minutes. However, the more profound benefits occur with daily, regular use. So be sure to give your beloved cat or dog CBD oil every day!

A Natural Remedy for Your Pet

Leanna Organics pet CBD is a natural and effective way to help your pet feel more ease and less discomfort. CBD is a mild relaxant. It will help your best friend cope and find peace of mind.

Additionally, you can expect quick results when using CBD for pets. Give your pet CBD oil for dogs and cats every day for three weeks, and we guarantee your pet will start to move with more ease and experience more calmness.

Our CBD oil for cats and dogs combines organic MCT oil with third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD. Drip the oil onto your pet’s food or favorite treat. Or the oil can even go directly into their mouth. We have found that both cats and dogs love the beef broth flavor!

CBD Oil for Pets Westminster CO

Leanna Organics artisan CBD shop is the premier location for plant-based wellness for humans and pets. All our products are made fresh daily, by hand, using quality ingredients and third-party lab-tested CBD. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of wellness goods for furry family members, from our CBD dog biscuits to full-spectrum CBD oil and isolate-based CBD oil. All made with the most potent and pure CBD!

If you are local or visiting the Denver, CO area, please stop by Leanna Organics CBD shop ; we offer the highest quality CBD oil for pets Westminster CO offers.

Our pets CBD oil is made with 100% hemp-derived Colorado-grown CBD, organic MCT oil, and organic beef flavoring.

Apply directly into the mouth of your pet or allow to dissolve into favorite treats or food.

The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Additional Information

What can CBD oil do for pets?

If your dog or cat experience symptoms such as discomfort or restlessness, then CBD oil may be the perfect option. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which means you could see fast results for the issue your pet suffers from. Since our pet CBD comes with a dropper, you can easily drop it in their mouths or mix it in with their food or favorite treat!

CBD oil for cats and dogs is a natural remedy that comes from nature and will not harm your pet in the pursuit of wellness. Instead, our CBD will help your furry family member cope with ease and find balance in the mind and body.

What CBD oil is best for dogs?

You should always make sure you’re giving your pet quality CBD oil. Leanna Organics takes great pride in offering CBD oil for dogs and cats that is both effective and safe. Consequently, our CBD oil is made from 100% natural ingredients, and our CBD is third-party tested to ensure our product is potent and will help your pet.

How fast does CBD oil works on pets?

You could see results in as little as 10 minutes, or it may take longer depending on your furry friend and what you’re using CBD oil to remedy. The main takeaway is that consistency is critical. The more consistent you are with the CBD oil, the better the results! As we all know, pets cannot tell us what’s going on with them. The most reliable way to know if CBD is working for them is to monitor them and their behaviors.

What is the difference between isolate-based CBD oil versus full-spectrum CBD oil for pets?

There are two primary types of CBD oil: full-spectrum CBD oil and Isolate-based CBD oil . Full-spectrum CBD includes a small number of other cannabinoids besides CBD. There is a “synergistic” effect with cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD oil . However, if you are looking for the most CBD in your CBD oil for pets, our isolate-based CBD oil has 99.99% CBD. We typically recommend starting with the isolate-based, but if your furry loved one is suffering, full-spectrum CBD oil may be the better option.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

CBD oil is dependent on weight, and if you’re addressing a specific issue, you should consider 2-16mg of CBD oil for your dog daily. If you’re addressing problems like discomfort, it’s a good rule of thumb to dispense CBD oil to your pet every 4 hours or as needed. Always remember that consistency is critical when using CBD oil to address body problems in canines. So, give your dog CBD oil every day consistently for a happy and vigorous companion.

How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

Since cats have fewer cannabinoids than dogs, we recommend giving 2-4mg per 10 pounds of your cat. You should always start small and work your way up since every furry feline is different from the next! Typically, a little less or more won’t do any harm until you figure out what’s best for your cat. What is more important than a large measurement of CBD for your cat is consistency. The positive effects of CBD for felines occur after three weeks or more of consistent use.

How long does a bottle last?

Typically, our bottles last around 30 days. Of course, this varies with how much and how frequently you use CBD oil for your dog or cat. With all (3) of our strengths, you should be able to give CBD oil to your pet twice per day, depending on serving size.

–          250mg bottle: Daily Dose usually is 8mg per day – 1-2 servings per day for small pets

–          500mg bottle: Daily Dose usually is 16mg per day – 1-2 servings per day for medium pets

–          1000mg bottle: Daily Dose usually is 33mg per day – 1-2 servings per day for large pets

What if my pet doesn’t like CBD oil?

We have found that most cats and dogs love it and get excited when they see the bottle. The beef flavor is a treat to their pallets, and the CBD has a calming effect on pets that make them look forward to the experience. However, if, for whatever reason, your dog resists taking CBD oil, we recommend our CBD dog biscuits. They are made with natural ingredients, and dogs love the taste! Give one of our tail-wagging treats to your good boy – he will enjoy the taste, and you will feel good knowing you are giving him a nutritious treat.

About Leanna Organics

Leanna Organics is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to the wellness of humans and their pets. We’re honored to be a part of the CBD industry, providing non-addictive and non-toxic alternatives for wellbeing and wholeness. We talk to people every day at our CBD shop in Westminster CO about how CBD has changed their lives and helped their furry family members.

From ingestible CBD such as CBD gummies , and CBD oil , to topicals CBD such as CBD salve and CBD body cream , Leanna Organics provides the highest quality and most potent CBD remedies. We even carry non-CBD essentials such as hemp body soap , hemp body scrub , and beeswax candles .

Our mission is to provide accessible, plant-based solutions for beauty and wellness for the whole family to the greater Denver area, and the US and Canada through our online store.

CBD is the future of beauty and wellness. A natural compound that is earth-based, safe, and effective. What makes CBD different than traditional solutions is that it is versatile. You can take CBD orally, under the tongue, you can smoke CBD, and rub it directly onto the skin to relieve unbearable body discomfort. CBD is often called the “Swiss Army Knife” because it has a wide range of utilities. Whether you feel overwhelmed and need something to take the edge off, rest better, or address overwhelming body discomfort, CBD is the right fit!

Like CBD, hemp seed oil has body care properties . Both make the skin soft and resilient, and we infuse both CBD and hemp seed oil in many of our topical products. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and does not produce a high. Instead, Leanna Organics CBD will help you recover, recuperate, and bounce back more vital than ever!

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Calms my nervous dog

Posted by Colleen Laity on 4th Dec 2021

This oil has helped my very anxious dog so much. I don’t like to medicate my pets if I don’t have to and this has been a great alternative. I give it to him everyday to keep his anxiety level down.

10/10 reccomend!

Posted by Mia on 7th Jan 2021

My dog has bveey bad allergies which results in lots of itching and rough red patches! Ive been giving her the tincture with her food daily and as I up there doses correctly shes been getting much better! I love how The tincture also comes with a very descriptive and informative chart describing the correct amount you should give your dog depending on their weight and size! Very helpful! I will continue buying this for my Luna! Thank you!

Love It!

Posted by Colleen Laity on 26th Jun 2020

My pup is scared of everything and this oil has helped calm his nerves tremendously. Highly recommend!

Daphne is calmer!

Posted by Stephanie DeLacy on 25th Jun 2020

For the past year, I've been on the search for a CBD oil for my dog, Daphne. She has some anxiety when left alone and howls, a lot, much to the frustration of my upstairs neighbors. So I needed something to give her to ease her anxiety and stop her howling. For the past month, I've been giving her 5-6 drops of the pet oil tincture for each meal and I've noticed a significant difference in her behavior. She's much calmer and stopped almost all of her howling (unless there are fireworks!). I notice on days when I've skipped the oil, she's much wilder (chasing the cat a lot more, barking at everything, jumping on my roommate.) We never had a problem with the taste. She gobbles up her food just like normal. This will definitely be a staple in our household.

Does wonders!

Posted by Jeri Bradford on 21st Jun 2020

Use the beef tincture for my dog, loves the taste of it.

my dogs love the beef flavored oil!

Posted by Terry on 17th Jun 2020

I could not be happier with the products I order from you, my dogs love the beef flavored oil!

My Corgi loves it!

Posted by Kristen R Coar on 14th May 2020

I got this for my beautiful 8 yr old Corgi, Cerri. She's starting to feel her age and show pain and frustration when trying to jump up on the couch or climb to stairs. I give her a little drop of this and she calms rights down and seems less anxious. She loves it! Plus it's meat flavored, so I don't have to trick her into taking it!!

high-quality and effective

Posted by Kats K9s, LLC on 17th Feb 2020

I have been using their 1000 mg bottle for my Saint Bernard and English Bulldog for over a month now. Their products are high-quality and effective for my pets. The St. Bernard can suffer from soreness in his joints, and the English Bulldog is very old. She can suffer from joint pain and head tremors. Since using this product for my pets, it has shown improvement in both of my dogs mobility. To address the review before me, their bottles now come with a dropper that is pre-measured/marked for accurate dosage. Theres also instructions inside of the box. Also, their store in Westminster, Colorado is very clean. It is easy to get to and their customer service for both in-person and online communication is top notch. We will be using their products for years to come, and recommend them to our customers who own pets themselves.

Deeper sleep!

Posted by Teri Reeves on 25th Sep 2019

I love how down to earth and authentic the company feels on their website. What stood out to me on the ""about"" section was that Leanna was started by a husband and wife team looking for non addictive, natural solutions to help him with his depression. They truly seem to be about healing folks, and don't read as sales-many at all. All their products are handmade, organic, and contain pure hemp derived CBD which means they are fully legal. They come with a testing certificates and authentication codes so you can look up whether the products are legit or not (this is VERY important in today's world when CBD products are popping up everywhere. there are some that are not real and some that are even dangerous). They explain very clearly about CBD and its benefits to the laymen on their website, which is awesome, because if you're like me, a new user of CBD, you're scared and skeptical, and often confused. Leanna has topical and ingestible products. They sent me one product of choice for free to review, so I chose their tincture. I was excited to try it because I have trouble falling asleep and sleeping deeply and many people have recommended I try CBD. When it arrived in the mail, I appreciated that it wasn't a super fancy box or promotional design. They aren't spending money or time on unnecessary stuff, which again, supports that down-to-earth, trustworthy vibe. There was a business card with direct contact for the owner of the company and the testing certificate for the product which put my mind at ease about safety and effectiveness. What I wish was different about the product was that it came with a more clear dosing measurement and what the exact intended benefits were from the product itself. All it says is: achieve balance. The dropper did not have measuring lines on it like I've seen from other brands, so I have to count the drops which is hard and awkward. I started taking the smallest dose sublingually (under the tongue) before bedtime. I never woke up with any sort of hangover and fell asleep pretty quickly every night I took it. I've also started meditating before bed, so not sure which is the thing that is helping. Maybe both! What I noticed was a deeper sleep and more general calm after a couple of weeks of taking the tincture. I did stop use of it temporarily, however, but plan to start using it again, once my doctor says the new medication I am on has taken effect and it is ok for me to start using supplements again.

All Natural CBD Cat Treats

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including THC, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


  • The product is derived from hemp and may contain THC which could result in the consumer failing a drug test for marijuana.
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  • If pregnant or breastfeeding: Consult a health professional before use.
  • Must be 18 and over to purchase or use this product.
  • Suggested Use: Twice daily or as needed.
  • Storage: Keep away from heat, light and humidity to preserve freshness.
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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s one of hundreds of phytocannabinoids in hemp and marijuana plant. But CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that does not get you “high” or experience euphoric effects.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and hemp-derived products are legal to produce, sell, and consume throughout all 50 states. These products must be derived from industrial hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC. That being said, states can still decide if they want to allow the sale and production of hemp-based products.

Based on research, CBD is a better option for managing sore muscles or joint discomfort. It can also help improve focus, give a sense of calmness, improve mood, and it has anti-anxiety properties.

How Can King Buddha Help You?


CBD seemed to reduce nervousness and cognitive impairment.


Our drink mix delivers energy and enhanced mental focus with 20+ vitamins, minerals and nutrients.*


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